The Bomfords of Worcestershire

Atch Lench Chapel and Graveyard: Final Report


You may have thought I had given up on the chapel, but I have stayed on the case and at last I can report success. 

Ownership of the chapel and graveyard was transferred to the family trust and we immediately put the chapel on the market.  We had a buyer lined up in 2003, but it then turned out that part of the chapel property was wrongly registered to the neighbouring house.  That took more than a year to put right.  Another buyer was found in December 2004, (a member of a well-known local family), and we finally got the money on 26 August 2005.

The proceeds are being invested through a fund management company specialising in charitable investors.  I hope this will yield sufficient income to maintain the graveyard for many years.

The trustees and I have managed to pay for maintenance, insurance, utilities and legal fees as a result of generous contributions from many family members.  If you helped in this way, our warmest thanks.  We also sold a strip of land to the neighbour at the rear of the chapel, which produced a useful sum.

The Atch Lench Graveyard Trust is now registered as UK Charity No.1097550 and is the owner and guardian of the graveyard.  If you feel like investing in the future of the project, you will be glad to know that charitable bequests are immune from UK inheritance tax. Gifts made using the Gift Aid procedure can be enhanced (by us) by a reclaim of UK income tax.  We will be happy to supply details.

I will not be sending out any more progress reports, but details of the charity and its activities can be found at

Again, thank you for your encouragement and support.


Peter Bomford


September 2005


  Plan of the graves in the Atch Lench Graveyard (2MB image file; plan based on a survey by Peter Bomford in 1962 (P Bomford email 13 Sep 2012); plan from Jonathan Bomford (email 13 Sep 2012), copy made by Worcester Records Office).  List of Bomfords buried at Atch Lench