The Bomfords of Worcestershire



Extract from The Bomfords of Worcestershire by Dr Bruce Bomford FRCS, Salford Priors, 1983.  The work was published privately and only a few copies were made.  Re-published here with permission from Dr Bomford's sons.

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The Bomfords in Ireland were descended from Lawrence, born 1617, and they came to occupy extensive lands and were granted a coat of arms registered at the college of Armsin London.

It is said that there were Bomfords living at Wyre or Wyre Piddle near Pershore, for many generations and they were probably Puritans and sympathetic with Parliament in the great struggle for faith and freedom in the 17th century.

Tradition has it the Oliver Cromwell called at a farm house where Bomfords lived on his way to Worcester in August 1651, and was entertained there.  The legend continues that he sat under a yew tree at the gate and tethered his horse.  He is said to have written a letter in the farmhouse and the building is thought to survive still in the form of tow dwellings.

Lawrence Bomford, 1617-1720, is said to have become a Colonel under Cromwell and to have served in Ireland.  There is a reference to his living in Clonmahon in 1692.  He married Elizabeth Chenevix, 1633-1722, but the date of their marriage is uncertain, probably around 1660.

Later the family lived at Oakley Park in County Meath.

The history of the Bomfords in Irelandhas been kept and is documented by Brigadier Guy Bomford of Sutton Courtney.

The Rev. Trevor Bomford, born 1849, heard of the Bomfords in Worcestershire and he visited Bevington Hall and is said to have formed a close friendship with Raymond Bomford in the years between 1874-1894.

The coat of arms illustrated in Theo Sherwen’s book “The Bomford Story”, is probably derived from the Irish branch since to my knowledge no such achievement was granted to the family in England.


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Bomford family tree, by Chris Bomford.


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