Other Bomfords

This page contains information on Bomfords who have not been adequately placed into either the Worcestershire or Irish branches of the Bomford family - research waiting to happen.  If you have more information on any of these Bomfords, or have information on a Bomford that you have not been able to place and would like to list here, please contact us or contact the person who is listed as seeking more information.

2.  Rick Smith in Tasmania is interested in placing 'other Bomfords'.  See his site at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~ricksmith61/smith.html for information, including on the De Bomford family.

3.  George Bomford was head of the Ordnance Office, Washington, USA in the first half of the 1800s (for more details search the internet using Google or similar).  One of his descendents is Nancy Simons Peterson, who published an article on George and his descendents in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 86, No. 4, December 1998, pp 283 - 305: Guarded Pasts: The Lives and Offspring of Colonel George and Clara (Baldwin) Bomford (republished here with the permission of the author).  Please note that Ms Peterson's address as stated at the head of the article is now well out of date.  Copies of the Quarterly are available from the Society.  One hypothesised father of George Bomford is Thomas Bomford, son of Stephen Bomford the younger of Rahinstown, Ireland.  If you have more information on George Bomford's links back in England or Ireland, or the family tree of his descendents, please contact us.

4.  Jim Bomford of Florida, USA, is well known there for his political views (check with Google if you are interested).  We are interested in his family history and its ultimate links back to Bomfords in Ireland.  If you can add to what we have, then please contact us.

5.  Nottingham Bomfords. The National Probate Calendar includes a number of Bomfords from Nottingham who are not currently linked to the Worcestershire Bomfords tree.  If you can expand on this family or link it to the Worcestershire Bomfords, please contact us.

6.  There are also several unplaced Bomfords in the National Probate Calendar who may be part of the Worcestershire Bomford family.

7.  Rick Smith has found two Bomfords recorded in the cemetery records at Geelong, Victoria, Australia:

Service Date: 8/12/1873
Cemetery: Geelong Eastern Cemetery
Location: COEO*B***257 CHURCH OF ENGLAND (Older Area)
Register #: 97359
DoD: 7/12/1873
Age: 62 [so b c1811]

Service Date: 16/04/1894
Cemetery: Geelong Eastern Cemetery
Location: COEO*B***257 CHURCH OF ENGLAND (Older Area)
Register #: 4119
Age: 82 [so b c1812]

They look likely to have been husband and wife, but their relationship to other Bomfords is not known.

8.  Marie Mills (email 13 Jun 2006) has a Maria Bomford on her tree who married Thomas Renshaw in 1814 at Eckington in Derbyshire. On the 1841 census she was living in Eckington and was 45 years old, so she would have been born about1796. She had a daughter, Hannah Renshaw, born 1821. Thomas Renshaw & Maria Bomford are Marie's g-g-g-grandparents and she would be delighted to hear of any connections.  Lorna Crick (email 16 Aug 2014) and Kim Bomford (emails 16 & 17 Aug 2014, drawing on BMD and census records) add information to make this tree:

1a Maria Bomford or Mariah Bomford, b c1796 or christened 29 Jan 1792, or b c1795, at Sheffield, Yorkshire. The Maria christened on 29 Jan 1792 was a daughter of Benjamin Bamford and Esther Parkin who m 19 Nov 1787 at Cathedral St Peter, Sheffield. Earlier generations may have been Bamforths. Maria m 8 May 1814 at Eckington in Derbyshire Thomas Renshaw, and had issue. They lived at Ford on Bridge End, Eckington (1841 census). In the 1851 census Mariah and Thomas were living at Ter Lane, Eckington. In the 1861 census Mariah was a widow, charwomen, living at Ridgway, Eckington. Maria b c1795 died in 1880

2a Thomas Renshaw, christened 23 Apr 1815, d 1893

2b William Renshaw, christened 6 Apr 1817

2c Samuel Renshaw, christened 17 Jun 1819, m Hannah Hodgson in 1841

2d Hannah Renshaw, b 4 May 1821, christened 6 Jul 1823

2e Robert Frith Renshaw, b 17 Apr 1823, christened 6 Jul 1823

2f Alice Renshaw, christened 16 Oct 1825

2g Herbert Renshaw, b 13 Dec 1828, christened 11 Jan 1829, who had issue

3a Thomas Renshaw, who had issue

4a Alice Renshaw, m James Edwin Fletcher and had issue

5a Douglas Leslie Fletcher, who had issue

6a Lorna Fletcher, aka Lorna Crick

2h James Renshaw, b 6 Jan 1831, christened 7 Apr 1833

2i Martha Renshaw, b 30 Jan 1833, christened 7 Apr 1833

2j Elizabeth Ann Renshaw, christened 7 Jun 1835

They all lived in north Derbyshire/Sheffield. The Derbyshire connection suggests Maria was likely descended directly from the Bamfords of Bamford, Derbyshire, and the spelling Bomford may have been a one off, rather than indicating a connection with the Worcestershire Bomfords.

9.  A Thomas Bumford of the 35th Regiment of Foot was buried in Malta on 20 April 1804 (Malta Family History website).  This lists among its 'Burials in camp before Alexandria, Egypt', '20th April 1804, Thomas BUMFORD, 35th Regiment'.  The 35th was based in Malta in 1804.   Burials were recorded in the diary of the Reverend D.P. Cosseratt and he did not record the rank of those he buried. Pay records of the 1st Battalion of the 35th in the Public Record Office in London (WO 12/4957) show that Private Thomas Bomford (with an o) of Captain Hardy's Company died on 20 April 1804 in Malta.  WO 12/4955 shows that Thomas was transferred from the 2nd Battalion of the 35th to Captn Fowden's Company in the 1st Battalion on 25 August 1802 (pay period ending 24 September 1802).  The pay records for the 2nd Battalion of the 35th (WO 12/5018) show Thomas Bumford (or Bunnford or even Burnford - the handwriting varies) serving in Major George Stewart's Company in Malta up to 24 August 1802, while the pay period ending 24 January 1802 shows him as Thomas Bumford, transferred from the 63rd Regiment (on 25 December 1801) to 'the Major's Company'.   The records of the 63rd Regiment of Foot show Thomas as a private in Captain John's Company up to 24 December 1801, in Gibraltar and Malta (WO 12/7246; WO 12/7245).  Before June 1801 Thomas was in Major Alston's Company in the first battalion of the 63rd, in Gibraltar and the UK.  He joined the Company on 13 August 1799 in Montgomery [in Wales, right on the border with England] (WO 12/7244).  If he came from Montgomery, as one may suppose, he may well be one of the Welsh Bumfords.  A search for a history of the 63rd on the internet reveals several unsourced reports that 'the [63rd] regiment took part in a variety of operations in many islands in the Caribbean, remaining in the region until 1799, when they departed for Britain'.

This Private Thomas Bomford of the 35th should not to be confused with Captain Thomas Bomford of the same 35th Regiment some 20 years earlier.

10.    Kim Bomford has done some research and found the following lineage (email 30 Aug 2006, sources not stated; updated by emails 22 & 26 Nov 2008, drawing on census records; updated by emails 6 Jun 2009, 8 Sep 2010, 14 Nov 2013, 20 Nov 2019 (in Other Bomfords)).  People with I numbers were originally included in the main Worcestershire Bomfords tree as descendents of 6a I0075 John Bomford, b c 1797.  It now appears that that placement was not correct, and the relationship of the people in the tree here to those in the main tree is not known.  Some of the details have been carried over from the main tree.

1a Thomas Bomford, b 1750 at Epwell married Ann Sherfield b 1755, and had issue

2a John Bomford or John Bumford, b 1781 at Barford, married 30 Mar 1812 Ann Savage b 1788, and had issue

3a Thomas Bomford, b 1813 (Kim Bomford email 14 Nov 2013; see below for another Thomas Bomford (b 1799, m Hannah Keen), who had been thought to be a son of John Bomford and Ann Savage), christened 13 Dec 1812, son of John Bomford and Ann (familysearch.org parish records).  This Thomas (or another Thomas) was a blacksmith (Kim Bomford email 20 Nov 2019), m on 19 Jan 1837 Sarah Pollard, and had issue (Kim Bomford email 14 Nov 2013)

4a John Bomford, b 1838, m Sarah Ann Bayes, b 1841, lived 21 Mill St, St Nicolas, and had issue

5a Florence Bomford, b 1872

4b Ann Bomford, b 1841

4c Eliza Bomford, b1844

4d Thomas Bomford, b 1846

4e Harriet Bomford, b 1850

4f  Marion Bomford, b 1852

4g Daniel Bomford, b 1855 (in BMD as Daniel Bunford), m 29 Mar 1880 Sarah Ann Charles, lived at 51 Mill St, St Nicolas, and had issue (Kim Bomford email 14 Nov 2013)

5a Thomas Bomford,  baptised 15 Oct 1884

5b Sarah Bomford, b 1889

5c Colin Bomford, b 1890

3b Mark Bomford, b 11 Sep 1814 at Barford m 6 Feb 1837 Caroline Hyam and had issue

4a Mark Bomford, b 1837

4b Joseph Bomford, b 1843, m 19 Oct 1873 Ann Maria Hewitt, b 1852, and had issue.  Lived at 21 Bridge End, St Nicolas; then at 33 Bridge End in 1891

5a Sarah Ann Bomford, b 1874

5b Mark Bomford, b 1876

5c Amy Eliza Bomford, b 1879

5d Elsie Caroline Bomford, b 1882

5e Harriet Charlotte Bomford, b 1884

5f Alice Victoria Bomford, b 1888

4c Ann Bomford, b 1853 d 1854

3c John Bomford, b 14 Jun 1818 at Barford. In 1841 census living with Ann (his mother). May have married Maria Onions on 15 Feb 1847. Occupation police officer & greengrocer (Kim Bomford email 19 Nov 2019). In 1871 census lodging at Covent Garden, Lower Leamington

3d Ann Bomford, b 1822

There is another Thomas Bomford (or Thomas Bumford: his headstone) who at one point was thought to be a son of 2a John Bomford and Anne Savage (above), but from his headstone cannot be (Kim Bomford email 14 Nov 2013 refers).  As of November 2019 his parents are not known:

3a Thomas Bomford, b c1799 (his headstone) or c 1805 at Compton, Oxfordshire (1851 census), married at Ilmington on 20 Oct 1831 Hannah Keen (in presence of Joseph Keen and Mary Keen; both Thomas and Hannah 'made their mark' rather than signed), b 1811, in 1851 census agricultural labourer aged 46 living at Harven Hall, Elvington, buried 8 Mar 1888 at Stretton on Fosse aged 77, and had issue. (Kim Bomford (emails 14 Nov 2013, 19 Nov 2019) has more information on Hannah Keen's family from Thomas Keen m Ann Bishop in 1768.)  According to 'a headstone at St Peter, Stretton on the Fosse' (source not known), Bumford Thos d 10 Feb 1877 aged 78 & Hannah his wife d 4 Mar 1888 aged 76. Assuming the headstone is correct then Thomas of the headstone was b c1799 and Hannah his wife was born c1812.  And a Thomas b c1799 can not be issue of an 1812 marriage of John Bomford and Ann Savage. Can't find a record of the headstone (see https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2681121/memorial-search?firstName=&lastName=&page=1#sr-199797049 for St Peter's gravestones) but familysearch.org does have a photo of the parish record for Thomas Bumford buried at Stretton on Foss on 14 Feb 1877, aged 78. Hannah was a widow in the 1881 census, living with her granddaughters, 5d I0770 Elizabeth Bomford b c1866 and 5f I0771 Anne Bomford b c1873

4a I0766 John Bomford or John Bumford, b 1834 at Ilmington, baptised 12 Aug 1832 at Ilmington, d 1914 (Kim Bomford email 19 Nov 2019), m in first quarter of 1855 I0773 Mary Print, b 1836 at Todenham, Gloucestershire, d 1903, was a shepherd, lived at Rectory, Sutton under Brailes, Warwickshire, and had issue (Kim Bomford email 26 Nov 2008; 1871 census). In 1851 John and Mary were working on Richard Penson's farm. In 1861 living at Storac Hall, Charingworth Rd, Ebrington

5a I0774 Thomas Henry Bomford, b 1859 at Warwickshire, gardener, m 3 Jun 1886 at Great Packington, Warwickshire I0805 Mary Jane Shephard, and had issue. In the 1891 census he was a widower, living at Sheep St, Brailes

6a Alice Mary Bomford, b 1887 at Brailes. In 1901 census she was an apprentice dressmaker, aged 14

5a Thomas Henry m(2) in 1892 at Peterborough Louisa Beeby, b c1865 (Kim Bomford email 26 May 2017), and had further issue. In 1901 they were living in Black Lane or New St, Brailes

6b I0806 Thomas Henry Raymond Bomford (known as Henry), b 1896, d 6 Jan 1917 and is buried in the north east part of the Badger Church Cemetery, Shropshire (Commonwealth War Graves Commission). He was a Lance Corporal in the King's Royal Rifle Corps 2nd Ba, son of Mrs Louisa Bomford, of Stapleford, Bridgnorton, service number C/8133.  The 1911 UK census records Louise Bomford aged 46 (b c1865) at Bridgnorth, Shropshire. The 1911 census also records Henry Bomford at Bridgnorth, Shropshire, aged 15, b c1896

6c I0807 Joseph Cecil Bomford (known as Cecil), b 1902, m at Bridgnorth in 1922 Martha Lawley. In 1911 census living in Stableford, Bridgenorth, Shropshire

7a James H Bomford, b 1923, m 1949 Kathleen Mason

7b Catherine I Bomford, b 1927, m Alan Watson

7c Geoffrey C Bomford, b 1932 at Bridgnorth, m 1955 Mary Pittit

5b I0775 William Bomford, b 1862, gardener, d 1955 (Kim Bomford email 19 Nov 2019), unmarried

5c I0776 Alice Edith Bomford or Edith Alice Bomford, b 1863 or 1864 in Gloucestershire, ladies maid, d unmarried

5d I0777 Joseph Richard Bomford or Joseph Richard Bumford, b 1867, d 1936 at Brailes, m Ada Elizabeth Taylor b 1871 and had issue. He was a valet in 1891. In 1901 he was a farmer

6a I0781 Kathleen May Bomford, b 1896, m 1954 I0786 R G Pearson

6b I0782 Gerald John Bomford, b 1897, d 1921

6c I0783 Frederick Joseph Bomford, b 1899, d 1902, alive in 1901 census

6d I0784 Cyril Bryan Bomford, b 1901, alive on 31 Mar 1901 for the 1901 census, m at Headington in 1926 Irene Caudwell, and had issue

7a I0792 Phillip Raymond Bomford, Major, of Abingdon, b 28 Sep 1927, married in 1954 I0793 Daphne E L Le Page (Kim Bomford email 26 May 2017) and had a son

8a I0794 Stephen Bomford, b 30 Aug 1957

7b I0788 Christine Mary Bomford, b 23 Dec 1929, m 1952 I0800 Bruce Ross

7c I0789 Gerald Gordon Bomford, born 13 Mar 1933, died 4th quarter 2005, married in 1959 I0797 Gloria Underwood and had issue. I (PHB?) spoke to her in 2001. She was living in Faringdon. She told me that Gerald was living in Leicester. Gerald may have married again in 1995 to Brenda J Jarrett. A third Gerald G Bomford marriage is recorded in 2002, to Joan E Naylor

8a I0799 Jacqueline Anne Helen Bomford, b 1961. Kim Bomford (email 20 Nov 2019) records Jacqueline as Jacqueline A L Bomford (from birth registration index)

8b I0798 Ann Geraldine Bomford, b 1962. Kim Bomford (email 20 Nov 2019) records the second daughter as Karen G D Bomford (from birth registration index)

7d  I0790 Rinah Bomford, b 1936, m I0796 David Wall

7e  I0791 Richard Brian Bomford, b 1941, m in 1967 I0795 Valerie Anne Duff (Kim Bomford email 26 May 2017), b 1941 at Jersey

6e I0785 Raymond Bomford, b 1903, d 1991 at Drayton, m 1940 I0801 Margaret Evans, and had issue

7a I0802 John Raymond Bomford, b 1943. Not married (2001).

7b I0803 Anne Elizabeth Bomford, b 1945, m 1966 I0804 Leonard William Herring. Divorced 2001. Anne has two children. She lives in Torbay and is a keen horsewoman

5e I0778 Mary Lucy Bomford or Lucy Mary Bumford, b 1874 or 1875 at Sutton under Brailes, d 1955, m in 1897 I0779 Alfred Charles Love, b 1874, and had issue (Kim Bomford emails 26 Nov 2008, 14 Nov 2013, 26 May 2017)

6a Enid Madeline Love, b 1898 at Bembridge, Isle of Wight

6b John Kenneth Love, b 1906 Isle of Wight

6c Winifred Irene Love, b 1910

4b I0768 Richard Bomford or Richard Bamford (BMD), b c1844, b 1836 (Evelyn Keen email 15 Nov 2008), b c11 Jan 1835 1834, baptised 11 Jan 1835 Stretton on Fosse, d 1891 Stretton on the Fosse, buried 21 Jan 1901 aged 71 (Kim Bomford email 19 Nov 2019), farm labourer, m(1) at Brailes 11 Nov 1861 Ann Buren or Ann Burden, b 1830, buried 3 Oct 1874, and had issue.  In 1861 they were living at Storac Hall, Charingworth Rd, Ebrington.  In the 1871 census the family was living at Black Downs Cottage, Edrington

5a Emma Bomford or Emma Bumford, b c1862, buried 21 Jan 1892 (Kim Bomford email 14 Nov 2103

5b Mary Ann Bomford or Mary Ann Bumford, b c1864

5c John Bomford, b c1865.  In 1911 census was a caretaker, single, living at Tanworth, aged 47

5d I0770 Elizabeth Bomford b c1866, b 1867 at Grose Hill, Gloucester.  In 1881 census living with her grandmother, Hannah, then widowed.

5e William Bomford, christened 6 Nov 1870 at Stretton on Fosse and/or at Compton, buried 16 Dec 1898.  In 1891 census was a stable helper/domestic for Joseph Fletcher and family at Batsford

5f I0771 Anne Bomford, b 1873 or 1874 at Dorn, Gloucester.  In 1881 living with her grandmother, Hannah, then widowed

4b Richard, b 1836, m(2) 24 Dec 1877 Mary Ann White (in BMD as Bumford), b c1856, d 1930, and had further issue.  In 1891 census (as Bamford) living at Ditchford Friary, Stretton on the Fosse; in 1901 Mary Ann was living with her daughter Daisy; in the 1911 census she was a shopkeeper, general stores, living at Stretton on the Fosse with her granddaughter Kathleen aged 5

5g Bertha Miriam Bomford or Bertha Miriam Bumford, christened 7 Nov 1880, buried 21 Jul 1896 at Moreton in Marsh, Stretton on Fosse (Kim Bomford email 20 Nov 2019)

5h Gertrude Alice Bomford or Gertrude Alice Bumford, baptised 2 Jul 1883 in London, and had issue.  In 1911 census she was a waitress in a ladies club living with her married sister Edith in Chelsea (Kim Bomford email 18 Nov 2013)

6a Kathleen Bomford, b 1906, m 1930 Arthur Large (Kim Bomford email 20 Nov 2019)

5i Edith Francis Bomford (sic, as recorded in the 1911 census, but perhaps should be Edith Frances Bomford), baptised 5 Jun 1884, m c 1909 Herbert Irish, b c1885.  In 1911 she was living with her husband, who was then a hall porter in a block of flats, and sister Gertrude at 21 Burton Court, Chelsea (Kim Bomford email 18 Nov 2013)

5j Evelyn Sarah Bomford was born in the third quarter of 1887. Sarah Miriam Bomford was christened (as Sarah Miriam Bumford) on 2 Oct 1887 (Kim Bomford email 14 Nov 2013). They may be the same person. Evelyn Sarah Bomford married in the third quarter of 1909 John Broughton Fletcher, b 1883 at Chelsea, painter's labourer in 1911 (Kim Bomford email 16 Nov 2013), and had issue.  Evelyn Keen (email 18 Nov 2008) says this daughter was Evelyn Sarah Bomford, d 1957, m John Broughton Fletcher, printer and labourer, in 1909, and they had eight children (email 15 Nov 2013).  Ronald Fletcher (Kim Bomford email 22 Nov 2008) says she was Miriam Sarah Bomford, used the name Evelyn

6a Doris Mary Bomford (Bomford, not Fletcher, is her name in the 1911 census record -  Kim Bomford emails 11 Aug 2009, 14 Nov 2013, & Matthew Fletcher email 4 May 2015), b 1907. In the 1911 census record she is aged 4 and her mother Evelyn Sarah had been married to John for 1 year

6b Leslie John Fletcher, b 1910, d 1965, married 1935 Ellen Barron and again married 1949 Ellen Barron, b 1914, d 1986, and had issue. In the 1911 census he was aged 6 months and was born at Chelsea

7a Ronald Fletcher, b 1941, m Claire Williams b 1941 and had issue

8a Matthew Fletcher, b 1967 (Matthew Fletcher email 4 Nov 2013)

8b Sian Fletcher, b 1971

6c Edward Broughton Fletcher, b 1912

6d William Richard Fletcher, b 1914

6e Edith Evelyn Fletcher, b 1918

6f Gilbert Francis Fletcher, b 1920

6g Kathleen G Fletcher, b 1922

6h Gerald Hubert Fletcher, b 1927

6i Monica Betty Fletcher, b 1932

5k Daisy Bomford, baptised 11 Oct 1891, b Stretton on Fosse, single, domestic (house parlourmaid) aged 19 for her sister Evelyn Sarah Bomford in 1911 census (Kim Bomford email 16 Nov 2013, & Matthew Fletcher email 4 May 2015)

4c I0767 Alice Bomford, b c1850, christened 25 Feb 1838 as Allice Bumford, baptised 25 Dec 1838, b 1838 Stawell, Glostershire (1851 census, aged 13). Possibly m 1878 John Griffin, but that is recorded as Alice Bamford

11.    There is a family of Bumfords in Wales.  They apparently came from Bamford, Derbyshire, independently of the Bomfords in Worcestershire, in the 1570s.  They have a website, http://www.boydhouse.com/alice/Green/green14bumfordancestors.htm.  See also Bomford and Bumford records in the National Library of Wales

12.  Kim Bomford (email 12 Jun 2008) has a family of Bomfords descended from Vincent Bomford.  It is a large pdf document dated 18 Nov 2007, and lists descendents for 16 generations.  The ones with whom we are concerned are:

Generation No. 1

1. VINCENT1 BOMFORD was born 1550. He married ELINOR.


2. i. WILLIAM2 BOMFORD, b. 1570.

Generation No. 2

2. WILLIAM2 BOMFORD (VINCENT1) was born 1570. He married JOYCE.


3. i. FRANCIS3 BOMFORD, b. 1605.

Generation No. 3

3. FRANCIS3 BOMFORD (WILLIAM2, VINCENT1) was born 1605. He married ALICE ABINGTON, daughter of WILLYAM ABINGTON and JOANE. She was born May 1603.


4. i. THOMAS4 BOMFORD, b. 1640.

Generation No. 4

4. THOMAS4 BOMFORD (FRANCIS3, WILLIAM2, VINCENT1) was born 1640. He married


Child of THOMAS BOMFORD and EMM is:

5. i. MARY5 BOMFORD, b. 1674, Worcester; d. 1751, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire.

Generation No. 5


Worcester, and died 1751 in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire. She married RALPH

DUTTON in Stretton on Foss, Warwickshire, son of JOHN DUTTON and ELIZABETH

KEYTE. He was born 1681 in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, and died 1754 in

Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire.


Baptised: 7th June 1681 in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire

Buried: 27th February 1754 Chipping Campden, Gloucestreshire

Children of MARY BOMFORD and RALPH DUTTON are:

6. i. JOHN6 DUTTON, b. 1704, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire; d. 1744, Chipping Campden,


ii. ELIZABETH DUTTON, b. 1705, Weston Subedge, Gloucestershire; d. 1706, Chipping Campden,


7. iii. MARY DUTTON, b. 1707, Weston Subedge, Gloucestershire; d. 1759, Weston Subedge, Gloucestershire.

13.  George Bomford Wheeler or George Bomfforde Wheeler was the second editor of The Irish Times, from 1859 to 1877.  Gravestone (from Constantin Roman, via David Bomford email 11 Mar 2006). No-one seems to have any idea what the connection is between him and the Bomford family.  (Michael Wheeler email 21 Aug 2007; Catherine Holman emails 7 & 12 Mar 2006, attaching email from Constantin Roman).  Published a Blind Bartimæus. A sermon, etc in 1864, when he was chaplain of the Intermediate Prison, Dublin. Dublin Parish records have information on various Bomford Wheelers but so far they shed no light on a connection with the Irish Bomfords:

According to a post on the internet (http://www.flickr.com/photos/costi-londra/3838999993/), George Bomfforde Wheeler was originally called George Baker Wheeler but changed his name; and George married his cousin, Eliza Shaw, sister of Dr George Ferdinand Shaw, Henry Shaw and Lorenzo Shaw.  They were children of William Shaw, a printer stationer of 7 Bachelors Walk, Dublin.

Constantin Roman (email 29 Jul 2011) has provided some additional information and suggestions.  The Rev Wheeler (1805 - 1877) was born in Dublin as 'George Baker Wheeler', but by the time he matriculated at Trinity College Dublin in 1829 his name appears as George Bomfforde Wheeler.  According to Michael Wheeler, his direct descendant and genealogist, this change of middle name from Baker to Bomford appears to have been due to some inheritance from an Isaac Bomford.  Isaac Bomford (will, dated 1835, at 23.4.1) was in the business of getting people to change their name to Bomford in order to inherit, so that fits.  By 1829 George Bomfforde Wheeler was an orphan as his father James, a Dublin merchant, was mentioned as 'deceased' in the TCD matriculation entry. So it may be that Isaac Bomford helped financially this young man who may have been allied through a Baker family to the Bomfords.  Isaac Bomford's wife's brother (Homan Pilkington) married secondly Elizabeth Baker, a widow of Mathew Baker, QC - a tenuous Baker connection at best.  Michael Wheeler's father, a retired judge, is also called George Bomford Wheleer like his cleric great grandfather - so the tradition is still going strong some 200 years on, although the reason remains obscure.

14. John Bomford (probably John Bamford), b 1813 Newington Green, Middlesex, d 1875 Kent, married on 4 Oct 1836 in Folkstone, Kent, England, Agnes Viney, b 8 Jul 1806 in Folkstone: http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=richjmay&id=I1107 (Richard May email 1 Aug 2009). In the 1851 census John Bamford (not Bomford) was living at 33 London St, Folkestone, Kent, with wife Agnes b 1808, children Celia V b 1845 and Alfred J b 1850. In the 1871 census John Bamford (not Bomford) was living at Clyde House, 67 London St, Folkestone, with wife Ann. He remarried in 1870 to Ann Collins, b 1812, d 1873 (Kim Bomford email 26 May 2017).

16. http://www.convictrecords.com.au/convicts/year/1837/6 and http://www.convictrecords.com.au/convicts/bomford/richard/7097 record: Richard Bomford, one of 210 convicts transported on the Blenheim, departed UK 11 March 1837, arrived Tasmania, convicted at Leicester Quarter Session and sentenced to a term of 7 years.  Further information at http://foundersandsurvivors.org/pubsearch/convict/chain/c31a31030460 is that Richard was transported for Stealing a Leg of Mutton once for Shop lifting 3 months again, 12 months for Stealing.  His gaol report was 'bad in every respect', surgeon's report 'very indifferent' and hulk report 'good'.  More details are in his handwritten record at http://foundersandsurvivors.org//pubsearch-xsl/image/viewer.html?CON31-1-3,400,158.  It is hard to decipher, but words which stand out include 'six week hard labour in chains', 'April 13th 1840 ... insolence and refusing to work', 'disobedient', 'insolence/refusing to go to the police office and further misconduct', '26 March 1841 ... disobedience of order ...', 'Feb 19 1842 ... and disobedient ... 3 Mon hd labour in chains and ...', 'July 7 1842 Insolence ...', 'July 8 1842 ... Misconduct ...', 'August 12 1842 ... Misconduct', 'January 25th 1843 ... 7 days hard labour tread wheel', 'July 2nd 1843 ... insolence ... hard labour'.  'Free certificate ??581/1845'.  'Hobart 7th July 1868 ... Larceny, Acquitted'. 'Idle and disorderly.  Six months might.'

17.  Rick Smith has compiled a family tree for the descendents of John Bumford who arrived in Tasmania in the 1800s, born c1795, died at Ross, Tasmania, on 6 November 1890 aged 95.  Many of the descendents use the spelling Bomford.

18. http://www.convictrecords.com.au/convicts/bomford/john/31051 reports that John Bomford was a convict who arrived in New South Wales (Port Jackson (Sydney)) on 3 November 1833 on the Aurora. He was sentenced at Northampton Quarter sessions to 7 years transportation. The Aurora departed Portsmouth on 3 July 1833 with 300 convicts, all male. George Bomford from the Aurora was reported in the Australian (17 Mar 1842 page 3) as the subject of a certificate of freedom in 1842. As there are no other Bomfords reported as arriving on the Aurora before 1842, it may well be that George Bomford is John Bomford. Jenwilletts.com says that in 1837 George Bomford from the Aurora in 1833 was assigned to John Watson in Maitland (citing General Return of Convicts in New South Wales, 1837, Australian Biographical and Genealogical Record, Sydney, 1987, ISBN 0 949032 04 2). http://www.familyhistorynorthants.co.uk/1833.html records that George Bomford appeared in the Northampton Quarter Sessions on a theft matter at Wellingborough. The Northhampton Mercury of Sat 13 Apr 1833 at page 3 records “... George Bomford, 17, pleaded guilty to a ... ”.