The Bomfords of Worcestershire



Extract from The Bomfords of Worcestershire by Dr Bruce Bomford FRCS, Salford Priors, 1983.  The work was published privately and only a few copies were made.  Re-published here with permission from Dr Bomford's sons.

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The Slatter family of Salford Priors have many members buried in the churchyard there.  John Slatter married his cousin Mary and they had one daughter, Marion, who lived in the house after her parents died.  She left the farm land to the daughters of Hugh Bomford of Exhall, to whom she was related through their mother Emily, whose own mother had been a member of the Slatter family.

John, or Squire Slatter, as he used to be called in the village, had a nephew Henry, a member of the firm of Solicitors of Slatter Son and Moore of Stratford-on-Avon.  Margaret, Henry’s sister, lived at Arrow Bank in Salford Priors and she left the house to Margo who married Mr. Gwillam, a farmer.  The house “Cornerways” was part of the estate and occupied by Mrs. Holtam, widow of Marion’s former chauffeur.  When Mrs. Holtam died the house was put up for sale and, as it was on the access road to the works of Bomford and Evershed, they negotiated to purchase it.  However, it was eventually sold to a private buyer and restored.

Subsequent occupants of Salford House were Mr. Harrison Walton and Mr. Terry Snape.  The Cider Mill of the house was sold to Mr. Walter Thomson and the Stables and Garage to Bruce Bomford, for conversion to a dwelling house.

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