Deed 1816 706 185 483720 in the Registry of Deeds


A memorial of an indented deed of assignment of equity of redemption bearing date the first day of Aug 1816 made between

Charles North of Phillipsburgh avenue in the coy of Dublin esqr of the one part

Benjamin Fayle Richard Chambers and Richard Taffray of the city of London merchants of the other part

whereby after reciting as therein recited

sd deed witnessed that sd Chas North for and consoń of the sum of Ł200 steg to him in hand pd by the sd Benjn Fayle Richard Chambers and Richard Taffray the recd whereof is thereby acknowledged

he the sd Chas North did grant bargain sell alien release and confirm unto sd Benjn Fayle Richard Chambers & Richard Taffray in their actual posn then being by virtue of a lease for a year therein mentd their heirs and assigns

all that and those the town and lands of Davidstown situate in Bay of Fartullagh & coy of Westmeath in as full and ample manner as same was demised and granted by indenture of lease dated 7th day of April 1758 [1758 190 487 127789] made by Henry and Abraham Pilkington esqrs unto Roger North gent contg 100 acres plantation measure be the same more or less

and also all that and those the towns and lands of Lisarra situate in the By of Moycashell [sic] and coy of Westmeath in as full and ample a manner as same were demised & granted by deeds of lease & release the release dated 26 day of April 1757[185 553124252] made by Judge Rochfort unto sd Roger North contg by estimate 72 acres be the same more or less therein before partly mentd and described

and every part & parcell thereof with the apps & all the estate & int benefit of the sd equity of redn property claim & demand of the sd Chas North of in & to sd lands & premises by virtue of the seal [*] therein recited deeds

to hold with their apps unto the sd Ban Fayle Richd Chambers and Richd Taffray their heirs and assigns for the lives therein and herein before recited deeds and each & every of these resply and survr of these

and for the life and lives of all and every such other person and persons as might have been and shd be added to the time & term of sd deeds or any of them pursuant to any covt or covts for renl in sd deeds or any of them contd

subt to the payment of the rents and duties & perfe of the covt clauses & agreements in sd deeds resply reserved and contd

in wch sd deed is contd covs of warranty and further aforesaid

wch sd deed and this meml as to the execon thereof are resly witnessed by Belfield Cane and John McKiernan both of the city of Dublin gent

Charles North (seal)

Signed and sealed in presence of Belfield Cane John McKiernan.   

The above named John McKiernan maketh oath and saith that he is a a subsg witness to and saw the deed of wch the above writing is a meml also & meml duly executed by the above named Chas North and saith the name John McKiernan subsd as a witness to the execon of sd deed & meml is this deps proper name and handwritg and saith he delivd sd deed & meml to Oliver Moore D R on Saturday the 8th day of Sepr 1816 at the hour of 2 o’clock in the afternoon.      

Dated this 8th day of Sepr 1816

John McKiernan.

Sworn before me this 7th day of Sep 1816.  

Oli Moore

Dep Reg

[* “several” perhaps]

(CN email 26 Aug 2009)