The Irish Bomfords


20 July 1692

Copy Deed between Gerald FitzGerald Esq. & shs[?] Laurence Bomford relating to the Lands of Iniscoffey & Oldtown in the County of Westmeath ---


Whereas Gerald Fitzgerald of Rathrone in the County of Meath Esqr by his Deed bearing date the 14th day of July 1692 did demise lett and to farm lett unto Laurence Bomford of Clonmaghan in the said County of Meath Gent all those the lands of Iniscoffey and Old Towne situate lying and being in the County of Westmeath with as large mears and bounds as Mr Pettitt enjoyed them formerly for three lives together with clause of renewal for renewing or putting in any life in the place and stead of any that shall drop by death or otherwise as by the same relation being had ^may more fully appear   And Whereas afterwards in the perusall of his the said Fitzgeralds settlements of his estate it hath been thought more agreeable to the said settlements and powers therein granted for making leases by the said Gerald FitzGerald of the said premes and other his lands that he the said Gerald FitzGerald should make in lieu of the said term of lease for lives a long lease for years of the said lands formerly enjoyed by the said Mr Pettitt  He the said Gerald FitzGerald therefore by indenture at the request of the said Laurence Bomford and in lieu of the said former lease for lives and by indenture bearing date the 20th day of July 1692 demise lett and to farm let unto Thomas Bomford his scors admors and assigns all and singular that and those the towns town lands and lands commonly called or known by the names of Iniscoffey and Oldtowne together with all such other lands and with as full large and ample mears and bounds as were occupied and enjoyed formerly


formerly by Edmond Pettitt late of Oldtown aforesaid Gent and which now is in the possession of him the said Laurence Bomford his tenants and undertenants for the term of 999 years to commence from the 1st day of May next after the date of the said indenture under the rents reservations covenants conditions and agreements therein contained as by the said indre relation being thereunto had may more fully appear  and Whereas by some subsequent lease to the said lease for lives part of the said lands or premes by some general words may be thot to pass or be demised to one Peter McSherry or his assigns and therefore the better to prevent the recovery thereof from the said Thomas Bomford and to establish and corroborate his possion [sic] therein pursuant to the said indenture it was thot proper and advisable that the said lease for lives should be still kept on foot and not surrendered or cancelled with intent only to barr any action of trespass and ejectmt or any other action hereafter to be brot for the recovery of the said lands demised by the said indenture or by any part thereof by the said Peter McSherry his heirs scors adminrs or assigns   Now these presents witnesseth and it is herby declared and agreed by and between the said Gerald FitzGerald and Laurence Bomford that the said lease for lives shall still be kept on foot for the intent and purpose aforesaid only and it is further declared and agreed that for all and any other matters or things in the said lease for lives contained and to all other intents and purposes that the same shall be construed and taken no way to bind the said Gerald FitzGerald or Laurence Bomford or either of their their [sic] or either of their heirs scors admors or assigns anything in the said lease for lives contained to the contrary notwithstanding


In witness whereof the said Gerald FitzGerald and the said Laurence Bomford have hereunto put their hands and seals the 20th day of July in the year of our lord 1692

Gar: FitzGerald         (seal)

Laurence his X mrk Bomford          (seal)

Sealed and delivered in the presence of us ~

James Fitzgerald

Thos Cooke

Ha: North

Indorsement on the back


FitzGerald and Laurence Bomford that the former lease of lives should be kept on foot for a parlar purpose only and that the lease of lives in pusans of FitzGeralds settlement was cancelled and a lease of 999 years made it being more agreeable to the power in said settlement ~

a Copy ~

Note FitzGerald & Laurence Bomford seem to be a different hand from the rest of the writing tho Mr & Mrs Hallon in their answer swear the whole indoresement is of the handwriting of Hyacinth Cheavers ~

[The original of this copy of the deed is now in the manuscript collection of the National Library, Dublin]