The Bomfords of Worcestershire


Probate Record for Mary Bomford (nee Wagstaff)


The UK National Archives has a probate record for Mary Bomford as follows.

Catalogue Reference IR/26/422, Image Reference 228, page 94.  The image is copyright so only a transcript is included here.

Date of the Probate and sum sworn:

1805 23 Nov unsw 600£110

Name and Description of the Testator or Testatrix

Mary Bomford late of the [???] of Wyre Piddle in the County and Dioscese of Worcester, Widow

Name and Place of Abode of the Executor or Executrix

William Tovey of Pershore & Benjm Gibbs of Pinvin in the County of Worcester, Yeomen

Name of the Legatees, distinguishing the residuary legatee

Mary Coles

Susanna Wagstaff [sic - the words 'Smith' and 'Ann' seem to have been omitted between Susanna and Wagstaff]

Elizth Gibbs

Hannah Bomford

Thos Bomford

William Bomford - Residy Legatee -

Degree of Relationship



Account of the several Legatees and Annuities and Form of the Bequests particularly of the Residue

To my daughter Mary Wife of Wm Cole I Give & bequeath the sum of 100£. To my Daughter Susanna wife of Wm [sic] Smith the sum of 120£.  To my Daughter Ann Wife of James Wagstaff 100£.  To my Daughter Elizabeth Wife of Benjamin Gibbs 100£.  To my Daughter Hannah I Give the sum of two hundred pounds 100£part of which is a legacy given to her by late Husband's [?] Will. To my son Thomas I Give the sum of 50£.  All the rest, residue and remainder of my Estate not hereinbefore disposed of I Give to my son William.

Report of the duty

The duty on the Probate 10£.


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