The Irish Bomfords

(c1811 - 1899)

Copied from a family bible for sale at Ballinderry Antiques, Co Antrim, August 2008

On Saturday May the 12th 1855 Henry Mulock Pilkington only son of Henry Pilkington of Tore in the County Westmeath and Barbara Pilkington otherwise Lang his wife, was married in St. George’s church, Dublin, by the Revd. John Gregg to Wilhelmina Charity McDonnell eldest daughter of John McDonnell M.D. medical Poor Law Commissioner for Ireland and Charity McDonnell otherwise Dobbs his wife.

On Monday March the 24th at 10 minutes after 5 oclock P.M. a child was born dead, a son, this Easter Monday, 1856.

On Friday May 22nd 1857, was born their son Henry Lionel at a quarter before ten oclock A.M. He was baptised in St. George’s church this day June 17th 1857. Sponsors John McDonnell & Henry Pilkington his grandfathers and Elizabeth Pilkington his aunt.

On Tuesday the 3rd of May 1859 at twenty minutes after two oclock P.M. was born their daughter Charity Mary. She was baptised in St. George’s church by Venerable John Gregg Archdeacon of Kildare this 15th June 1859. Sponsors Charity McDonnell and Barbara Pilkington her grandmothers and Andrew Armstrong her granduncle who not being present was represented by Judge Longfield.

On Monday the 4th of February 1861 at 10 minutes after nine oclock A.M. was born their daughter Emily Georgina Catherine. She was baptised in St. George’s church by the Ven. Archdeacon Gregg this 8th March 1861. Sponsors by proxy George and Emily Phillips, and Catherine Carmichael my mother’s cousin German.

On Sunday the 17th of May 1863 at 10 minutes after three oclock P.M. was born their son Alexander John McDonnell. He was baptized in St. George’s church by the Revd. William Eames on the 19th day of June 1863: Sponsors his granduncle the Right Hon. Alexander McDonnell, Judge Longfield and Mrs. Longfield.

On Thursday the 14th April 1864 our darling Mother Barbara Pilkington daughter of the Revd. John Lang died at No 35 Gardiner’s Place Dublin. On the 18th April Monday, her remains were deposited in the Vault at Newtown. She was born on the 23rd April 1790. Married to my father on the 24th April 1806. She was therefore nearly 74 years of age & had she lived nine days longer my Father and her married life would have completed fifty eight years. She died at 7 oclock A.M. 14th April 1864.

On Sunday the 4th June 1865 at 10 minutes before one oclock P.M. was born our son George Lawrence – at No 35 Gardiner Place Dublin. He was baptized at the Parish church of Newtown Fartullagh by his uncle the Revd. George Phillips D.D. on the 6th Sept 1865 – Sponsors his uncle Robert McDonnell M.D. and Mary McDonnell – and his cousin Lawrence Bomford [Not sure who this is: one suggestion is Lawrence Bomford Homan-Mulock, who was George Lawrence Pilkington's paternal great grandmother's sister Elizabeth Mulock's grandson - a distant 'cousin' indeed, and he is recorded as having died in 1863 aged 23 so may not have been alive to be a sponsor; perhaps the dash indicates that he wasn't a sponsor as such, but George Lawrence was named after him].

On the 23rd Decr. 1865 our darling Father died at 25 minutes to 2 oclock A.M. at 35 Gardiner’s Place. He was born at Tore on the 4th Novr. 1780. His remains were deposited in the Vault at Newtown Low beside those of our darling mother on Tuesday the 26th Decr. 1865.

On the 6th Febr. 1868 at 9 oclock P.M. was born our daughter Catherine Anne Isabel at 35 Gardiners Place Dublin. In consequence of the dangerous illness of her mother she was not baptized until this 19th April 1868 at Georges Church – by the Revd. Wm. Eames – Sponsor James McDonnell her uncle – Elizabeth McDonnell her aunt and her cousin Anne Homan Molloy.

On this 8th Febr. 1870 at 12 oclock, noon, was born our fifth son at 35 Gardiners Place Dublin – on the 24th March 1870 he was baptized in Georges church by the Revd. William Eames, sponsors Alexander McDonnell and William Dobbs McDonell his uncles, and Rose Emily McDonnell his aunt by the names, Robert Rivington – our fifth but fourth living son.

1888 21st January at 20 minutes past 11 oclock P.M. our darling sister Elizabeth Pilkington died at 45 Upper Mount St. On the 25th January her remains were placed beside those of our Father & Mother in the Vault at Newtown Low.

1890 April 6th This morning at a little after 7 oclock Charity McDonnell my wife’s dear mother died at 32 Up. Fitzwilliam St. On Friday the 11th inst. we placed her body in the Grave at Kilsharvan.

On this Easter Monday the 18th April 1892 our daughter Katherine Anne was married to the Rev. Wm. John Theophilus Kittson late Rector of Ballyburley parish but now of Drumconrath in the diocese of Meath, by the Rev. Canon Russell & Rev. Oliver Wm. Walsh Rector of this parish in the church of Newtown Fartullagh.

On the   of Nov. 188    our son Alexander was married to Dorothy adopted daughter of George & Dinah Craik.

On the 23rd of June 1896 our eldest son Henry Lionel was married to Ellice Esmonde second daughter of Sir John & Lady Esmonde of Ballinastragh, Co. Wexford. Their daughter Ellice Moira Charity Gertrude was born at 14 Brechin Place, London. She was baptised in the Oratory Brompton in which church her parents were married.

On the first of February 1894 our eldest daughter Charity Mary was married to Henry Rudolph Reichel only surviving son of Charles Parsons Reichel Bishop of Meath they were married in Newtown Fartullagh Church.

On the 11th of December 1897 our son George Lawrence a missionary in Uganda was killed in battle against the Soudanese he rests in Uganda.

On the 23rd of May 1899 my dear husband Henry Mulock Pilkington died at Tore in his 89th year. He rests in the Vault at the end of the ruined church of Newtown Fartullagh.

On the 13th of December 1899 our fifth son Robert Rivington was married to Ethel Longworth Dames second daughter of Captain Longworth Dames of Green Hill, Kings County. On the 18th of October their daughter Eunice Mina was born in Perth, Western Australia.

Additional entries at the back of the Bible:

On the 20th January 1892, John McDonnell. M.D. my wife’s Father died at 32 Upper Fitzwilliam St. Dublin. He was buried at Kilsharvan on the 23rd Janr.

On the 5th February 1892 The Revd. George Phillips of Queens’ College Cambridge died at Queens’ Lodge. His remains were laid in our Vault at Newtown Fartullagh old church on the 13th Febr.

On Sunday the 23rd April 1893 My daughter Katherine A Kittson was safely delivered of a daughter at ¼ past 1 oclock A.M. at Drumconrath Rectory. The child was baptized in Drumconrath church on the 11th May 1892 by the Revd. Benjm. Moffatt. Sponsors Maunsell (?) Longworth Dames (represented by me) Charity Mary Pilkington & Margaret McDonnell. Mr Moffatt is incumbent of Carrickmacross.

On the latter days of May 1896 the Rev John T Kitson sails from London to South Africa.

On the 28th Oct 1896 George Lawrence Pilkington left Tore after passing six months in England & Ireland. He sailed returning to Uganda on the 30th Octr. in the P&O. S.S. Peninsular. He while here was much occupied in his translation for the C.M.S. & the British & Foreign Bible Society – The latter Society sent him an Honorarium of £150 for his translation.

The above was copied from a family bible for sale at Ballinderry Antiques, Co Antrim in August 2008.


Pat Steen

27 August 2008