Extract from the Upton Papers

National Library, Dublin, manuscript collection: G.O. MSS (Genealogical Office Manuscripts) 432-435: Will abstracts, pedigrees and other genealogical notes on Irwin and allied families, compiled by Sir Alfred Irwin c. 1900-1920, with indexes of principal surnames.

This extract is from GO MS 432 at pages 146-148.  Not sure to what extent it is verbatim and to what extent a summary.

The date the following recitals were recorded is not known.  The last event recited is dated April 1857, and it is assumed that "these presents" (i.e. the decisions at the end of the document, based on the recitals) date from shortly after that.  The recitals do not note the marriage of Ellen Brunton to Laurence Gilligan in November 1857, which may indicate that they were finalised at some time between April and November 1857.


27 MAR 1719 Hercules Rowby of Summerhill leased to Oliver Bomford of Cushenstown, Co. Meath lands of Cushinstown & part of Kilwoon 418 acres plantation measure, Bodermain(?) 69 acres, Baronies of Skreen a Duleek, Co Meath for the lives of Oliver Bomford and his sons Thomas and Arthur B. with covenant for perpetual renewal rent 205 pounds, renewal fine 50 pounds.

Oliver Bomford died about 1721, intestate, leaving Thomas B. his eldest son and heir at law.

15 & 16 March 1754. Marriage settlement of Thomas Bomford’s eldest son William Bomford and Charity Ryder.  Parties, Thomas B. Jane his wife(1), eldest son William Bomford(2) Michael Sandys John Jones(3) Robert Madden and Arthur Bomford(4), Charity Ryder(5)  Marriage duly solemnized issue thereof one son Thomas Bomford who m.Rebecca Syne(?) [Eyre] and 3 daughters, Anne Bomford who m. Francis Brunton, Charity Bomford who m. Richard Hinde and Frances Amelia Bomford who m. Benjamin Hinde.

William Bomford died about January 1803.  Thomas and his 3 sisters became entitled to the lands share and share alike.  Disputes arose between them.  To end disputes a Deed of Release made 24 Nov. 1803 between Thomas Bomford(1) Richard & Charity Hinde(2) Anne Brenton widow of Francis Brentin(3) Benjamin & Frances Amelia Hinde(4) and Frederick May and Samuel Middleton both of Dublin(5) May and Middleton trustees to divide into 5 equal parts, 2/5 to Thomas 3/5 to 3 sisters, share and share alike…Thomas and his 3 sisters executed articles of agreement dated 26 Nov. 1803 to divide rents in manner as above mentioned.

20 Nov 1809 renewal of lease granted by Jane Countess Dowager of Bective(?) to F. May and S. Middleton for the lives of John Bomford, Benjamin Hinde and Thomas Hinde.

On or about 25 May 1827 Thomas Bomford died without issue, leaving his widow Rebecca B. surviving.  Rebecca’s jointure ceased when she died on or about 7 May 1837.   F. May died, S. Middleton died and Thomas Falkinson(?) Middleton is his son and heir at law.

2 April 1813  Marriage settlement of Benjamin Hinde of Dublin (eldest son of Benjamin and Frances) and Anne Elizabeth Standish, 3rd daughter of Revd Richard Standish of Glin Lodge, Co. Limerick.  Parties Benjamin Hinde, then of the City of Dublin and Frances Hinde otherwise Bomford his wife(1), their son Benjamin Hinde(2), rev Richard Standish this 3rd da Anne Elizabeth S.(3) and John Parker of Leslie Lodge, Co Kerry and John King Irwin of Dublin(4)  Marriage shortly after solemnized.  Deed recites Benjamin the elder and Frances his wife were entitled to certain shares of lands of Cushinstown, part of Kilmoon, Bodrum and Pootlister, Co. Meath: they appointed their share to Benjamin the younger, his heirs and assigns for ever: John Parker and John King Irwin trustees.  To Benjamin the younger for life, with remander to his first and other sons in tail made.  Marriage duly solemnized.  Issue Richard Hinde party hereto, eldest son and heir and several other children.

Benjamin Hinde the elder “died several years ago” leaving Frances Hinde his widow and Benjamin Hinde the younger surviving.

Richard Hinde and Charity Hinde aka Bomford his wife are both dead.  Richard died intestate, leaving wife Charity and one daughter Sarah Hinde surviving.  Charity afterwards married Alexander Plunket since deceased, and she died in August 1827.  Her will left her share to Sarah, her only child.

28 April 1828 Marriage settlement of William Loftus Keogh party hereto and Sarah Hinde spinster, John Crofton Esq. Lt. 75th Regt and John Doherty Mc Donald trustee.  Issue of the marriage 2 sons Thomas and Richard Keogh.

7 May 1830  Deed of appointment by Anne Brunton to her children William B., Harriett B. (then Harriett Cazalet aka Harriett Vallentine) and Frances Brunton then a lunatic.  Frances died since without becoming sane.  Anne Brunton died shortly after execution of deed.  Harriett Cazalet, soon after death of Anne married Wm Fetherston, who soon after died, Harriett since married James Vallentine party hereto.

Upon death of Thomas Bomford, Frances Amelia Hinde as his only surviving sister became entitled to 1/3 of said Thomas’ 2/5 of said lands, W.L. Keogh and Sarah his wife 1/3, Harriet Vallentine and her brother William Brunton 1/3.

27 May 1839  James Valentine and Harriett his wife filed their bill in Ct and Chancery against Thomas Falkiner Middleton, Frances Amelia Hinde, Benjamin Hinde, Richard Hinde, W.L  Keogh, Sarah Keogh, Wm Brunton, Judith Anderson and Michael Fetherston. 

20 Feb. 1840 amended by adding Richard Deogh, eldest son and heir apparent of W.L.Keogh and John Crofton and John Doherty McDonald. Praying inter alia that the trusts of deed of 24 Nov 1863 be performed…that partitions be made

2 July 1841, decreed that on death of Thomas Bomford, Charity, Anne, and Frances, daughters and co-heiresses of Wm. Bomford deceased became seized in equal shares of the lands in the lease of 27 March 1719…further decreed that left Frances Amelia Hinde aka Bomford and left Benjamin Hinde (in her right) were entitled to the remaining undivided third part.  Further decreed that a partition be made, that a writ of partition and perambulation should issue.  Commission to the stayed for five years; the master to inquire and report whether prays tho be taken for impeaching or setting aside certain leases. 

Frances Amelia Hinde and Benjamin Hinde having died the cause abated.  Probated/protested on 6 Dec. 1845 filed bill of revision   Mary Hinde and    Richard Hinde party hereto, as Executrix and Executor Of Frances Amelia H. and Benjamin H. and appoint the said Richard Hinde as heir-at-law of both Depts [deponents].  24 Dec 1845 Revised

Trustees McDonald and Crofton died.  Suit revised    John Amesby Crofton 3 Nov. 1849

William Henn Esq, the master in the Cause, made his report on 2 Feb. 1850; prays tho not be taken to impeach the lease.

William Brunton made his will 23 April 1852.  Seven children Francis Brunton, William Brunton, Olivia Henry Brunton, Mary Anne Keogh aka Brunton, wife of William Edward Keogh, Harriet Sweeny aka Brunton, wife of Alexander Sweeny, Charity Hart aka Brunton, wife of Thomas Hart and Ellen Brunton. the younger.  William Brunton died 10th May 1851 leaving wife Ellen and seven children surviving.

Writ ap partitions issued 9 Feb. 15th Victoria, Common Certified on 27 May 1852, divided the lands into 3 equal parts…submitted to Court with maps or survey annexed.  25 June 1852, ordered that report of 3 July 1850 dost and Confirmed that Commission and return thereto stand Confirmed and that parties execute a proposal deed or deeds of Conveyance to Pts [parties] and Depts [deponents].  Decreed to be hiding [binding?] on Newiors [minors?] Richard and Thomas Keogh, William, Oliver Henry and Ellen Brunton unless they show cause on being served with supoenas(?) within ground of attaining 21 years of age.  Thos. and Richard Keogh came of age 1856.  Charity Brunton married Thomas Hart.  Francis Brunton and Thomas Joyce appointed trustees of settlement of 28 April 1828.

25 April 1857 Richard Standish and James Crawley parties hereto were appointed trustees of Marriage settlement of 2nd April 1813 in place of John Parker and John King Irwin, deceased.

Harriet Sweeny and Charity Hart lately died.  Their interests vested in Francis Brunton.

The lease of 27 March 1719 was last renewed on 16 Jan 1846, for the lives of Thomas Hinde, G.W.F.C., son of Duke of Combridge, and the Prince of Wales.  

Recitals end

Now these presents

In pursuance of the decree and in Consideration of ten Shillings, parties 1 to 7 convey the lands aforesaid to (8) Richard Smith “to the several uses and for the intents and purposes hereinafter expressed”, lot 1 to Richard Hinde’s trustees, lot 2 to the Keoghs’ trustees, lot 4 to the Bruntons, lot 3 to the Vallentines. 

Total of the 4 schedules        Area   Award  Value  Lot

1. Richard Hinde  

Cushinstown & Boadmain  




2. Keoghs

Cushinstown & Boadmain  




3. Bruntons





4. Vallentines   






Each lot to bear its own proportion of rent charge in lieu of tithes, but Richard Hinde’s lot is charged with the whole of the Head rent £189-4-7  Quit rent £2-2-2  and renewal price as each life falls £46-3-1.

(Leonard Riley email 20 Feb 2009)