The Bomfords of Worcestershire

Some Notes on BAMFORD


Bamford land gave its name to the family which owned it from the 13th to 19th century.

There are variations such as Baumford Bumford, Bomford and a few others, as this depended on the scribe who was writing it down at the time.

The Bamford family were very early holders of land in the neighbourhood of Thomas de Bamford “Whaley Coacher” [Whalley Coucher?]

Lands in Bamford were granted by Adam de Bury to Alexander de Bamford at a rent of 40d: Gristlehurst was partly in Bury and Middleton [just north of Manchester: Google Maps shows 'Bamford' as a suburb about 3km west of Rochdale OL11 and 5km east of Bury; Gristlehurst Wood is about midway between the two towns; Bamford Wood is about 1km upstream of Gristlehurst Wood; Bamford in Derbyshire is about 50km southeast of Bury and Middleton; Google Maps shows another cluster of Bamford names around Stockport, southeast of Manchester]; this medley was granted to Thomas de Bamford for a rent of 10d. The bounds of the land included Stockley, Clough, Petekesdene, Navedene, Kochet, and Tacleibrook. Later Adam de Bury gave land to the monks: he had procured its surrender by his tenant Thomas de Bamford as a rent was due from this portion of 32d.

Thomas and his brother Adam occur from 1277 to 1310. Thomas's son Robert was defendant of lands being claimed in Spotland in 1311, and Adam's son Richard in 1323 and 1330.

In 1292 Henry de Bamford claimed land, wood and one eighth part of a mill in Middleton from Ellis and Cecily Moscrop.

Adam de Bamford in 1324 gave all his land in Chadwick to Sir Richard de Byron.

Helewise de Hull granted the right to all her land to Robert son of Adam de Bamford in 1336.

Thomas de Bamford had a daughter Avice at the of lent 1352

Roger de Bamford in 1363 claimed a messuage in Middleton against John Ainworth.

There's record of a Nicolas in 1383.

Henry son of Thomas de Bamford was outlawed for debt in 1389

Roger de Meadowcroft of Middleton “Gent” was accused of trespass by Rose widow of Richard de Bamford in 1441& 1442.

John Bamford gave land to Richard son of Thomas in 1450.

In 1478 Bartin Bamford's son John married Margery sister to Sir Richard Longford.

George Bamford of Holt's (1518) son John (1532) married Margaret daughter of Richard Scholefied. They had a son John in 1558.

James Scholefied in 1544 purchased land in Spotland from Arthur Bamford.

Adam in 1557 had lands in Wolstenhlme and Spotland.

In 1626 Samuel Bamford of Bamford held the largest estate.

JCB excavators and similar equipment are perhaps the most well known Bamford product.

(Kim Bomford email 10 December 2008)