The Bomfords of Worcestershire



Extract from The Bomfords of Worcestershire by Dr Bruce Bomford FRCS, Salford Priors, 1983.  The work was published privately and only a few copies were made.  Re-published here with permission from Dr Bomford's sons.

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This summary is taken from the family tree prepared and maintained by Chris Bomford of Childswickham, who lived formerly at Sherrifs Lench and Atch Lench.

The earliest records mention a Thomas Bomford who lived between 1580-1590.

He had two sons Thomas, born 1612 and Lawrence, born 1617.

Thomas had two sons, John of Arrow and Thomas of Wyre.

Lawrence moved to Ireland and prospered.  He married Elizabeth Chevenix [or Elizabeth Chenevix].

Thomas of Wyre, 1659-1727, married Katherine and they had a son, also called Thomas of Wyre, born 19th October, 1702.

This younger Thomas of Wyre Piddle married Elizabeth Heming of Atch Lench in 1725.

Their youngest child, Heming Bomford, born 1739, married Elizabeth Chellingworth of Sambourne in 1770 and they lived at The Firs, Atch Lench.

Benjamin Bomford, born 1784, their youngest child, also lived at The Firs.  His second wife, Mary, [we now (2010) think it was his first wife, Mary James] bore six daughters and one son, Benjamin, born 1823.

Benjamin Bomford, 1823-1880, married Mary Smith and lived at Pitchill.

A large number of the Bomfords mentioned in this history are descended from this branch of the family.

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If we wish to trace the ancestors of the Bomfords who lived in the Lenches we have to go back to:-

Joseph Bomford, born 1777, an elder son of Heming and Elizabeth who lived at The Firs.

Joseph married Letitia Butler in 1810 and they had a son, Joseph.

Joseph married Mary Hughes and they lived at Sherrifs Lench.

George F. Bomford their son, married Sarah Comely and lived at Atch Lench.

Joseph Comely Bomford their son lived at the Manor Farm, Sherrifs Lench and Christopher, born 1911, was their son.


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