The Bomfords of Worcestershire

The Bomfords of Arrow and White Ladies Aston


The following trees are the result of Kim Bomford's investigations into christening (c), marriage (m), death (d) and burial (b) records using mainly the resources of and (emails 3 Oct 2007).  Feedback on this work would be most welcome: please contact us or contact Kim direct at

The Bomfords of Arrow

1a Thomas Bomford m Ursula and had issue. Ursula was buried on 15 Oct 1688 at Arrow

2a Mary Bomford b c1663 d 1670 (there is a reference to Thomas being Mary’s father but none for Thomas)

2b Thomas Bomford m(1) Elizabeth, and had issue

3a Ann Bomford b c1683 d 1684

3b Thomas Bomford b c1685 d 1687    (Buried on 26-12-1687 at Arrow)

3c John Bomford b c1687 m(1) Ann Barns in 1711 and m(2) Elizabeth Biddle in 1723

2b Thomas Bomford m(2) Mary and had further issue

3d James Bomford b c1690

3e Mary Bomford b c1691 m Richard Heming in 1714

3f Thomas Bomford 1693 m Mary Amson in 1714

It looks like only one Bomford family lived at Arrow at that time.

The Bomfords of White Ladies Aston (WLA)

1a Vincent Bomford b c1550 m Elinor b c1553

2a William Bomford b c 12 Apr 1570 m Joyce and had issue

3a Judith Bomford b c 23 Mar 1595

3b Vyncent Bomford b c 8 Apr1599

3c Elinor Bomford b c1602

3d Francis Bomford b c1605 d 1651 m Alice Abington b c1603 d 1671, both b St John Baptist WLA, and had issue

4a Thomas Bomford b c 14 Jun 1640 m Emm b c1643 d 1685 and had issue. They lived at Pinvin and both are b at WLA

5a Thomas Bomford, b c 20 Sep 1663, buried at St John the Baptist Fladbury, m Katherine or Catherine b c1660, d 1718, lived at Wyre Piddle.  This Thomas appears in the main Worcestershire Bomfords tree as 2b I0005 Thomas Bomford with an alternative lineage

6a John, b 1691, m Susannah Quarrall

6b Thomas, b 1693, m Elizabeth Heming or Elizabeth Hemming

5b William Bomford, b c 9 Jul 1663

5c Francis Bomford, b c 15 Jul 1666

5d Ann Bomford, b c 25 Aug 1667 at WLA

5e John Bomford, b c 8 Oct 1668

5f Richard Bomford, b c 23 Jun 1669 d 1671, b at WLA

5g Robert Bomford b c 9 Apr 1671, b at WLA

5h Nicholas Bomford b c 1 Jan 1672

5i Mary Bomford b c 31 Jan 1674

5j Judith Bomford b c 22 Nov 1677 (Churchill in Oswaldslow)

4b John Bomford b c 11 May 1643

4c William Bomford b c 21 Jun 1646

3e John Bomford b c 23 Jul 1605 lived at Holy Cross, Pershore, and had issue

4a John Bomford b c1627

4b Hanna Bomford b c1630

3f William Bomford b c1608

3g Alice Bomford or Alis Bomford b c1611

2b John Bomford b c 30 Aug 1573 m Anne Cooke and had issue

3a John Bomford b c 15 Apr 1599

2c James Bomford b c 22 Apr 1575 d 1619

2d Thomas Bomford b c 28 May 1578

2e Ellynor Bomford b c 13 Sep 1583 

2f Elizabeth Bomford b c 2 May 1586

2g Dorothy Bomford b c 11 Jun 1589

2h Leonard Bomford b c 12 Nov 1592

1b Nicholas Bomford b c 1568 m(1) Johane Cooke and had issue

2a Magdalynne Bomford b c1594

2b Richard Bomford b c1597

1b Nicholas Bomford  m(2) Alice Longford in 1609 and had further issue

2c Alice Bomford b c4 Apr 1610

2d John Bomford b c8 Aug 1610

2e Elizabeth Bomford b c20 May1614

1c Francis Bomford b c1571 d 1651 m Elizabeth Longford in 1600 and had issue

2a John Bomford b c10 Apr 1601

2b Alice Bomford b c23 Oct1603, lived at Churchill in Oswaldslow

2c Nicholas Bomford b c28 Jun1606

2d Elizabeth Bomford 15 May1609

2e William Bomford 17 Nov1610

1d Elizabeth Bomford b c1573 m John Goold in 1597

These Bomfords may have started the story of Oliver Cromwell as it was on 29 August 1651 that he arrived in White Ladies Aston and spent the night at George Symonds’ very fine old black and white timber manor house (now pulled down); he may have also spent the night before the battle there. On 30 August 1651 Cromwell moved to the home of Robert Berkeley at Spetckley. The moat house was burnt down just before the battle of Worcester on 3 September, by the Presbyterians, despite the fact that Robert Berkeley shared loyalties to the monarchy.

The Bomfords may or may not have been tenant farmers at this time on either of these estates.