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Transcript of Letter from Teresa Bomford Byrne to her Uncle


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My Dear Uncle

After a long time waiting for to have good news to send you about Ballinakill, the news I have now is very disappointing, owing to the "Irish Land Commissioners" and Sir Walter Nugent dealing unjustly in the matter.

After our solicitors Mr Shaw, made a thorough search in the Records Office Dublin for legal documents, which he got[?] all with the exception of the ... from[?] late John Bomford, as this was the[?] one principally required to prove a legal claim and it not in existence.

Then Solicitor Shaw thought it more prudent to apply to the Land Commissioners for a portion of the land with the House when the land would be dividing, which he did, he put in the Claim in my name as they would not consider any one in the States[?] could[?] manage[?] land[?] at[?] home[?] being so far away. He got a promise from the Commissioners that the Claim would get consideration, then I heard nothing for 10 months when I was told the land was dividing.  I took a motor car, and when I arrived at Ballinakill there was an Engineer marking out the land so I


my claim.

I went to J M Hayden MP who wrote to the Land Commissioners who replied that they regret to have to say they could not give[?] on the Land.

As a last recourse I wrote to Mr J Redwood MP leader of the Irish party[?] asking him to have justice done in the Case so I expect they are all in the knowledge that we are about to be wrongly put out of our ancestral place as he did not reply to my letter.

There is a man whose name is Gaynor he has the Lands of Ballinakill for the last 20 years on the grazing system, he is ... ... ... and the House although he has a large farm of over 100 acres of his own.  This man has several sons eligible for the army and not one of these would join, well I have one son eligible & he is in the Irish Guards and has gone through several battles while Gaynor can sit in ease & comfort in my sons ancestors place. [Could well be this John Gaynor and family from the 1911 census, though there are some 100 male Gaynors recorded in Westmeath at the time]

These are the new Members of Parliament who will go to the States and the Resauches[?] of the Land League will give them thousands of dollars to make their friends more Independent on what is the just right of the families who do their ...

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and I think, it was ... ... as a legal claim still ... we would[?] be obliged to get it or at least[?] ... of it still.  If I had means equal to pay expenses I would get Mr Shaw Solicitor as he is the best ..., but I have gone to some expense & my means is not extra[?] especially with a large family, but if you are anxious to see it fought out you should get your Attorney to write to Mr Macken[?] to take it up as I ... the expense will not exceed a few ... to go as far as the investments[?] and I'm sure he will be more[?] ... ... -ful than Mr Shaw, as I think there is a friendship existing between Mr Shaw & Sir Walter Nugent.

If I get a reply from Mr Redwood in the meantime I will let you know.  But I want you to write by return and let me know what you are going to do.  If you get the Branch of the N[?] I[?] League there to write to Mr Redw[...] and demand justice to be done it would be considerable as he knows what the States has done for Ireland. ... I knew the precedents, names and addresses of the principal Branche[s][?] I would send them the pictures[?]

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as it is robbery to[?] give[?] the[?] land[?] and a splendid house to Gaynor & every one of our family without one foot of Land.

Trusting you and family are quite well, which we are at present although very anxious ... boy's safety who ... ... ... ... ... .

I will now conclude with my best wishes for a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Your affectionate niece

Teresa Bomford Byrne[?]