The Irish Bomfords

The Bomfords of Trim and Tasmania

Based on information supplied by Rick Smith, Jun 2007, Brenda Hodge 13 Dec 2008 & 30 Dec 2018, Rick Smith 27 Aug 2010

Note: the family name De Bomford has been used here where it is recorded as having been used; where there is doubt, the 'De' has been omitted.

1a William Bomford, carpenter of Trim (17.8.1, 17.8.2)

2a William Bomford, b c1809 or c1813, carpenter of Trim, aged 35 when he arrived in NSW on 19 Feb 1848 (17.10.11). While it is not certain that this William is the son of 1a William, it seems likely. William married Anne of Gollow (?Gallow), Co Meath, Anne Daley, Ann Daley or Annie Daly (Rick Smith emails 27 Aug 2010), aged 27 when she arrived in NSW in Feb 1848, so b c1821, and had issue. He died in Richmond, Tasmania, on 2 Jun 1864, aged 55. She died in or near Hobart, Tasmania, on 6 Jan 1858, aged 41 (Rick Smith email 27 Aug 2010)

3a Margaret Bomford, b c1839, aged 9 when she arrived in NSW in Feb 1848 (17.10.11), d a spinster on 10 Jul 1915 aged 76 at Wynyard, Tas, buried at Oatlands, Tas (death registration 1915/1469). She had a Will, 1915 AD960/37 p 334 No 9872: she left to her neice Catherine MADDEN of Wynyard, music teacher, her cottage and land in Saunders Street, Wynyard; she left Clara Madden of Wynyard her coattage and land in Oatlands; the rest went to Catherine

3b John Bomford, b 1847, d 21 Jan 1848 aged 7 months en route to NSW (17.10.11)

3c Mary Anne Bomford or Marianne Bomford, b 1848, aged '7' (sic) when she arrived in NSW in Feb 1848 (17.10.11), d 24 Jan 1888 aged 40 (so perhaps she was aged 7 months, not 7 years, when she arrived in Australia in 1848), buried in the Roman Catholic section, Oatlands Cemetery, Tas. On 16 May 1872 when she was 24, she married Joseph McEwan Madden, b 16 Jun 1850 in Oatlands, Tas (33/415), son of Charles Madden (b c1823, d 18 Mar 1858) and Mary McEwan, in Oatlands, Tas (37/525), and had issue

4a Mary Madden, b 20 Mar 1873 in Oatlands, Tas (33/1211)

4b Margaret Ann Madden, b 15 May 1875 in Oatlands, Tas (33/1256), d 17 Aug 1899 aged 24, buried in Queenstown, Tas. Died of Typhoid. A nurse

4c Jane Catherine Madden, b 16 Oct 1876 in Oatlands, Tas (33/1304)

4d Clara Hartland Madden, b 1 Sep 1878 in Oatlands, Tas, (33/1402)

4e Joseph Duncan Madden, b 2 Nov 1880 in Oatlands, Tas, (33/1976)

4f William James Madden, b 9 May 1882 in Oatlands, Tas, (33/2167 - registered as Maddern), d 5 Sep 1916 aged 34, on leave while serving in World War I, buried in Burnie, Tas. Will Madden William James 1916 AD960/39 206 10267

4g Malcolm Andrew Madden, b 11 Jul 1884 in Oatlands, Tasmania, Australia, (33/2399 - Mother’s name at the registration of birth was given a Bumford)

3d Edward Bomford, b 6 May 1852 Hobart, Tas (1852/33/1307), d Hobart on 11 May 1852 (1852/35/1426)

3e Xysonus William Bomford, b c1855, d Tasmania on 11 May 1876 (35/495) - crushed by a cart: he was 21. Buried in Oatlands Roman Catholic Cemetery, Oatlands, Tas. Death notice in The Examiner, 16 May 1876

3f Andrew John Bomford, b c1858, d 1 May 1913 in General Hospital, Launceston, Tas; he was 55. Buried in Oatlands Presbyterian And Uniting Cemetery, Tas. Occupation: baker (photo of shop: Lynette Scott emails 21 Sep & 11 Nov 2023; shop may be in Burnie, where Bomford carried on a business as a baker - The Advocate and Times, 22 Apr 1910, p 3). Left a will (1913 AD960/35 p 267 No 9156): left all worth about £560 to sister Margaret. On 1 Aug 1889, aged 31, he married Mary Quinlan Madden, daughter of Charles Madden (b c1823, d 18 Mar 1858) & Mary McEwan, in Oatlands, Tas (37/678), d 17 Jun 1890 (3 days after giving birth to twins) in Longford (35/865), baker's wife, aged 33, death notice in The Mercury 19 Jun 1890, buried in Oatlands Presbyterian & Uniting Cemetery, Tas, and had issue, twins who died young

4a Andrew John Bomford, b 14 Jun 1890 in Longford, Tas (33/2072), d Oatlands, Tas, on 26 Nov 1890 (35/1066)

4b Joseph Charles Bomford, b14 Jun 1890 in Longford, Tas (33/2073), d Oatlands, Tas, on 27 Nov1890 (35/1067)

3g Lizzy Bomford, b c1858, d in Eaglehawk, Victoria 1887 aged 29. Death registration 1887/9909 gives parents' names as William Brown Bamford and Annie Daly

1b Edward Bomford of Trim, b c1773, m 1798 Margaret Plunket, b c1777 (17.8.1) and had issue

2a Isaac Bomford, b c1800 in Trim, Co Meath, d  11 Aug 1886 in West Hotham, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, buried 13 Aug 1886 in Melbourne General Cemetery, carpenter and joiner, foreman to Roderic O'Connor, m(1) in Ireland Jane Laffan, b c1808, d 17 Nov 1871 at 'Rocklands' East Tamar, Tas, buried in Cornelian Bay Cemetery, Hobart, and had issue. They emigrated to Tasmania, arriving on the Strathfieldsay in late Jun or July 1833 with Maria aged 4 (Tasmanian Archives, references CSO42/1 p51 (Bumford) and CUS30/1/1 p238 (Bomford)). After Jane's death, Isaac m(2) at St Joseph’s Church Hobart on 14 Aug 1873 Delia Bridget Lupton b c1831 in Ireland, d 19 Jun 1881 in Hobart, buried 22 Jun 1881 in the Roman Catholic area of the Cornelian Bay Cemetery Hobart (17.8.4)

3a Maria Bomford, b 1828 in Ireland

3b Petre Isaac Bomford or Petre Isaac De Bomford, b 19 May 1834 in Lake River, Tas, d 19 Jul 1910 in Launceston, buried in Cypress Street Cemetery, Launceston, baptized 1834, m in St Thomas Church Avoca on 3 May 1860 Elizabeth Hopkins of Russell Square, London, b 1837, d 23 Sep 1886 in Brisbane, Queensland, buried on 2 October 1886 in Cypress Street Cemetery, Launceston, daughter of James Hopkins and Jane Sewell or Jane Serrell, and had issue (17.8.5). Petre was found not guilty in Launceston on 3 Jan 1863 of shooting with intent at his brother John (Hobart Mercury, 8 Jan 1863 p.2). Petre may have spent time in the Campbell Street Gaol in or around 1879 ( split/Campbell Street Gaol/Insane Patients.htm)

4a Edwin Frederick Serrell De Bomford, b 28 Dec 1861 in Ravensdale, Spring Bay, Tasmania, d  15 July 1954 at 'Hillandale', Lindisfarne, Tasmania, m in Richmond, Tas, on 29 Apr 1890 Ella Georgina Luttrell, b 11 Oct 1861, d 17 Apr 1948, daughter of Frederick Napolean Luttrell (1833-1887) and Mary Ann Elizabeth Mawle (1836-1887), and had issue

5a Sylvia Millicent Bomford or Jessie Millicent De Bomford, b 28 Jan 1891at 'Ringwood', Jerusalem, Tasmania, d 1 Apr 1970 at Hobart, m at St Martin’s Church, Queenstown on 11 Sep 1916 Harold Gordon Cornell, b 1891 Richmond, Victoria, d 11 Dec 1917, buried Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension (Plot III, Row J, Grave No. 5), France, 2nd Lietenant, Australian Flying Core, son of George Cornell and Sarah Angwin [might be her name by a later marriage rather than her maiden name?], and had issue

6a Winifred Ella Cornell

5b Winifred Ella De Bomford or Ella Winifred De Bomford, b 12 Jan 1894, d 1949 in Sydney

5c Edwin Ponsonby Luttrell De Bomford, b 13 Sep 1897 in Colebrook, Tasmania (or Victoria?), d 29 Mar 1974 in Hobart, m Marian Oates, b c 1895, d 1965 in King., Victoria, daughter of  Russell Oates and ? Trafford

5d James Hamilton Bomford, b 27 Jan 1903 in Queenstown, d 3 Apr 1967 in Hobart, m Margery Emma Payne, d c1984

4b Mervyn Charles De Bomford, b 1 Jun 1863 in “New Plains”, Lymington, Tas, d 24 Apr 1908 in Somerset, Tas, m in Hobart on 3 Dec 1887 Martha Matilda Luttrell, b 1860 in Tasmania, d 1949 in Tasmania, buried in Devonport General Cemetery (Anglican Section), daughter of Frederick Napolean Luttrell (1833-1887) and Mary Ann Elizabeth Mawle (1836-1887), and had issue

5a Elizabeth May De Bomford, b  22 Oct 1888 in Richmond, Tas, d 9 Jul 1976 in Latrobe, buried Mersey Vale Lawn Cemetery, Spreyton Tas, Lawn 5, Row L, Grave 16, m in St Barnabas Church, Somerset, Tas on 29 Dec 1915 Charles Owen Wade, b 30 Oct 1881 in Richmond, Tas, buried Mersey Vale Lawn Cemetery, Spreyton Tas, Lawn 5, Row L, Grave 15 (Nigel Scott email 10 Jul 2012), and had issue

6a Geraldene Frances Wade, b 2 May 1919 in Wynyard, Tas, d 22 July 2010 in Devonport, Tas, buried Mersey Vale Lawn Cemetery, Spreyton, Tas (grave S6 A24), m in St Paul’s C of E, East Devonport 29 March 1945 Alan Keith Scott, b 18 April 1920 in Latrobe, Tas, d Latrobe 5 June 2007 (Nigel Scott email 10 Jul 2012)

6b Dare Sefton Miles Wade, m(1) Josephine Beckwith, m(2)  Maxine Geard

5b Frederick Mervyn De Bomford, b 4 Dec 1890 in Campania, Tas, d 15 Jul 1956 in Upper Burnie, Tas, buried in Wivenhoe General Cemetery, commercial traveller, m in St George’s Church, Burnie on 24 Apr 1923 Dulcina Annie Page, b 20 Nov 1901 in Zeehan, d 16 Oct 1990 in Hobart, and had issue

6a Adelle Joan Bomford  [See The Pages: a history, compiled and published by Adelle de Bomford, Burnie, Tas, 2nd edn, 2004, 77pp; copy held in the State Library of Tasmania. Adelle the author may be a later generation than Adelle Joan but seems likely to be related]

6b Frederick David Bomford

6c Kathleen Bomford

6d Vivienne Maude Bomford, m in North Sydney NSW in 1949 Bruce Alexander Sinclair

6e Mervyn George De Bomford, m Lynette Lorraine Jacob, d 24 November 2004, buried in Burnie Lawn Cemetery

6f Graeme John Bomford, m Crystal Jean Dryden, lived in Victoria

6g Kerry Bomford, m Anne Barrell, lived in New Zealand

5c John North De Bomford, b 25 Nov 1891 in Campania, Tas, d 31 Aug 1957 in Burnie, vetinary surgeon in Ulverstone, m in Anglican Church, Cooee, Tas on 17 May 1920 Helen Thomasina Weir, b 1 Dec 1892 in Stowport, Tas, d 15 Mar 1983 in Ulverstone, daughter of Charles Lowther Weir and Frances Helen Clerke, and had issue

6a Ian Mervyn Weir Bomford, b 15 Feb 1921 in Wynyard, Tas, d 24 Mar 1992 in Launceston, m Josie Irene Robertson

6b Marguerite North Bomford, b 7 Apr 1922 in Wynyard, Tas, d 22 Sep 1977, m Gary Thorne and had issue, three children

6c Cecily Thomasine De Bomford, b 17 Oct 1925 in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Vic, d 30 April 1978, m Andrew Askin Morrison

6d Peter John De Bomford, b 9 Sep 1930, d 11 May 2004, m Valerie Barbara Ponsonby, b 13 Jan 1930, d 18 Jul 2021 (report) and had issue

6e Jennifer Ann Bomford, b c1932, d 1958 in Fran. Vic, m Bruce Hallam

6f Robin Charles Bomford

5d Jessie Frances De Bomford, b 2 June 1896 in Richmond, Tas, d 1970, buried in Devonport General Cemetery (Anglican Section)

4c Everard James Bomford, b 22 May 1864 in “New Plains”, Lymington, Tas, d 19 Dec 1922 in Los Angeles, California, journalist, m Mary Shannon

3c John Bede Bomford, b 5 Jun 1836 in Lake River, Tas, d 24 Nov 1901 in Beaconsfield, Tas, m(1) in St John’s Church, Melbourne on 23 Feb 1863 Eliza O'Dwyer Richardson, b c1840 in Dublin, d 11 Feb 1872 in Perth, Tas, daughter of Rev. William Richardson Snr (~1815-1875) and Ellen Boadicia Kavanagh (~1814-1866), and had issue (17.8.6). In 1863 was proprietor of the Kingston Estate (Hobart Mercury, 8 Jan 1863 p.2)

4a Ruth Helena Bomford, b 3 Dec 1864 in Fingal, Tas, d 1940 in Perth, Tas

4b William Francis Bomford, b 1865 at 'Kingston', Ben Lomond, Tas, d 23 Apr 1933 in Launceston, m Clara Pickhills, b c1865, d 7 Jun 1921in Launceston, daughter of Rickinson  and Elizabeth Pickhills, and had issue

5a Hilda Dulcie Elizabeth Bomford, b 1 July 1891 in Beaconsfield, Tas, d  4 Oct 1941 in Launceston, m in Holy Trinity Church Launceston on 11 Apr 1939 Edward Alfred Elms

4c John Roderick Bomford, b 15 Oct 1866 at 'Kingston', Ben Lomond, Tas, d 3 Aug 1943 in Launceston, m in Tamar Street Independent Church, Launceston on 24 May 1892  Marion Maria Benneworth, b 11 Jan 1873 in Longford, Tas, d 18 Jan 1958 in Perth, Tas, and had issue

5a John Leslie Bomford, b  8 Aug 1892 in Perth, Tas, d 23 Dec 1967, m(1)  St Andrew’s Church, Perth, Tas, 5 April 1915 Vennita Coral Bransden, daughter of George Bransden and Mary Ellen Cooke, b 5 Feb 1891 in Longford, Tas, d 19 January 1955 in Longford, and had issue

6a Gwendolyn Mavis Bomford, b 13 Sep 1915 in Perth, Tas, d 1989 in Coffs Harbour, NSW, m(1) 2 November 1940 Dr Cedric Dumcombe, d 1960 in Hobart, son of W Dumcombe, m(2) at St Aidans Anglican Church, Lindisfarne c Apr 1965 Gordon Vervon De Little, b c1911, d Sep 2003 Hobart

6b Barbara Bomford, b 1920, d 23 Jun 1922 in Perth, Tas

6c Enid Mary Bomford, b 4 Apr 1925, d 19 Jan 1991, buried Launceston

John Leslie Bomford m(2) Edna May Irwin b c1907, d 18 Jun 1975 in Launceston. Edna May had issue, Keith and Betty, granddaughter Karen and great grandson Rodney (family names not known)

5b Emeline Marion Bomford or Evelyn Marion Bomford, b 9 Dec 1893 in Perth, Tas, d 25 Apr 1894

5c Frank Lindsay Bomford, b 16 May 1895 in Perth, Tas, d 20 Aug 1895, Perth, Tas

5d Elsie May Bomford, b 5 Sep 1896 in Perth, Tas; may have had a a daughter

5e Eleanor Mary Bomford, b 25 Jan 1899 in Perth, Tas, d 1929 in Perth, m in Launceston on 18 August 1925 William Ivor Joseph Davis

5f Florence Amy Bomford, b 12 Feb 1900 in Perth, Tas, d 6 Jun 1995 in Launceston, did not marry

5g Ethel Myra Bomford, b 2 Jun 1901 in Perth, Tas, m in St Joseph’s Church, Hobart on 23 Dec 1925 James Mulcahy, and may have had four children

5h Lewis Henry  De Bomford, b 5 Feb 1904 in Perth, Tas, d 21 Apr 1996 in Launceston

5i Harold Leonard Bomford, b 4 Feb 1907 in Perth, Tas, d 11 Nov 1995 in Longford, Tas, m in Launceston 24 May 1928 Elinor Annie Amelia Knee, b 1903 in Newnham, Launceston, Tas, d 26 Jul 1997, and had issue

6a Muriel Jean Bomford

6b Edna Roma Bomford,  b 2 Jan 1931, d before 11 Nov 1995 aged 64, m Perce

6c Lorna Aileen Bomford

6d Mary  Bomford, m Henry

5j Ralph George Bomford, b 5 Feb 1909 in Perth, Tas, d 13 Sep 1983 and had issue

6a Betty Bomford, m(1) Kaine, m(2) Mervyn Jones

5k Colin Francis Bomford, b 8 Dec 1911 in Perth, Tas, d 2 July 1983 in Perth, Tas, m in Latrobe, Tas, 31 Oct 1935 Netta Frances Shepeard, daughter of James Shepeard and Jane Annie Hite, b 23 Jun 1917 in Railton, Tas, d 13 Nove 1998 in Latrobe, Tas, and had issue

6a Athol James Bomford, m Glenice Rae Bester

5l Vernon Leopold Bomford, b 29 Jul 1915 in Perth, Tas, d 26 Jul 1965 Melbourne, m 1937 Dorothy Lydia Alice Stone, b c1916, d 28 Mar 1985 in Perth, Tas, daughter of Horace Stone and Annie, and had issue

6a Barry Bomford, m Patricia

6b Sonia Bomford

6c Judith Lynette Bomford

5m Athol Bede Bomford, b 18 April 1920 in Perth, Tas, d 4 May 1924 in Perth, Tas

4d Evelyn Bomford, b 23 Aug 1868 in 'Kingston', Ben Lomond, Tas, d in Claremont, Hobart

4e Amy Lenore Bomford, b 6 Dec 1869 in 'Kingston', Ben Lomond, Tas, d in Railton, Tas, m in Westbury, Tas, Nov 1895 Thomas Barrett, b before 1874. No known children

4f Lizzy Bomford, b 17 July 1871, d 17 July 1871 in Fingal, Tas

3c John Bede Bomford m(2) in Chalmers Mance, Launceston, on 23 May 1877 Mary Emma Fletcher, b 1854, d 15 Nov 1931 in Beaconsfield, Tas, and had further issue

4g Daniel Archibald Bomford, b 21 Nov 1877 in Fingal, Tas, d 1966 in Launceston

4h Edward Ernest Bomford, b 8 Mar 1879 in Fingal, Tas, d 8 September 1954 in Perth, Tas

4i George Arthur Frederick Bomford, b 29 Jan 1882 in Beaconsfield, Tas, d 9 February 1962 in Launceston, m in Holy Trinity Church, Launceston on 23 Jul 1907  Minnie Lizette McClutchey, b 19 April 1887 in Deloraine, d 29 June 1979 in Launceston, eldest daughter of George Marcus McClutchey and  Mary Jane Marrell, and had issue

5a Edna Bede Bomford, b 10 May 1910 in Invermay, Launceston, d 1969 in Launceston, lived in Melbourne

5b Reigh George Bomford, b 10 Oct 1908 in  Invermay, Launceston, d 12 Oct 1992, Launceston, builder, m(1) in St Paul’s Church, Launceston, on 19 Mar 1930 Lorna Roy, youngest daughter of Rev. A. G. Roy; m(2) 2 Oct 1937 Margaret Mary Keppel, d 15 Oct 2000 in Launceston, and had issue

6a Joan Bede Bomford

6b Peter Reigh George Bomford

5c Alvin John Bomford, b 28 Jan 1916 in Launceston, d 1 Apr 1982, lived in Alice Springs, m  Sylvia, and had issue

6a Paul Bomford. Paul Alvin Bomford d 29 Dec 2021

4j Edwin Thomas De Bomford or Edwin Thomas Bomford, b 21 Mar 1884 in Beaconsfield, Tas, d 28 May 1967 in Launceston, m(1) in Forth, Tas on 26 Apr 1916 Eliza Grace Margaret Kennedy, b 10 Aug 1896 in Ulverstone, Tas, d 14 Oct 1926 in Launceston, daughter of William Kennedy (27 Jul 1865 - 5 Jan 1946) and Mary Christina Hearps (1 Mar 1868 - 6 Feb 1945), and had issue

5a Noel Gilbert Bomford, b 10 Feb 1917 in Launceston, d 9 Dec 1975 in Melbourne, m 20 Mar 1943 Frances Mariea Kennedy, b 29 Nov 1918 in Melbourne, d 17 Aug 2001, daughter of  William Thomas Kennedy and Ellen Rose Melville (known as Nellie Melville), and had issue

6a Sandra Dorothy Bomford, b 30 Oct 1945 in Melbourne

6b Brenda Frances Bomford, 31 May 1949 in Melbourne

6c Daniel Noel Bomford, b 20 Jan 1956 in Melbourne

5b Mary Christina Bomford, known as Mollie Bomford, b 24 Oct 1918 in Launceston, d 10 Dec 1996 in Ulverstone, m in Ulverstone on 29 April 1943 Osborne J. Allen, d 1991, third son of Newman Allen and Alice Singleton, and had issue

6a John Allen, b 31 Jan 1944

5c Lawrence Bede Bomford, b 7 Jan 1920 Launceston, d 11 May 1993 in Melbourne, and with his partner (not married) Edna O’Brien, b 3 Feb 1915, d 1 Nov 1988 in Melbourne, had issue

6a Lawrence Bomford, b 25 Oct 1957 in Melbourne

5d Kenneth Thomas De Bomford, b 26 Jan 1924 in Launceston, m Olive Blanche Thomas, b 22 Jul 1930, daughter of Thomas Thomas and Ethel, and had issue

6a Sean Thomas de Bomford

6b Paul Kenneth de Bomford

6c Brandon Lewis de Bomford

6d Ceinwen Louise de Bomford

5e unnamed Bomford, b and d 4 Oct 1926

4k Charles Henry Bomford, b 2 Feb 1886 in Beaconsfield, Tas, d 27 Mar 1886 in Beaconsfield

4l Ethel Mary Bomford, b 1887 in Beaconsfield, Tas, d 5 Jul 1961 in Launceston, unmarried

4m Emily May Bomford, b 1 Dec 1889 in Beaconsfield, Tas, d 1974 in Launceston

3d Francis Edward Bomford, b 3 Jun 1840 in Lake River, Tas, d 11 Feb 1916 in Moorina, Tas, farmer, miner, registrar of mines, magistrate at Moorina appointed 18 June 1866 (Walsh's Tasmanian Almanac 1883, p 46), m in St Thomas Church, Avoca, Tas, on 20 Sep 1865 Ellen Gray Richardson, b 5 Nov 1845  in Avoca, Tas, d 1 May 1922 in Launceston, daughter of Rev. William Richardson Snr (~1815-1875) and Ellen Boadicia Kavanagh (~1814-1866), and had issue (17.8.7)

4a Edward Vivian Bomford, b 4 Dec 1866 in Rheban Sandspits, Tas (birth registered as Edward Vivian Bumford, b 18 Dec 1866), d 8 Oct 1876 at “Rocklands”, East Tamar, Tas, buried in St Peter’s Anglican Church, St Leonards, Launceston

4b Ethel Constance Maria Bomford, b  18 Jan 1868 in Rheban Sandspits, d 28 Jan 1945 in Ulverstone, m in Launceston on 28 July 1897 John Hubert Cartledge, b 20 Oct 1870 in Launceston, d 9 Mar 1947 in Ulverstone, produce merchant, son of John Cartledge (1847-1933) and Annie Lawson (1847-1901), and had issue

5a Ethel May Cartledge, b 12 Mar 1898 in Queenstown, d 6 Oct 1983 in Wynyard, m 14 December 1921 Leslie Arthur Davies-Griffith, d 1971 in Wynyard, son of Llewellyn Davies-Griffith and Georgina and had issue

6a Audrey May Davies-Griffith, b c1927, d 12 Nov 1942, buried Brighton Cemetery, Melbourne

5b Hupert Roy Cartledge, b 10 Oct 1899 in Queenstown, d 12 Jun 1971 in Burnie, m Joan Olga Woodberry, daughter of Walter Lewis Woodberry and Alice Findlay, and had issue

6a Barry Roy Cartledge

6b Brian Lewis Cartledge

6c Margaret Joan Cartledge

5c Casper Mervyn Cartledge, b 8 Nov 1900 in Queenstown, d 21 Mar 1901 in Queenstown

5d Cyril Edward St. Clair Cartledge, b 11 Aug 1904 in Launceston, d 28 Feb 1963 in Melbourne, buried in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, m Nellie Josephine Crowley, b 1913, d 24 Jul 1965, nurse, daughter of Joseph Crowley and Teresa McCale, and had issue

6a Gray St Clair Cartledge

6b Nellie Florence Cartledge

6c Evelyn Ethel Cartledge

6d Phyllis Cartledge

5e Rachel Mary Constance Cartledge, b 22 Nov 1906 in Launceston, d 1 Jul 1993, m(1) Colin Robert Hardy, b 26 Jan 1894 in Fingal, Tas, d cSep 1956, son of Thomas Robert Hardy and Florence Mary Viney, and had issue

6a Geoffrey Robert Hardy

6b Robin Hardy

6c Ian Marne Hardy, b 2 Jul 1931, d 21 Jan 1980 in Ulverstone, m Peggy

6d Marne Hardy

6e Anthony Hardy

6f Wendy Hardy

5e Rachel Mary Constance Cartledge m(2) Halliday Bradford-Smith, d 1974, and had further issue

6g unknown daughter Bradford-Smith

5f Geoffrey Vivian Cartledge, b 2 Feb 1908 in Launceston, d 24 Oct 1967 in Melbourne, accountant, m 21 Mar 1931 Marjorie Aileen Bramich, d 30 Nov 1972 in Melbourne, and had issue

6a Leslie John Cartledge

6b Carlene Cloe Cartledge

6c Patricia Ann Cartledge, b 23 Oct 1943 in Hobart, d 2 Feb 1996 in Melbourne, m ?William

5g Ingram St. Maurice Cartledge, b 12 May 1911 in Temma, Tas, d 15 Jul 1987 in Wynyard, train driver on the Emu Bay Railway, m in St Lukes, Zeehan on 3 October 1936 Gwen Hilda Hilder, b 1914 in Somerset, Tas, d in Rockhampton, Qld, and had issue

6a Ethel Yvonne Cartledge, who has two daughters

6b Geoffrey Dallas Cartledge, who has two daughters and a son

6c Vivian St. Maurice Cartledge

6d Cecily Annette Cartledge, m Cook

6e Alma Dale Cartledge, b 1948, d 15 Jan 2002

4c Casper Owen Bomford, b 14 May 1870 in Rheban Sandspits, Tas, d 29 Aug 1884 in Moorina, Tas, baptized in Church Of Apostles, Launceston, on 14 May 1877

4d Dizy Jane Bomford, b 18 Sep 1871 in “Barrowville”, Corra Lyn, Tas, d 29 Apr 1872 at “Barrowville”, buried in St Peter’s Anglican Church, St Leonards, Launceston

4e Gertrude Frances Bomford, b  5 Oct 1873 in Corra Lynn, Tas, d 13 August 1897 at Derby, Tas, buried in Moorina General Cemetery, m at Moorina on 9 July 1894 Alfred Ernest Hardman, b 10 Apr 1868 in “Everton”, White Hills, Tas, d 28 Jun 1915 at Derby, Tas, farmer, butcher, son of Thomas Richard Hardman (1845-1906) and Mary Sophia Rowe Trethewie (1845-1925), and had issue

5a Ernest Alfred Hardman, b 14 Dec 1894 in Derby, Tas, d  25 February 1917, killed in action, WWI in France. Private 12th Battalion AIF, 20th Reinforcement. His name is commemorated on 26 Villers-Bretonneux Memorial to the Missing in France. There is no grave.

5b Marie Frances Hardman, known as Kath Hardman, b 15 Aug 1896 in Derby, Tas, d 23 Sep 1970 in Launceston, m(1) unknown, m(2) in St Raphaels Church, Fern Tree, Tas on 12 Dec 1922  Frank Tennyson Mervin Smith, b 25 Aug 1893 in Hobart, d 15 Apr 1959 in Launceston, carpenter, miner, motor driver, 1st A.I.F. World War I (Egypt, France), son of James Smith (1866-1947) and Eva Ellis (1867-1944)

4f Hilda Elanor Bomford, or Hilda Emily Bomford, b 18 Feb 1875 at “Barrowville”, Corra Lyn, Tas, d 13 Nov 1957 in Launceston, m at Moorina on 25 Oct 1905 Henry Mangles Denham Thomson, b c1872, d 29 Aug 1949 at Mona Vale, NSW, son of John Thomson, and had issue

5a Hilton Richardson Thomson, b 6 Jul 1909 in Ringarooma, Tas, d 16 Aug 1983 in Launceston, lived at Cormaston

4g Irene May Bomford, b 12 May 1876 in “Barrowville”, Corra Lyn, Tas, m in Moorina 27 Feb 1896 John Malcolm Clark, b 10 Dec 1874 at Weaners Flat, SA, mine manager, son of Gilbert and Mary Ann Caroline Clark, and had issue

5a Rupert Malcolm St Clair Clark, b 21 Aug 1898 in Moorina, Tas, d in Western Australia

5b Maxwell John Clark, b  3 Sep 1913 in Ringarooma, Tas, d 25 Nov 1990, school teacher, m Laura Jean Wellington, d 11 Mar 1995, school teacher, daughter of Stanley Arthur Wellington and Mabel Florence Wellington

4h Mabel Ella Mary Bomford, b 20 May 1880 at Wonga Station, Andersons Creek, Vic, d 1 Feb 1959 in Sandringham, Vic, m in Victoria in 1904 Charles Edward Houston, b 1862 in Emerald Hill, South Melbourne, d 7 Sep 1941 at Sandringham, Melbourne, son of Enoch Naysmith Houston and Francis Ellen Baxter

4i Leo Francis Bomford or Lee Francis Bomford, b 28 Jan 1882 in Launceston, d 6 Aug 1882 at Moorina

4j Vera Genevieve Bomford, b 28 January 1884 in Moorina, d 18 Feb 1885 in Moorina

4k Estelle Edith Bomford, b  14 Nov 1885 in Moorina, d 1966 in Kew, Melbourne, m at Moorina on 18 Nov 1903 Arthur Edmund Thomas, b 1869 in Geelong, Vic, d 1927 in Malaysia, buried in Batu Gajah Cemetery, Malayasia, mining and civil engineer, tenth child of William Jackson Thomas and Sarah Truckle Dredge, and had issue

5a Estelle Frances Thomas, b 29 Aug 1904 in Launceston, d 1989, m Arthur Goldsmith and had issue

6a John Goldsmith

5b Arthur Godfrey William Thomas, b 1 May 1906 in Moorina, d 13 Nov 1942, killed in action on USS Altanta, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, naval cadet Jervis Bay 1920, Lieutenant, Royal Australian Naval Reserve, m in NSW 1935 Leslie Lillian C Bull

5c Mary Ellen Thomas, b 17 Feb 1911 in Launceston, d 1948 in New South Wales, m in New South Wales in 1935 Kenneth E Le Lievre and had issue

6a Ken Le Lievre Jnr

6b Janet Le Lievre

5d Clare Thomas or Clair Thomas, b 1912 in Launceston, d 1941 in New South Wales

4l Cyril Edward Roy Bomford, b 26 May 1887 in Moorina, d 4 Aug 1963 in Canberra, AIF Grave Number 5051, mine clerk, sapper in WW1 (Australian Electrical & Mechanical Mining Company), m in Launceston Registry Office on 22 Jun 1907 Clementena Cecil, b 6 Aug 1884 in Sandhurst (now Bendigo), d 30 Oct 1974 in Longley, Tas, daughter of Henry Parker Cecil (1859-1920) and  Clementena Angelina Carrington, and had issue. C E R de Bomford was the supervisor of construction work for Becker House, the Academy of Science Building in Canberra (

5a Sperry Carrington Bomford, b 19 Aug 1908 in Springfield, Tas, d 4 Sep 1993 in Queenstown, m in St Martin’s Church, Queenstown on 23 Nov 1928 Mabel Butler, b 27 Apr 1911 in London, England, d 17 Sep 1972, buried in Queenstown General Cemetery, and had issue. Charles Priestley & Sperry De Bomford Memorial

6a Margaret Bomford

6b Roy Bomford

6c Elizabeth Bomford, b 26 Jan 1933 in Queenstown, d c Feb 2004, buried 24 Feb 2004 in Queenstown, m Terrence Joseph Taylor, son of Henry Stanley Taylor (1901-) and Maud Ling

6d Francis Bomford

6e John Clifford Bomford

5b Cecil Roy Bomford, b 24 Sep 1909 in Springfield, Tas, d Feb 1975 in Prahan, Melbourne, buried on 18 Feb 1975 in Springvale Cemetery, Melbourne, m in Victoria in 1935 Lucille Ann Gaudie (BDM Victoria reg no 6245/1935), daughter of Henry James Gaudie and Susannah May Page, and had issue

6a James Bomford

6b Anne Bomford

5c Clementine Ellen Bomford, b 27 May 1911 in South Mt Cameron, Tas, d 1978

5d Patricia Eleanor Bomford, m(1) in Victoria in 1938 William Stirling Jakins (BDM Victoria reg no 9218/1938), electrician on S.S. Wanaka, m(2) Harold Norman Ryan, and had issue

6a Barry Peter Ryan

6b Dennis Raymond Ryan

3e Joseph Bomford, b 12 Feb 1843 in Lake River, Tas, d 12 Feb 1843 in Launceston, buried in Cypress Street Cemetery, Launceston

3f Rachel Mary Bomford, b 3 May 1849 in Lake River, Tas, d 15 Sep 1939 in Mornington, buried in Melbourne General Cemetery, nun, Sister Of Mercy in Melbourne. She entered into the Convent on 31 May 1866 and went to Kilmore in May 1875 (17.8.8)

2b Samuel Bomford, b c1802, probably in Trim, Co Meath

2c Catherine Bomford, b c1804, probably in Trim, Co Meath

Other Bomfords in Tasmania

A John Bomford aged 40, so b c1815, arrived in Tasmania from London with Eliza Bomford, aged 39, on 3 Jan 1855 (Tasmanian Archives). UK census records suggest this John may have been from Westmeath, and he may have married Eliza in 1848 (17.5.6). The Geelong Cemetery, Victoria, Australia ( lists an Eliza Bomford buried 16 Apr 1894 and John Bomford buried 8 Dec 1873.

Mrs J Bomford d 1934 aged 97, so b c1837. Her Obituary (The Mercury 16 Jul 1934 p 2) says she migrated to Tasmania from Dublin in the ship Constance in 1858 and married John Bomford of Ross the following year. Her daughter Mary Ann Elizabeth Bomford, daughter of John Bomford of Hobart, married David Lumsden on 28 Jul 1855 (The Mercury, 8 Aug 1885). She also had a son, William Ayson Bomford, who died before 1934. At the time of her death she had 13 grandchildren and 30 great grandchildren.

There is a long line of Bomfords and Bumfords in Tasmania descended from John Bumford or John Bomford, b c1795, d at Ross, Tasmania, 6 Nov 1890 aged 95. His antecedents are not known, though there is a John Bumford b 1795 among the Bumfords of Wales. The Tasmanian John Bumford's wife was Mary Ann, d 20 Feb 1875. Their three known children all had the given name Ayson (Rick Smith email 17 Jan 2010 - Contact Us if you want further information):

1a Edward Ayson Bomford b c1833

1b John Ayson Bomford b c1838

1c Emily Ann Ayson Bomford, b c1841

A William Bomford is described at a pilot on 21 Mar 1855 in the records of the Tasmanian Archiveses (ref MB2/39/1/19 p13).