Deed 1838 4 39 in the Registry of Deeds


A memorial of an indented [deed] of assignment bearing date the twelfth day of February one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight between William North of Old town in the King’s county esqre of the one part & George Symes of Hollybrook Park in the county of Dublin esqre of the other part

Reciting that by indenture of release bearing date the fourth June one thousand seven hundred and ninety six Charles William Barry therein described for the considern therein mentioned did demise grant set and to farm let unto Roger North therein also described the lands and premises therein and hereinafter mentioned To hold unto said Roger his heirs exors adminors and assigns from the twenty fifth March then last for the three lives therein named or for thirty one years which ever should longest last

and reciting that the said William North under the will of the said Roger North was seized and entitled of and in the said lands and premises described by said indenture of release

and reciting that the term for years granted in and by said recited deed had expired

and after reciting that said George Symes had contracted with the said William North for the absolute purchase of said mortgages towns lands and premises comprized in said recited deed for and during and until the decease of the survivor of the three lives in and by said lease granted at the price or sum of one thousand five hundred pounds

and also for the purchase of the several pfs fixtures household furniture horses cars carts and all other farming utensils and all stock of cattle of what nature or kind soever and other things mentioned in a schedule on said deed endorsed as the sum of five hundred pounds

making together the said sum of two thousand and [sic] pounds

said indenture witnessed that in conson of the sum of one thousand five hundred pounds by said George Symes in hand paid to said William North he the said William North did grant bargain sell assign transfer and release ratify and confirm unto said George Symes in his actual possession as therein mentioned his heirs and assigns all that and those the lands of Cloneen Cloonagh and Mullaghhrush [sic] containing two hundred and ninety eight acres two rood and thirty four perches late Irish plantation measure be the same more or less and all and singular the premises comprized in and expressed to be demised by the said herein before in part recited indenture of lease as herein before mentioned with all and every the rights members easements advantages and appurtenancy whatsoever to the said premises belonging all which said lands and premises are situate lying and being in the lower half Barony of Philipstown and King’s county aforesaid To hold the same with the appurtenances unto the said George Symes his heirs and assigns from thenceforth for and during the natural lives of said William North and Roger North the surviving … who was named in said recited indenture of lease and the survivor of them subject to payment of the yearly rent and receivers fees and performance and observance of the covenants and agreements in said deed mentioned and contained and also subject to an annuity of yearly rent charge of twenty pounds to Hannah Goodwin during her natural life as therein mentioned

and said indenture further witnessed that in conson of the sum of five hundred and fifty pounds by said George Symes paid to said William North as therein mentioned he said William North did grant bargain sell and confirm unto said George Symes all that and singular the said articles of furniture stock and farming utensils and all other articles whatsoever as mentioned and set forth in a schedule or inventory on  said deed endorsed to hold unto the said George Symes his exors admors and assigns as and for his and their own proper goods and chattels and effects which said deed contained certain covenants and agreements and a schedule endorsed on said deed containing an inventory of the several articles of furniture stock cattle and farming utensils

and which said deed was duly witnessed by Edward Tandy and James Vance both of the city of Dublin attorney at law and this memorial is duly witnessed by the said Edward Tandy and John James Stanford of sd city of Dublin  attorney

Wm North (seal)

Signed and sealed in presence of us Edward Tandy John J Stanford

Now Edward Tandy of the city of Dublin solr maketh oath & saith that he was present and did see the above named William North duly execute the deed of which the above writing is a memorial saith he was also present and did see the said William North duly execute the above memorial saith he is a subscribing witness to the due excon of the said deed and memorial respectively is this deponent’s name and handwriting and that he delivered the said deed and memorial respectively to Walter Glascock esqr deputy regr at the registry office King’s Inns Dublin on tuesday the twentieth day of Febry last at or near the hour of three oclock in the afternoon of said day

Edward Tandy

Sworn before me this 20th day of February 1838

Walter Glascock

(CN email 24 Mar 2009)