The Irish Bomfords

The Norths of Newport, Co Tipperary

Newport is approximately 5 minutes away from Limerick City, in southern County Tipperary, Ireland.

There are several deeds from the Registry of Deeds in Dublin which refer to Norths of Tipperary, though not necessarily of Newport.  As yet, the connection between these Norths of Newport and the Norths of the main North tree has not been established.

Deed 133 270 90912 of 1748: James North of Tipperary 1st part; Huldah Nason, widow, sole executor of William Nason 2nd part; & Henry Nason of Castlelyons, Co Cork, 3rd part -  James North (with three addresses: City of Corke; Drumnamahane, Co Tipperary; & Shraduff, Co Tipperary) for consideration (the principal and some interest on the mortgage) and with the approval of Huldah Nason, makes over a mortgage over the late William Nason's land, part of Disert in the parish of Gortroe, Barrony of Barrymore, Co Corke,to Henry Nason (EN email 6 Dec 2008).  In that deed, James North was probably acting as a trustee.  He has not been placed, but could be a Newport relative.

Deed 366 135 244190 of 12 Nov 1784, between Christopher North of Ballyfinboy, Co Tipperary, and Mary North, widow, of Newport, Co Tipperary - Christopher North in consideration of £140 did sell to Mary North the said Christopher's moiety of undivided half of all that and those Mill of Bracklon with dwelling house lands gardens etc, situate in lower half barony of Philipstown, Kings Co, to hold [for the] lives of Christopher North and Thorogood North the eldest son of Christopher and James North eldest son and heir at law of James North late of Newport aforesaid, gent, and survivors with a covenant for perpetual renewal (EN email 7 Sep 2008; CN email 2 Apr 2009).  What may be happening here is that Mary was the widow of James North senior, brother of Christopher.  James and Christopher may have inherited half each of the mill at Bracklon from their father, who had got the mill from Nicholas Hannon, who had bought it in 1716 (deed 1839 23 86 below). (One might speculate further that the father was called Hickman North, and that he married a daughter of Nicholas Hannon, and that either he got the mill as part of his marriage settlement, or she got it when her father died.)  On the death of James senior, his half went to his widow, Mary.  Christopher then sold his half to Mary, so that she had the whole.  In due course Mary died (Mary North, Newport, Tipperary, prerogative inventory, 1809: Calendar of Public Records, Dublin, 1922, ref WW50), and James North junior, son of Mary and James North senior, inherited the whole mill.  James junior had a son Hickman North, who inherited from James junior, and dealt with the mill in deed 1839 23 86, below.  There is now nothing left of the mill, but its site is distinctive and was beside a small bridge over the Silver River, about 2 miles from Oaklands House, Ballycommon (EN emails 23 Jun & 12 Sep 2009)

Deed 557 293 370368 of 30 July 1803: between Richard Caldbeck of Rathdowny, Queens Co, 1st part; Mary North, Newport, Co Tipperary, widow, and Ellen Caldbeck otherwise North, daughter of said Mary North and wife of Richard Caldbeck, 2nd part; & William Caldbeck of the city of Dublin gent and Joseph Hickman North of Newport, Gent, 3rd part - recited that by indenture bearing date 25 July 1803, made between the parties aforesaid, which recites that a marriage was then intended and since had been solemnized between said Richard Caldbeck and said Ellen his now wife, then by the name of Ellen North, spinster, by which Richard conveyed a dwelling house at Rathdowney, Queens Co to William Caldbeck and Joseph Hickman North as trustees to make provision for Ellen should she survive him and for issue of the then intended marriage; then the 30 July 1803 deed concerned an inheritance of £200 from Elinor Large, widow, to her granddaughter Ellen North now Ellen Caldbeck which Mary North as sole executor of Elinor Large now paid to the trustees for the same purpose, with a special trust and confidence that it was to be used to purchase a farm in some part of Ireland for the advantage of the marriage and its issue, witnesses Evan Lee of Lodge and James North of Newport, Tipperary (EN email 22 Jan 2009; CN email 29 May 2009).

Deed 1839 23 86 is a memorial of an indented deed of trust bearing date 9 Aug 1839 between James North of William St, City of Limerick, gent, 1st part and Hickman North of Ballinas, Co Tipperary, gent, and Jane his wife, 2nd part - reciting a lease and release dated 31 Dec 1716 whereby Lancellott Lauds did demise grant let and to farm let to Nicholas Hannon all that the mill of Bracklon together with the dwelling house lands gardens situate in the lower half Barony of Philipstown in the King’s Co, and reciting the estate and interest of said Nicholas Hannon under lease became and were vested in said Hickman North - the lease was renewed and transfered to James North, with an annuity to Hickman North and Jane his wife, the father and mother of the same James, and payment of £20 to be made to each of Mary Elizth Ellen William Jane and Martha the sisters and brothers of the said James. reports (in 2001) that a Joseph Hickman North of Co Tipperary married a Jane Carey in 1808 and had 8 children: James, Mary, Joseph, 2nd James, Elizabeth, 2nd Joseph, Ellen and William

Newport Parish records record the following (SP email 9 Jan 2009):


Date of Baptism

Date of Death

James North


Immediately after birth

Mary North



Joseph North



James North (elder brother died)



Elizabeth North

18/09/1814 (EN email 15 Mar 2009 agrees)

(must have died as younger sister is Elizabeth)

Joseph North (elder brother died)


12 May 1815 (EN email 15 Mar 2009)

1 year old 30/07/1818

30 Jul 1817 (EN email 15 Mar 2009)

Elizabeth North (elder sister died)



William North



There are no other North baptismal, death or marriage records in Newport (SP email 9 Jan 2009).

The North Tipperary Geneaology Centre holds a gravestone inscription record for a Rev James North, died 1 Feb 1771 aged 60 (so b c1711) buried in the Modreeny graveyard, Co Tipperary.  He could be a Newport North, but has not been placed.

From those deeds and records, the following tree is surmised, but with considerable uncertainty.  Approximate birth dates would be: generation 1 1690s, gen 2 1720s, gen 3 1750s, gen 4 1780s and gen 5 1810s.

1a Unknown North, m unknown, possibly a daughter of Nicholas Hannon who bought Bracklon mill from Lancellot Lauds in 1716, and had issue

2a  James North of William St, Limerick and of Newport, d before 1784 (deed 366 135 244190 of 12 Nov 1784) m Mary Large (daughter and executor of Elinor Large, the widow Mary North in deeds 366 135 244190 of 12 Nov 1784 and 557 293 370368 of 30 July 1803), d c1803 (Vicars prerogative wills)or d c1809 (Mary North, Newport, Tipperary, prerogative inventory, 1809 (CPR 1922 WW50)) and had issue.  James inherited a half share of the mill at Bracklon, which half share went to his widow Mary on his death.  She then bought the other half share from James' brother Christopher in 1784 (deed 366 135 244190)

3a James North, eldest son and heir, alive in 1784 (to be a life in deed 366 135 244190); probably alive in 1803 to be James North of Newport, witness in deed 557 293 370368

4a Joseph Hickman North, alive and old enough to be a 'gent' and trustee in 1803 (deed557 293 370368) and alive in 1839 (deed 1839 23 86), d 19 Aug 1840 at Killaloe 'aged about 50 years' (so b c1790) (SP email 9 Jan 2009), m Jane, probably Jane Carey in 1808, d 13 Oct 1849 at Killaloe 'aged 54 years' (which would make her b c1795 and aged only 13 when her first child was born, so she was probably born a little earlier)(SP email 9 Jan 2009), and had issue.  Joseph Hickman North's children may have all emigrated to London, Ontario, in 1855 (SP email 14 Jan 2009).Joseph Hickman North was 'postmaster and dealers' according to some of the baptismal records

5a James, b 22 Nov 1808, died young

5b Mary, b 18 Oct 1809

5c Joseph North, b 30 Mar 1811, died young

5d James North, b 9 May 1812; alive in 1839 to be James North of William St, City of Limerick, gent, son of Hickman and Jane North, in deed 1839 23 86

5e Elizabeth North, b 18 Sep 1814, died young

5f Ellen North

5g Joseph North, b 12 May 1815 or 1817, d 30 Jul 1817 or 1818

5h Elizabeth North, b 16 Jul 1819

5i William North, b 1 Nov 1821

5j Jane North

5k Martha North

3b Ellen North m Richard Caldbeck (deed 557 293 370368 of 30 July 1803)

2b Christopher North, alive in 1784, m unknown and had issue.  Christopher inherited a half interest in the mill at Bracklon, which he sold to Mary North, widow (deed 366 135 244190 of 12 Nov 1784)

3a Thorogood North, alive in 1784 (deed 366 135 244190 of 12 Nov 1784)

In the main North tree, there is another Thorogood North, who may be connected.  Betham has an extract of his will, indicating that he died in 1773, so he was not alive to be the Thorogood North, son of Christopher, of deed 366 135 244190 dated 12 Nov 1784.  The Thorogood North who died in 1773 had a son Christopher North who married in 1765, so there appears to be some reciprocal use of names in the two families and probably some connection on the Thorogood side as well, perhaps, as the North side.