Deed 725 350 295285 in the Registry of Deeds


Memorial of an indented deed of … of a mtgage bearing date the 4th day of March 1818 and made or mentd to be made between

Christr Chamley of the City of Dublin esqre barrister at law of the one part and

Roger North of Kilduffe in the Kings county esqu of the other part

Reciting that by indre bearing date the 9th day of Sept 1816

for and in consn and as a collateral security of a debt of £2000 with interest due by said Roger North to the trustees in the marr sett of the said Chrs Chamley as part of the fortune of Bridget North daughter of said Roger North on her intermarr with said Chr Chamley by bond and warrant on which judgment was … for the penal sum of £4000

and of 5pn to him who said Chrs Chamley in hand paid by the said Roger North

he the said Roger North did grant bargain sell demise and confirm unto the said Chrstr Chamley his heirs exrs ads and assgs

one indre of lease bearing date the first day of May 1816 and made between the Right Rev Lewis Lord Bp of Meath and the said Roger North whereby the said Bp of Meath did demise and let unto the said Roger North all that and those the house and lands of Clonfad in in the county of Westmeath contg 160 acres or thereabouts with its appes at and subject to the yearly rent of £15

in which said deed there is a clause and provisoe for … on his the said Chr Chamley or his trustees being pd off and dischd said sum of £2000 with all inst due thereon on the 9th day of March then next to convey and reassign said lands and premes to the said Roger North his exrs adms and asss and that [in that case] said deed was to be void and of no effect

and rectg that the said Roger North did before ensealing and delivering of sd deed fully pay off and discharge said sum to said trustees and said Chrst Chamley and that said trustees exectd a warrant of atty for satisfying .. judgment for said £4000 and that in consn of said payt and of 5/- the said Christ Chamley did reconvey reassn grant bargain sell demise and confirm and by said deed hath reconveyed reassd granted bargd sold demised released and confd  unto the said Roger North his heirs exers admors and asss  all that the those the said house and lands of Clonfad contg 160 acres subject to a yearly rent of £15 st'g with all its rights members and appts and all remrs rents & issues and profits thereof to hold to the said Roger North his exros ads and asss from the day next before the day of the date thereof – for and during the said term of 21 years as by said deed more fully and at large appears

and which said deed and this meml are witsd by John McNamara of Part St in the city of Dunlin and by Wm Roper of Fredk St in the city of Dublin esqr Christ Chamley (seal) signed sealed and delivered in presence of Wm Roper John McNamara Thos Cuffe.   

The above named Thos Cuffe maketh oath and saith that he is a subsg witness to the deed of which the above writing is a meml and to the said meml respy and that he was present and saw the above named Christ Chamley execute the said deed and meml and dept saith the name Thos Cuffe suds as a witness to the sd deed & meml is this depts proper name and handg and that he deld sd deed & meml to O…moore esqre D K at the registry office Inns Quay on the 12 day of March 1818 at or near the hour of a quarter after 2 o’clock in the after noon of sd day 

Thos Cuffe

sworn before me this 12 day of March 1818 .. …

a true copy       Foster

(CN email 16 Feb 2009)