The Bomfords of Worcestershire

The Bomford Families of Worcestershire

People with the name of Bomford have been living in Worcestershire since at least the 1600s, and perhaps for centuries before then.  This site contains a family tree of the main branch of the Worcestershire Bomfords, and has information on other branches and individuals which to date have not been able to be linked to the main tree.  See also the Irish Bomfords.

There are three versions of the main family tree of the Worcestershire Bomfords on this site.  The main one contains links and annotations about members of the family, but is a large document (around 300kB and growing) so it may take a minute or two to download. 

The second is a concise version with just the bare genealogical information, so it is a smaller file and has few links. 

The third version is in GEDCOM (.GED) database format and requires suitable software to use it (eg FamilyTreeMaker or FamilyTreeMaker starter edition (16MB download, free), though it can be viewed in a text editor or word processor).  It can be downloaded to your computer by right clicking on the link and selecting Save Target As.  It contains much of the information which is included in the other trees, but is no longer being updated for additions or corrections.

Many thanks are due to Peter Bomford and Kim Bomford for sharing their files and allowing these versions to be made for the internet, and to the many other family members who have contributed information on their branches of the tree.

There are several Bomfords in the record who appear likely to be linked to the Worcestershire Bomfords, but whom we currently cannot place.  If you can help place these unplaced Bomfords, please contact us.

Another major resource for the Worcestershire Bomfords is a book written by the late Dr Bruce Bomford, The Bomfords of Worcestershire.  Bruce wrote the book in the early 1980s and published it privately.  Bruce's sons have given their permission to re-publish the book here.  Bruce describes the major Bomford houses and the families that lived in them. 

The Bomford Story by Theo Sherwen is another book on the Worcestershire Bomfords, concentrating on their contribution to agriculture. It was published privately in 1978 by Bomford & Evershed Ltd.

If you have corrections, updates, or biographical information that can be added to the tree please contact us. It would be useful if contributors could provide some information as to the authority of the source, for the record. Links to other family trees, particularly those of the female lines that lost the Bomford name, and to Bomford or related family websites or other relevant information on the internet would be most welcome. More specific dates of births, marriages and deaths would be most welcome, but we would like an assurance that living people have given consent to having more specific information about themselves published on this site.  As a rule, we will not put direct contact information onto this website, but are happy to include links to personal websites.

Da v id Bomford in Ade laide, South Australia, is putting together a collection of pictures of Bomfords, old and new.  If you have any which you would be able to share, please Contact Us.

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