The Bomfords of Worcestershire


Probate Record for Mary Bomford


The UK National Archives has a probate record for Mary Bomford as follows.

Catalogue Reference IR/26/422/228, Image Reference 228, page 94.  The image is copyright so only a transcript is included here.

Date of the Probate and sum sworn:

1805 23 Nov unsw 600£110

Name and Description of the Testator or Testatrix

Mary Bomford late of the Hamlet of Wyre Piddle in the Parish of Fladbury in the County and Dioscese of Worcester, Widow

Name and Place of Abode of the Executor or Executrix

William Tovey of Pershore & Benjm Gibbs of Pinvin in the County of Worcester, Yeomen

Name of the Legatees, distinguishing the residuary legatee

Mary Coles

Susanna Wagstaff [sic - the words 'Smith' and 'Ann' seem to have been omitted between Susanna and Wagstaff]

Elizth Gibbs

Hannah Bomford

Thos Bomford

William Bomford - Residy Legatee -

Degree of Relationship



Account of the several Legatees and Annuities and Form of the Bequests particularly of the Residue

To my daughter Mary Wife of Wm Cole I Give & bequeath the sum of 100£. To my Daughter Susanna wife of Wm [sic] Smith the sum of 120£.  To my Daughter Ann Wife of James Wagstaff 100£.  To my Daughter Elizabeth Wife of Benjamin Gibbs 100£.  To my Daughter Hannah I Give the sum of two hundred pounds 100£part of which is a legacy given to her by late Husband's [?] Will. To my son Thomas I Give the sum of 50£.  All the rest, residue and remainder of my Estate not hereinbefore disposed of I Give to my son William.

Report of the duty

The duty on the Probate 10£.


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