The Irish Bomfords

Irish Bomfords Family Trees


Peter Bamford wrote his family history of the Irish Bomfords in the 1980s and revised it in the early 2000s.  A Bomford family tree has been prepared based on Peter's work, and is being updated as more information comes to light.  That is the most authoritative tree at this time.

The formerly authoritative family tree of the Irish Bomford family was published as the Bomford entry in Burke's Irish Family Records 1976.  It has substantial errors.

Volume 1 (A to L) of the 1847 edition of Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland is available on line at Google Books.  The Bomford entry at page 117 is a useful historical reference.

A document of unknown date and provenance came to light in the estate of Anthony Gerald Bomford (1927-2003).  It claims to be 'The correct lineage of the Bomfords of Meath', but is no more correct than Burke's 1976 tree, with which it has much in common.  It covers the family from Laurence (1617-1720) to Samuel, younger brother of George the younger (1811-1886).

Also in the Estate of Anthony Gerald Bomford (1927-2003) was a family tree of the Bomford and Winter families of Ireland.  The family tree of the Winter family has been transcribed into 'Burke' format.

A tree of the Bomfords of Trim and Tasmania has been prepared principally from documentation supplied by Rick Smith and is an adjunct to the main tree based on Peter Bamford's work.

A family tree of the North family of Ireland, to which the Bomfords are connected, was researched primarily in 2008 - 2011. It is a rather large document, so there is also a concise version.

Partial trees of other families connected to the Bomfords are included in Peter Bamford's work.  There is an index of related families at Appendix F.

An extract from Massy-Dawson and Poore Pedigrees (1937) covers the descendants of Robert Bomford and Maria Massy-Dawson (15.5).