The Bomfords of Worcestershire


Extract from The Bomfords of Worcestershire by Dr Bruce Bomford FRCS, Salford Priors, 1983.  The work was published privately and only a few copies were made.  Re-published here with permission from Dr Bomford's sons.

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Plan of the Atch Lench Graveyard (2MB file)


Atch Lend Chapel and Graveyard charitable trust


1. JOSEPH BOMFORD of Atch Lench, died 1858, aged 81 years and Letitia, his wife. Also JOSEPH BOMFORD of Sherrif’s Lench, son of the above, died 1861, aged 49 years and Mary his wife.

2. HEMING BOMFORD died 1895.

3. THOMAS BOMFORD of Atch Lench, died 1855. Also THOMAS BOMFORD of Atch Lench, died 1866.

4. BENJAMIN BOMFORD of Apsley Lodge, died 1858, and Martha his wife.

5. FRANCES BUTLER BOMFORD of Woodcote, died 1943, also his sister Elinor Mary of Kings Heath, died 1973.

6. BENJAMIN BOMFORD of Atch Lench, died 1854, aged 70 years, Also Mary his second wife.

7.FANNY ELIZABETH BOMFORD of Pitchill, died 1856, aged 5 years. Also EVA AGNES BOMFORD, died 1870, aged 17 years.

8. BENJAMIN BOMFORD, date not legible in white marble tomb, also Mary his wife.

9. ERNEST G.C. BOMFORD of Springhill, died 1901, aged 52 years, and Janet Elizabeth his wife, died 1953.

10. KATIE BOMFORD, daughter of G.F. and S.A. Bomford, died 1890, also EDITH HELEN their second daughter, died 1908.

11. FRANK BUTLER BOMFORD of Kings Heath, died 1901, and his wife Anne.  Also Roger Stacey.

12. CHARLES EDWARD BOMFORD of Atch Lench (long resident abroad), returned 1902 and died 1903.  Also JOSEPH HUGHES BOMFORD of Cowsden Hall, eldest son of Joseph Bomford of Sherrif’s Lench who died 1894 (buried at Upton Snodsbury).

13. HELEN KENDRICK BOMFORD of Pitchill, died 1911 aged 49 years, Also MARY SMITH BOMFORD her sister; daughters of Benjamin and Mary.

14. GRIFFITH RAYMOND BOMFORD of Bevington Hall, died 1904.

15. BENJAMIN RAYMOND BOMFORD of Bevington Hall, 1891-1917, died after 2 years active service in the Great War.

16. GEORGE FREDERICK BOMFORD of Atch Lench, died 1933.  Also Sarah his wife.

17. WILLIAM BOMFORD of Court House, Atch Lench died 1920.  Also Emily his sister.

18. LUCY MARY BOMFORD of Court House, Atch Lench died 1923.  Also JOHN HEMING BOMFORD her brother, died 1931.

19. ALFRED WILLIAM BOMFORD of Pitchill, died 1924.  Son of Benjamin and Mary.

20. RAYMOND BOMFORD of Bevington Hall, 1855 to 1920.  Also Eveline Mary his wife.

21. BENJAMIN BOMFORD of Harvington Lodge, 1856-1929.  Also Gertrude Brewer his wife, 1856-1929 who died 3 days later.

22. MARY, daughter of G.F. and S.A. Bomford (wife of Henry Lees).

23. FRANCES EMILY BOMFORD, died 1959 also MARGARET BOMFORD, died 1967 aged 100 years.  Both daughters of G.F. and S.A. Bomford.

24. LILLI, wife of Chris Bomford of Atch Lench.

25. SARAH AGNES BOMFORD, died 1931.

26. ERNEST RAYMOND BOMFORD of Rushford, 1900-1962.

27. BENJAMIN NORRIS BOMFORD of The Orchards, Salford Priors, died 1928, aged 35 years. (Elsie his wife is buried at Salford).

28. ANNETTE LOUISE wife of Fred Bomford of The Grange, Harvington.

29. JOSEPH COMELY BOMFORD of Sherrif’s Lench, died 1962.  Also Mary his wife.

30. JOHN ERNEST BOMFORD of The Laurels, Harvington, 1907-1977, (Jack brother of Ben and son of Alfred).

31. KATHLEEN BALLINGER (daughter of Alfred and Caroline Bomford).

32. HAROLD KENDRICK BOMFORD of Harvington Lodge, 1899-1958.  Also Lilias his wife.

33. William and Beatrice Morton of Dunnington Court and Chapel Oak.  (Beatrice was a daughter of Benjamin and Gertrude Bomford of Harvington Lodge).

34. DOUGLAS RAYMOND BOMFORD of Bevington Hall and Pitchill, 1894-1969.

35. RICHARD RAYMOND BOMFORD C.B.E., D.M., F.R.C.P., of Bevington and Roxwell, Essex.  (1907-1981).  His ashes were placed in the churchyard.


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