Deed 1786 377 288 252340 in the Registry of Deeds


A memorial of an indented deed bearing date the eighth day of May one thousand seven hundred & eighty six made between

Jno North of Tyrrelspass and Roger North of Whitewell in the Co Westmeath esqrs of the first part

John North of Whitewell aforesaid in the said county of Westmeath esqr eldest son and heir apparent of the said Roger North of the second part

David Bomford of Camden street in the city of Dublin esqr and Ann Bomford spinster second daughter of the said David Bomford of the third part

and Stephen Bomford esqr eldest son of said David and Roger North of Brackland in the Co Westmeath esqr of the fourth part

which said deed among other things setts forth

that by virtue of a deed bearing date the twenty and twenty second days of July 1757 made between Thomas Smyth of the county of Westmeath esqr and Jno North the said Thomas Smyth did for the cońsons therein mentd demise unto said Jno North the town and lands of Kilbride known by the name of Whitewell containing two hundd and forty acres for the lives in said lease mentioned and to his heirs and assigns at the yearly rent of ninety seven pounds nineteen shill and sixpence in wch there is a covenant for renewing the same for ever and a peper corn fine

and that a marr was intended the said John North the yor and said Ann Bomford

the said Roger North of Whitewell and John North of Tyrrelspass did by said deed make and assign over their interest in and to the said above recited lease to him the said John North the younger subject to the covenants in said deed mentioned

and the said John the afsd of and in conson of the marr portion in sd deed mentd did make over unto said Stephen Bomford and Roger North of Brackland all his the said John’s int in said above mentd land of Whitewell upon trust and to and for Ye uses and purposes in said deed mentd

and the sd John the younger did thereby agree that

in case the said Ann Bomford his then intended wife shd have issue by him the said John then and in such case she was to be intitled to an annuity during her natural life in case she survived her said intended husband of seventy pounds

and in case she had not issue thereto be intitled to an annuity of one hundred pounds a year

said sum as the case might be to be paid and payable out of said lands of Whitewell

and in said deed there is a clause that the said Roger North of Whitewell aforesd shd be intitled during his natural life to an annuity out of said lands of Whitewell of sixty pounds

or that in case the said Jno shd survive his said father then as to the above described lands to said Jno and his assigns forever subject to the provision for the said Ann

with a clause that he the said Jno shall not make leases in reversion but posson at the most improved rent

& that in case the said Jno die before his said father with issue that then the said interest in said lands of Whitewell shl be at the disposal of him the said Roger and to leave same by his sd will duly attested to any person he shd think proper subject to said annuity of one hundred pounds or seventy pounds as the case shd happen to be payable to said Ann Bomford as aforesd

and which said deed contains other material clauses & covenants

and is executed by Jno North and Roger North  Jno North the younger David Bomford Ann Bomford and Stephen Bomford aforesd

and witnessed by William Abernathy of the Co of Westmeath esquire and Isaac Bomford of the city of Dublin gent

and this meml is also executed by said John North the younger and witnessed by the said Wm Abernathy & Isaac Bomford

Jno North (seal)

Signed sealed & delivd in presence of Wm Abernathy Isaac Bomford

The above named Wm Abernathy and saith [sic] that he is a subg witness to the deed of wch the above is a meml & that he saw the above named Jno North the elder Roger North of Whitewell Jno North Ye younger Dd Bomford Ann Bomford & Stephen Bomford duly execute the deed of wch the above is a memorial

and that he saw the said Jno North the your duly execute the above memorial

and that the name Wm Abernathy subd as witness thereto is this depts proper name and handwriting and that he delivd said deed and meml to Jno Moore gent Dep Regr the 22 July 1786 at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Wm Abernathy

Sworn before me this 22d July 1786

Jno Moore

Dy Regr


(CN email 27 Jul 2009)