A History of the Winter Family

of County Warwick, UK

County Meath, Ireland

Murndal, Australia

Based on a graphical family tree of the Bomford and Winter Families prepared by Nora Bomford in 1968 with additions by Guy Bomford in 1982, found in the estate of Anthony Gerald Bomford (d 2003). Prepared in this format by Richard Bomford, March 2005. It also covers families Cooke, Purdon & Winter-Cooke.  Some more recent information has been added.

THOMAS WINTER of Co Oxford had issue,

1 CHRISTOPHER, of whom presently.

The son, CHRISTOPHER WINTER, of Balsall Co Warwick, had issue,

1 SAMUEL, of whom presently.

The son, SAMUEL WINTER, of Balsall, Co Warwick, b 1603, m Anne Beeston of Boston Co Lincoln, and had issue,

1 SAMUEL, of whom presently

2 Daniel

3 Ebenezer

4 Gonnaught

5 Thomas.

Samuel Winter m 2ndly Mrs Elizabeth Weaver, and d 1666.

The eldest son, SAMUEL WINTER, m Elizabeth Sankey, either daughter or sister to a colonel in Cromwell's army, and d 1670, leaving issue,

1 SAMUEL, of whom presently.

The son, SAMUEL WINTER, m Mary Pywell of Possicktown Co Kildare, and d 1692, leaving issue,

1 Sankey, m Elizabeth Lloyd and dsp 1736

2 FRANCIS, of whom presently.

The younger son, FRANCIS WINTER, m Margaret Pratt of Agher (b 1713, d 1746), and d 1743, leaving issue,

1 SAMUEL, of whom presently

2 Jane, m Edward Reynell

3 Mary, m Nicholas Reynell of Reynella and dsp.

The eldest son, SAMUEL WINTER, b 1741, m 1762 Margaret Robbins of Ballyduff (b 1735, d 1814), and d 1811, leaving issue,

1 JOHN PRATT, of whom presently

2 Francis Pratt, b 1770, d 1847

3 Anne Maria, b 1773, dunm 1847

4 Arbella, b 1773, m 1809 George Bomford of Oakley Park, Co Meath (b 1759, d 1814) and d 1815 having had issue

5 Samuel Pratt, b 1779, m 1812 Frances Rosetta Bomford (b c1792, d 1830) and d 1830 leaving issue [see 18.7],

1 George, of Lawrencetown (later Oakley Park), b 1815, who went to Tasmania, Australia, m 1843 Elizabeth Cox of Clarendon, Tasmania, and d 1883, leaving issue,

(1) Francis Pratt, of New Guinea, b 1848, m 1903 Edith Moore of Fiji, and d in Fiji

(2) St Leonards Grosbie, b 1853

(3) Ernest, b 1856

(4) Georgina

2 Samuel Pratt, b 1816, cofounder of Murndal, Victoria, d 1878, buried at Murndal

3 Trevor, b 1822 and dsp 1885, buried at Murndal

4 Mary, b 1814, m her cousin John Winter, d 1856

5 Margaret, b 1817, m 1839 Nathaniel Preston of Swainstown, Co Meath (b 1813, d 1853) and d 1845 having had issue,

Frances Elizabeth Preston, b 1842, m 1867 Charles Llescombe of Truro, and d 1923 buried at Kilmessan, Co Meath, having had issue,

Edith Morris Preston, m 3rdly [?as his 3rd wife] Robert Travers (b 1855, d 1935) of Timoleague, Co Cork

Margaret Llescombe

Lucy Rose Llescombe, m 1929 John Herbert Satchell of Dover, and had issue

Una Margaret Satchell, b 1900

Nathalie Frances Satchell, b 1904

Nathaniel Francis Preston, b 1843, m 1865 Augusta F Caulfeild of Bloomfield, Co Westmeath (d 1911), and d 1903.

6 Frances Jane, b 1819, m 1839 her cousin Samuel Bomford (b 1813, d 1898) and d 1910 (grave at Kensal Green), having had issue

7 Arbella, b 1821, m 1839 Cecil Pybus Cooke (b 1813, d 1895) and d 1892, having had issue,

Emily Jane Cooke, b 1842, d 1883

William Frances Cooke, b 1845, m 1875 Josephine McCrae, and d 1889, having had issue,

May Cooke, known as Midge, m HC Swinborne Ward, and had issue

Daphne Ward, m Hector Munroe, and had issue

Katherine Munroe

Vivienne Mary Munroe, m 1965 PTF Grayson

Katherine Ward, m - McKay

Frances Cooke, m - Harbottle

Samuel Winter Cooke, of Murndal, Victoria, b 1847, m 1883 Alice Chambers, m 2ndly 1910 Margaret Hawdon (d 1974), and dsp 1929

Cecil Trevor Cooke, b 1851, m Annie Lempriere, and d 1922, leaving issue,

Trevor Cooke, b 1889, d 1899

Lorna Cooke, m E Blair

William Lempriere Winter-Cooke, of Murndal, Victoria, m 1925 Marcia Geddes, and had issue,

Elizabeth Winter-Cooke, b 1928, m 1960

Rosemary Winter-Cooke, b 1930, m 1953 Michael Moore and had issue

Julian Moore

Charles (?) Moore

another son

Anne Winter-Cooke, b 1932, m Ian (?Jan) Loder, and had issue,

David Loder

Peter Loder

another son

Samuel Winter-Cooke of Murndal, m c1960 Catherine Beer, d 2007 (Prisbey email 25 Jun 2013) and had issue

Sam Marcus Winter-Cooke, who now (2013) lives at Murndal, m with three children

Phillipa Rosemary Winter-Cooke, m with two sons

Arbella Winter-Cooke, b 1967

Robert Edmund Pybus Winter-Cooke, m with one daughter (Prisbey email 25 Jun 2013)

Caroline Marcia Winter-Cooke, twin sister to Samuel

Arbella Cooke, m E Trebeck, and had issue

Eric Trebeck

Audrey Trebeck

Anthony Trebeck

Cecil Winter Cooke, m Butcher, ?m Mary Marples (d 1973), and d 1953 leaving issue,

John Cooke

Brian Cooke, m and had two sons

Edmund Gerald Cooke, b 1852, dsp 1872

Herbert Pybus Cooke, b 1862, m Agnes Jane Orme, and d 1928, having had issue,

Cecil Pybus Cooke, b 1883, dsp 1917

Norah Marion Cooke, b 1889, m Edward C Nicholson (d 1965), and had issue,

Patricia Nicholson, b 1912

Richard, b 1915, dsp 1941

Peggy Nicholson, b c1919, m John A Forbes, and left issue

Hugh Forbes

Jack Forbes

Neil Forbes

Roger Forbes

James Roger Nicholson, b 1921, dsp 1938

Evelyn Nicholson, m John Buchanan, and had issue,

Jane Buchanan, b 1948, m Claude Fassino, and had issue

Karine Fassino

John Edward Fassino

James Buchanan, b 1953

Johnathan Buchanan, b 1956

Laurie Nicholson, m John E Gwilliam, and had issue

Geoffrey Gwilliam

Michael Gwilliam

Hilary Gwilliam

?Shirley Nicholson, b 1931

Herbert Knox Orme Cooke, b 1893, dsp 1917

Edmund Winter Cooke, b 1895, m 1925 Grace Nicolsen and adopted a daughter

Virginia Cooke

Evelyn Cooke, b 1896, dsp 1922

8 Anna Maria Sarah Winter, b 1824, m Charles Gustavus Walsh, and d 1856, leaving issue,

Mina Walsh, dunm

Ella Walsh, m Rev Courtney Clarke, and had issue,

John Winter Clarke, d 1930

Cecil G Clarke, who left issue,

a son, b 1929

a son, b 1931

Frank Clarke

Charles Clarke

Rose Clarke

Kitty Clarke

May Clarke

Lovie Walsh, m and had issue


a daughter


and 8 other children who died young.


The eldest son, JOHN PRATT WINTER of Agher, b 1768, m 1794 Anne Gore of Co Kilkenny (d 1848), and d 1846, leaving issue [see 20.6],

1 SAMUEL, of whom presently

2 Arthur, [Arthur Gore Winter] b1798 [24th February 1798 in Dublin], d 1835 [October 1824 (20.6)] in Greece

3 John [John Pratt Winter], b 1800 [31st October 1800], m [25th June 1835] his first cousin Mary Winter (b 1814), and d 1867[?: or 1864 or 1885]leaving issue[d 11 Nov 1864 (20.6)";Calendars of Irish Wills and Administrations, at the Public Record Office, Belfast: 1885, 9 Jun, Will of John Winter, late of Clonroe, Enniskerry, Co Wicklow, d 12 May 1885 at same place, Probate granted to Frances Rosa Winter and Anna Winter, both of Clonroe, spinsters. Effects 1531.8.7 "(Hawkes and Tait email 1 Oct 2006)]

1 Frances [Frances Rosa Winter, b 25 Oct 1836, d 1896 (20.6)"; Calendars of Irish Wills and Administrations, at the Public Record Office, Belfast: 1897, 3 Feb, Admin of the estate of Frances Rosa Winter, late of 5 Alexander Terrace, Bray, Co Wicklow, Spinster, d 12 Nov 1896, granted to Anne Winter of 1 Belgrave Villas, Meath Rd, Bray, Spinster, the sister."Effects 1343.18.0(Hawkes and Tait email 1 Oct 2006)]

2 Ann [Ann Winter, Anna Winter, Anne Winter (20.6)]

4 Francis, b 1805, m 1850 Anna J Caulfeild [Anna Julia Caulfeild]of Co Westmeath (d 1909) [d 29 Jan 1909 at 23 De Vere Gardens, registered at Kensington and reported in The Times], and d 1883 [d 17 May 1893, deathregistered at Kensington and reported in The Times (Hawkes and Tait email 10 Jul 2006)]

5 Benjamin Pratt [Benjamin Pratt Winter], b 1808, d 1844 [18 Dec 1844 at Murndal (Ray Brown email 12 Jan 2011";The Winters on the Wannon p. 74)."Benjamin trained as a surveyor, arrived in Adelaide in 1838, took up squatting around Portland Bay, Victoria about 1843 and was buried at Tahara";his property and effects were auctioned (The Winters on the Wannon"pp. 42, 68, 75, 107). [His brother or his father? - both were in Ireland] John Pratt Winter had a memorial stained glass window to Benjamin Pratt Winter erected at the Holy Trinity Church, Coleraine, Victoria."The memorial was made by Hardman and Co, Birminham, and Ray Brown (email 18 Jan 2011) has provided photos.]

6 Anna Maria, b 1799 [19th June 1799 in Dublin], m [10th January 1821] William Humphreys [Humphrys] [b 1798, d 1872], and d 1837 [10th February 1831 (20.6)] and had issue (20.6),

1 William Humphrys

2 John Winter Humphrys

3 Mervyn Archdale Humphrys

4 Anne Elizabeth Humphrys

7 Margaret

8 Elizabeth, b 1804, m Thomas G Caulfeild of Co Westmeath, and d 1834 [or 29 Dec 1885: Irish Wills Records 1885, Elizabeth Caulfeild, widow, of 23 Belgrave Road, Rathmines, Dublin]

9 Arbella, b 1804, m 1832 her first cousin George Bomford of Oakley Park, Co Meath (b 1811, d 1886) and d 1901, leaving issue.

The eldest son, SAMUEL WINTER of Agher, b 1796 [2nd August 1796 in Dublin (20.6)], m 1826 [18th November 1826] Lucy Sanderson [sometimes Saunderson] of Cloverhill, Co Cavan [18th October 1800] (d 1864 [11th November 1864]) and d 1867 [6th November 1867, buried with his wife Lucy in the Winter vault at Agher Church], leaving issue

1 John Pratt, dsp 1854 at Balaklava

2 James Sanderson, of Agher, b 1832, dsp 1911

3 Samuel, of Cloverhill, Co Cavan, b 1834, assumed by Royal Licence the surname and arms of Sanderson, m 1860 Anne Nicholson of Balreath, Co Meath, and d 1867

4 Francis Alexander, b 1836, d 1883 [Calendars of Irish Wills and Administrations, at the Public Record Office, Belfast: 1883, 14 Nov, Admin of the estate of Francis Alexander Winter, late of Eldorado, Stillorgan, Co Dublin, d. 26 Aug 1883 at same place, granted to Samuel Sanderson, of Clover Hill, Co Cavan, brother. Effects 432/5/3 (Hawkes and Tait email 1 Oct 2006)]

5 Elizabeth Anne, m 1852 George Nugent Purdon of Lisnabin, Co Westmeath (b 1819, d 1910), and d 1864, having had issue,

Edward Winter Purdon of Lisnabin (1910), of Agher (1911), b 1853, became Edward Winter Purdon-Winter in 1912, having succeeded his uncle James Sanderson Winter conditional on his assuming the name and arms of Winter quarterly with those of Purdon, m 1893 his cousin Cecilia Albuera Frances Radclyffe of Hants (d 1933), and d 1927 having had issue,

Charles Edward Winter Purdon, b 1894, assumed the name of Winter, becoming Charles Edward Winter Winter, m 1930 Geraldine Nora Barton of Co Westmeath, and d 1953, leaving issue,

Nigel Charles Purdon Winter, b 1931

Edward Colin Winter, b 1933

Caryl Geraldine L Winter, b 1935, m 1955 Robert H Lucas Clements of Co Cavan

Samuel Francis Purdon of Lisnabin, b 1895, m Patricia Farrell of Co Meath (who m 2ndly 1937 her brother in law Denis J Purdon) and d 1953 leaving issue,

Dennis John Desmond Purdon of Lisnabin, b 1926, m 1953 Anne Cairnes of Co Louth

George Hardress Purdon, b 1897, d 1916

Denis James Purdon, b 1900, m 1957, Patricia, widow of Samuel Francis Purdon

George Winter Purdon, b 1854, dsp

John James Purdon of Clondrisse, b 1855, dsp 1933

Charles Sanderson Purdon, b c1856, d 1940

Samuel Pratt Purdon, b 1859, d 1908

Lucy Helen Purdon

6 Lucy Adelaide, dunm 1906

7 Mary Anne, dunm 1906.