The Irish Bomfords

A Concise Family Tree of The Norths of Ireland


This tree is based on the full family tree.  Some accuracy has been lost to conciseness, so see the main tree before relying on anything in this one.

The Norths of Ireland are descended from the Norths of Guilford, Surrey, England

About 1660, after the Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland, a John North was resident at Kilbride and had issue

1a Roger North of Newcastle, d 1701, will pr at Trim, had issue

2a Joseph North of Newcastle (CoN), d c1729 m Mary  m 1705 (SP1) Mary Emor, daughter of Richard Emor (or, incorrectly, Richard Ernor), and had issue

3a Roger North of Newcastle, d c1765 or 1766, m Mary Ulick Browne daughter of Ulick Browne of Slane, Co Meath and had issue

4a Ulysses North of Newcastle or Ulysses Browne North, d 1780, m Eliza Bagot and had issue.

5a Elizabeth North, m(1) Aug 1790 Rev Charles Emilius Bagot of Kilcoursey and had issue); m(2) Rev John Ball of Gucey, County Wicklow

6a Charles Bagot of Kilcoursey, had issue, including Ulysses North Bagot, b 1822 , who m Rachel Meyler, dau of John Meyler

6b Ulysses Henry Bagot, d unmarried

6c William Bagot, d unmarried

6d Emilius Walker Bagot

6e Eliza Ann Bagot m Rev John Ball of Delganny, Co Wicklow

5b Mary North or Maria North, m Milo Bagot

4b Richard North, perhaps d c1789, m c Mar 1784 Lucinda Gouldsbury, widow of William Croghan and had issue

5a Catherine North, m 1802 John Lloyd Armstrong of Dublin

5b John Henry North, b 1789, d 29 Sep 1831, m in Dublin 2 Dec 1818 Letitia Dorothea Foster, youngest daughter of the Right Rev William Foster, Lord Bishop of Clogher; there were no children

4c Charles North of Guilfordor Davidstown, m c1781 Ann Pilkington of Toar or Tore and had issue

5a Roger North, Dunnesfort, Co Cork, m 1815 Charlotte Swayne, and had issue

6a Charles Napier North b 12 Jan 1817 (SP email 8 Apr 2008), d 20 Aug 1869, m 1841 Elizabeth Jane Jones, and had issue

7a Roger Charles Edward North, b c1847, d 15 Jun 1897, m Fanny Ellen Beeching b c1846, and had issue

8a Frances Elizabeth North, b c1872

8b Charles Napier North, b c1873, d 1 Nov 1914, m Norah C North (maiden name not known)

8c Roger Edward Napier North, b c1875 at Aldershot, Hampshire

8d Herbert Arthur Napier North, b c1878 at Exeter, Devon

8e Dudley Burton Napier North, Admiral, Sir, b 25 Nov 1881 at Great Yarmouth, d 15 May 1961 at Bridport, Dorset, m(1) 1909 Eglantine Campbell of Sydney, Australia, d 1917 without issue; m(2) in 1923 Eilean Flora Graham of Dorset and had issue

9a Susan North, m Basil Watts

9b Mary Eglantine North, m 1954 in Denmark a civil engineer

9c Elizabeth North, m 1952 David Howard and had at least 2 daughters

9d Roger North, who went to Harrow

8f Harvey North, b c1884 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

6b John North, d young

6c Charlotte Elizabeth North, m(1) in Cork 1842 Stephen Hickson; m(2) 26 Oct 1854 George Henry Overend

5b Samuel North, b 3 Oct 1791, d 4 Jun 1864, m 1815 in New Brunswick Susannah Campbell, and had issue

6a Frances Ann North, d 1852

6b Grace Amy North, d 1876

6c Isabella Frederica North

6d Edward James Campbell North, d 1883

6e John Henry Roger North

6f Emily Douglas North, b 1828

6g Eliza Mary North, b 1830, d 1910

6h Samuel Charles Valentine North, b 1832, d 1921

6i Henrietta Jane North, b 1833, d 1918

6j Joseph North, b 1836

5c Anne North, a spinster in the City of Dublin in 1818

5d Charles North, d 8 Oct 1819 or 10 Aug 1819 in Jamaica, m 15 Aug 1812  Frances Anne Blood, b c1791, d 21 Jun 1884 aged 92 at Rathdown Dublin or at Fort William, Glasthule, Co Dublin, and had issue

6a Henry North, b c1812, died young

6b Charles Frederick North, b c1816 in Lurgan, Ireland, d 22 Nov 1906 in the UK, m Marion L (maiden name not known) (or Maria), b c1834 in London, and had issue

7a Edith A North, b c1868, unmarried in 1901

7b Alice F North, b 1871, unmarried in 1901

5e ?Henry North

5f ?John E North

4d Roger North of Guilford, d 1790, m in 1772 Elizabeth Macky or Elizabeth Mackay, and had issue

5a Mary Jane North or Maria North

5b Susannah North, baptised 11 Oct 1780, may have died young

4e Philip North or Phillipe North of Newcastle, d before 1819, m(1) 1756 (doubtful date) Sarah Pilkington of Tore, b c1752, d at Moylary Glebe on 30 Nov 1831 (no issue); m(2) 1786 or 1787 Mary Turner (SP1) and had issue; the order of these marriages may be wrong

5a William North of Clonfad, probably alive in 1848, m 19 Apr 1806 Maria Homan, and had issue

6a Henry Morley North b c1809 Isle of Mann, d 5 Oct 1869 at Dublin Castle, m in England c1838 Alicia (maiden name not known), b 1814, d 3 Apr 1858, and had issue

7a William Philip North, b 28 May 1840, d 2 Sep 1895, unmarried

7b George Bartholemew North, b c1841, d 7 Feb1912, m in Dublin 11 Jan 1866 Sarah Marie Dagge or Sarah Maria Dagge

8a Frederick William North, b 22 Sep1868 in Dublin, d 17 Jun 1874 at Salem Lodge, Drumcondra

8b Henry Morley North, b 28 Nov 1870 from 6 Drumcondra Terrace West, Dublin, d 24 May 1953 in Flushing, Queens Co, New York, m in Clontarf 22 Jan 1898 Mary Holm Wallace and had issue

9a Edith Mary North, b 22 May 1898 in New York, d 19 Aug 1980, New York

9b William Philip North b Dec 1899 in New York, d 28 Sep 1915

9c Kenneth Wallace North, b 1901 in New York, d 1952

9d John North

9e Gerald North, b Apr 1904 in New York, d 21 Jul 1904

9f Elizabeth Corbett North, b 3 Apr 1914 in New York, d 3 Jun 1974

8c John Charles North, b 28 Nov 1872 in Dublin, d 19 Dec1939

8d Edith Geraldine North b 24 Nov 1866 in Dublin, d 15 Nov 1941, m 24 May 1890 Robert John Henchy, b c1862

8e Evelyn Maude North b 18 Mar 1885 (sic) in Dublin

7c Henry Ulysses North, b 1844, baptised 28 Jul 1844

7d Frederick Richard North, b 2 Sep 1848, d 9 Apr 1877, unmarried

7e Alice North, b 1849

7f Charles Joseph North, b 1851, d 1932

7g Sarah Letitia North or Sarah Letotoa North, of Dublin Castle m 4 Aug 1864 Joseph Charles Field

6b Sarah North, m 30 Jul 1848 Joseph Field

5b Philip North

5c Thomas North

5d Ulysses North of Co Longford, m Anne Parker, and had issue

6a James Haviland North, b 5 Dec 1814

6b Ulysses Parker North, b 11 Dec 1818, buried 4 Mar 1837 in Dublin

6c Philip William North, b c1818

5e ?Sarah North, m c 29 Aug 1805 James Walsh of Dublin

5f ?Mary Ann North, m Rev Alexander Nicholson

4f Mary North m Cane

4g Margaret North m John Bonynge, and had issue

5a Mary Bonynge, m John Kelly of Kellysbrook

5b George Bonynge m Catherine Roche, Ennis, Co Clare

5c John North Bonynge of Ballintobber, Co Longford

4h Susanna North or Susannah North, m c 1770 Thomas Collins

4i Joseph North

3b Richard North, had daughters

3c Philip North, d 1772 at Tubberbonny, Dublin, m at St Michans, Dublin, on 23 Aug 1735, Eleanor Connor or Elinor Connor, d 1776, and had issue

4a Roger North, ?d 17 Oct 1776, ?m 1767 Catherine Davies or Catherine Davis Law

5a Philip North, b Ireland 14 Nov 1767, m 19 Mar 1792 Margaret Abney of Augusta Co, Virginia, and had issue

6a John A North, b 15 Dec 1794, only son, m July 1819 Charlotte Blair, and had issue

7a daughter North, m Caldwell

8a Martha Caldwell, alive in 1927, lived in Lewisburg, West Virginia

4b Emor North, m 1769 Alice Lassall or Alice Lassale

5a Anne North, b c1777, d c1844, spinster of Dublin

4c John North

4d Rachel North, m Folliolt Magrath or Foliat Magrath or Folliott Magrath, merchant of Dublin, and had issue

5a Philip Magrath

3d Susanna North, m Smith and had issue

4a Mary Smith

4b William Smith

3e Emor North

3f Joseph North of Bracklyn or of Brackland, b 1716, d c1786, m Bridget McCabe, and had issue

4a Roger North of Clonfad (CoN) and Kilduff, Kings Co and of Brackland, b 1734 or 1744, d 24 Mar 1831, or d about Apr 1831, or d 20 Mar 1831 at Kilduff in the King's County, m 12 Dec 1780, or 17 Dec 1780 in Monkstown, Barbara Conran of Newtownparke, Co Dublin, who d after Jun 1834, and had issue

5a William North (SP3) b 8 Jul 1783 in Dublin, d 19 Jul 1872 in Queensland, Australia, m 28 Jun 1806 at Clontarf, Dublin, Sarah Marsh, b 1783 in Ireland, d 3 Apr 1872 in Queensland

6a Joseph North b 1808 at Stradbally, Ireland, d 1 Jan 1881 in Queensland, m Robert Dundas Burnett (female) in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 24 Jul 1836, and had issue

7a William John Edward North, b 1841 NSW, d Qld 1929, m Lucy Chapman and had issue

8a Lucy Dundas North, b 1889, m 1914 William Sidney Page

8b Beatrice Sarah North, b 1891, m 1916 Ralph Harvey Goodwin

8c Vera Mabel North, b 1893, m 1918 Herbert Polkinghorn Richards

8d Burnett William Norris North, b 1895, m 1925 Nellie May Guy

8e Arthur George Frederick North, b 1898

8f Joseph North, b 1905, ?m Mabel Pearl Campbell (1920) and/or ?m Jane Mary Ellen O'Hanlan (1927)

7b Joseph Roger Burnett North, b 1844 in NSW, d Qld 1914

7c Charles North, b 1846 in NSW, d Qld 1904

7d Deborah North, b 1848 in NSW

7e Robert Dundas North, b 1851, m 1889 Blanche Sarah Thompson (or Blanch Sarah Thomson, and had issue

8a Blanche Phyllis North, b 1891, d 1891

8b Robert Charles North, b 1892

8c Francis Rodger North (or Francis Roger North), b 1894, d 1 Nov 1978, m 1929 Margaret May Craddock and had two daughters

8d Eleanor Victoria North, b 1897

8e Arthur Joseph North, b 1899, m 1927 Hilda Maud Stodart Gair

8f Claud Burnett North, b 1901

8g Blanche Jean North, b 1905

7f Francis North, b 1852 in NSW, d Qld 1929

7g Sarah A North, b 1853 in NSW

7h Arthur North, b 1854 in NSW

7i a son North, b 1858 in Ipswich (Qld)

6b William John Edward North, b 1810 in Ireland

6c Francis North, the Hon, b 1811 in Ireland, d 9 Dec 1864, North Ipswich, Qld, bur 10 Dec 1864, Ipswich, Qld, m(1) 1859 Margaret Elizabeth Glissan, b 1840 Tipperary, Ireland, d 27 Mar 1862, Drayton, Qld, and had issue

7a Francis William North, b 13 June 1860, Ipswich, Qld, d 1938, m 1893 Geraldine Playne Littleton Chubb

7b Arthur Henry North, b 18 March 1862, Ipswich, Qld, d 1941, m 1890 Mary Mayne Wilson and had issue

8a Arthur Francis North, b 1893, buried in the Toowoomba Cemetery, m Sarah Moore of Ireland, buried at Murgon, Qld, and had issue

9a Una Donna Vera North, m and had issue

9b Dorothy Mona North

9c Arthur Francis North

8b Ilsa May North, b 1895, m 1927 Eric Cooke Montgomery Davidson

8c Jessie Elizabeth North, b 1896, m 1925 Arthur Richard Sexton

8d Dorothy Jean North, b 1898, died young, buried Surbiton Station at Alpha, Qld

8e Myra Glissan North, b 1899, died young, buried Surbiton Station at Alpha, Qld

8f Wylie Glissan North, b 1900, m 1928 Veronica Phyllis Mead Kirwin

8g Ronald Charles Glissan North, b 1902, m 1925 Clara Meta Rodd

8h Colin Glissan North, b 1906

8i Garnet Glissan North, b 1907

8j Roger Joseph Glissan North, b 1908

6c Francis North m(2) in 1862 Ellen Washburn, b c1820 Abbots, Wiltshire, d 4 Oct 1864 at North Ipswich, Qld, bur 5 Oct 1864, Ipswich General Cemetery, Qld

7c a son North, stillborn, 1864, Ipswich, Qld

6d Elizabeth North, b 1813 in Ireland, d 26 Jun 1902 in Brisbane, Queensland, m James Thomas Bell, and had issue

7a James Thomas Marsh Bell b at Belmont, Richmond

7b Elizabeth Georgina Bell, b at Belmont, Richmond, d 10 Oct 1847 at Belmont

6e Roger North, Rev, b 5 Apr 1816 in Oldtown, Co Offaly, d 19 Mar 1895 in Queensland, m(1)  15 Dec 1849 in Ireland Matilda Lucy Lyster, b 2 Apr 1827, d 24 Dec 1865 at Dublin, and had issue

7a William Roger North, b 8 Nov 1850, baptised 23 Nov 1851 in Ireland, ?m in 1881 Amy Louisa Panton at Cumkillenbah, Queeensland, in 1881, and had issue

8a Isobel Elsie North, b 1881

8b Eva North, b 1882, ?m 1917 Eric Noyes

8c William Dudley North, b 1884 m 1921 Evelyn Mary Hender

8d Cecil Roger North, b 1888, m 1914 Winifred Margaret Noyes, and had issue

9a Roger Thomas North, d 1924

7b Roger North, b 26 Mar 1852,, d 11 or 12 Jan 1893, m 1882 in Qld Grace Gibson, d before 1893, and had issue

8a  Grace Gibson North, b 1883

7c Digby Lyttelton North, b 16 Feb 1854, baptised 14 May 1854, d 9 Sep 1887

7d Francis Jeremy North, (Frank North?), b 31 Dec 1858, baptised 19 Feb 1869, d 1924 in Queensland, m Fanny Lizzie Landsborough in 1885, and had issue

8a Roger Gilford North or Roger Guilford North, b 1885, death registered 1922

8b Francis William North, b 1887, ?m 1922 Amy Mabel Thompson

8c Landsborough North, b 1891, m 1918 Frances Emily Thompson

8d Cedric Roy North, b 1894, death registered 1922

8e Littleton Lister North, b 1897

8f Lucy Elizabeth North, b 1900

8g Sidney Landsborough North, b 21 Sep1903, next of kin Constance North

9a ?Roger Landsborough North, b 30 Jan 1922 at Rockhampton, Qld, m Sybil Ellen North (maiden name not known)

8h Dorothy Allison North, b 1907 (C520)

7e Henry Marsh North, b 26 Nov 1860, baptised 1 Jan 1861 in Dublin, d Queensland 1929, m in Qld in 1891 Evangaline Canning, and had issue

8a Violet Matilda North, b 1892, m 1917 Samuel Morris

8b Lily Amelia North or Lillien Amelia North, b 1893, m 1923 Timothy Alfred Ernest Donovan

8c Henry William Roger North, b 1895, m 1920 Ethel May Cogill and had issue

9a Major North, d 1920

8d Leister Littleton Marsh North b 1898, m 1918 Ethel Maurer

8e Dora North, b 1899

8f Francis Canning North, b 1899, m 1918 Ellen Sharock

8g Ethel Eva North, b 1901

7f Guilford Dudley North, b c1868, may have died before 1873

7g Charlotte Maude North, b 19 Sep 1864, baptised 12 Nov 1864 in Dublin, d 5 May 1865 at Rathmines

7h Charles Roger North, b 13 or 14 Mar 1870,, baptised 1 May 1870 in Dublin, ?m Florence Victoria Lindsay in 1900 and had issue

8a Gladys Muriel North, b 1900

8b Charles Arthur North, b 1903

8c Selwyn Dudley Wake North, b 1907

8d Lindsay Annan North, b 1911

7i Ellen North b ?1873, ?m George Onge Phillips, and had issue

8a Dooreen Ellen Phillips b 1907

8b Dudley George Phillips b 1908

8c Roger Halley Phillips b 1910

8d Eileen Elizabeth Phillips b 1912

8e Edward Grey Phillips b 1914

5b James North, d Apr 1811

5c Roger North, d 23 Sep 1850, m Julia Smyth in 1817, and had issue

6a Rev Joseph North of Bourne, b c1820, d 25 Oct 1905, m(1) 18 Jun 1845 Emma Deering,  Dublin; m(2) 2 Sep 1892 Elizabeth Anne Brunett (nee Elizabeth Anne Fitzgerald) and does not appear to have had issue

6b ?(possibly) Anne North, b 18 Oct 1820, baptised 2 Dec 1820, Dublin

5d Peter North of Clonfad, d 22 Apr 1859, m 1807 Georgina Lyster, b c1791, d 25 Sep 1865 in Louth, and had issue

6a ?Joseph North, b 10 Oct 1808, baptised 20 Nov 1808, Dublin, may have died young

6b Barbara North of Clonfad, d 9 Sep 1865 at Dunleer, Louth, m 1 Dec 1834 her cousin Rev James Croften of Co Sligo, b 5 May 1803, d Nov 1876, buried in Dunleer Churchyard, and had issue

7a James Croften, b 1838

7b Barbara Georgina Croften

7c Kathleen Barbara Croften, d 1894, m D McCormack

7d Maria Honora Croften, m P Deegan, d without issue

6c Caroline North, b c1814 in Dublin, b c1810, baptised 25 Jul 1810 as Caroline Barber North,  appears to have died in 1871 or 1872,, m Robert Staples Swift, b c1807 of Dunleer, d in 1879 or 1880

5e Hannah North, m 1812 William Goodwin in Dublin

5f Barbara North

5g Bridget North, d before 1829, m c7 April 1808 in Kilduff, Kings Co, Christopher Chamley, b 24 Mar 1776 in Dublin, d 14 Nov 1856 in Cork

6a Christopher Chamley, b before 1813

6b John Chamley

6c Joseph Chamley

6d Harriet Chamley

6e Caroline Chamley

4b Emor North.  Existence doubtful

3g Sarah North, possibly married Andrew Allen in 1729

3h Mary North, m c 28 Feb 1767 John North of Cornhill, Co Tipperary

3i William North of Clonfad, d 31 Aug 1800

3j Michael North, ?b c1725, alive in 1790, m Hannah (maiden name not known) and had issue

4a William North, baptised 14 Feb 1757, alive 1790

4b Philip North, alive 1790

4c Joseph North baptised 27 Mar 1758

4d Roger North, baptised 25 Jun 1762

3k John North of Tyrrellspass, d 1757, m 1745 Anne (maiden name not known), and had issue

4a John North of Tyrrellspass

4b Thomas North

4c Elizabeth North

4d Sarah North

4e Hannah North

4f Mary North

3l Anne North, m White

3m Charles North.  Doubtful

2b Caleb North of Newcastle, m Jane Eckerly or Jane Berkeley, and had issue

3a Roger North

3b Caleb North

3c Joseph North

3d Ann North

3e Elizabeth North

3f Catherine North

3g Joshua North

3h Sarah North

3i George North

2c Elizabeth North, m in Maine Francis Cooper d 1740

2d Roger North of Kilbride Castle, d 1766, m 1704 Mary Wade, and had issue

3a William North of Kilbride Castle, d 1783, m Wolfe, and had issue

4a Roger North of Kilbride Castle, b c1740, d 27 Aug 1804, m 1783 Mary Gerrard, and had issue

5a Mary Elizabeth North of Kilbride, b c1796, d 6 Feb 1867 at Kilbride, Castlelost, m 1815 Abraham John Pilkington, b c1781, d 25 Mar 1874 at Kilbride, and had issue

6a William Pilkington, b c1818, d at Kilbride 21 Jan 1892, m Anne (maiden name not known), d  1 Apr 1891, and had issue

7a Annie M Pilkington, d 12 Jul 1888 aged 26

7b Emmanuel Pilkington, d at St Helens 14 Sep 1899 aged 40, and had issue

6b Maria Jane Pilkington, m 1844 William Knight

4b John North, Rev. Existence doubtful

4c Joseph North of Northbrook, ?d 1830s, m c1764 Rachel Briggs, and had issue

5a William North of Northbrook, Co Galway, b c1775, d on 9 Sep in (or possibly before) 1839, m (settlement dated 15 May 1805) Margaret Whitestone, b 17 Sep1780, d 16 Sep 1852, and had issue

6a Henry W North of Spruce Hill, m in parish of Lickerrig, Co Galway 8 Dec 1845 Mary Boulger, and had issue

7a a daughter

7b 'another daughter' born '4 months since' in Dec 1851

7c William Nile North, b c1854

6b Joseph A North of Northbrook, b c 1812,  d 3 Dec 1886, m(1) c1834 Letitia Lambert, b c1808, buried in Galway 13 Feb 1856, and had issue; m(2) at St Mary's Church, North Dublin, on 7 Aug 1857 Arabella Selina Naghton

7a Letitia Henrietta North, baptised 11 Sep 1834 in Galway

7b William Henry North, baptised 7 Jul 1838 in Galway, may have m Anne Russell on or about 10 Sep 1873

7c Anne Maud North, baptised 1842 in Galway

6c Samuel Wade North b 1812, b 1810, or b 1818, d 3 Jul 1895, m in Canada Mary Fahey, b 3 Sep 1837 in Quebec, d 3 Apr 1899, and had issue

7a Joseph Edward North b 1854 Jonesville, WI , m Addie J (maiden name not known), b 1857, d 1919, buried at Onalaska

8a Rachel North

8b unknown

9a Leslie North, b c1904 in Wisconson

7b Henry Whitestone North, b 1858 at Onalaska, La Crosse Co, Wisconsin, m c1900 Ida Loraina Wilhelmina Ringling of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, b 1874, d 1950

8a John Ringling North, b 1903, d 1985

8b Henry Whitestone Ringling North, known as Buddy, b 12 Nov 1909, d 2 Oct 1983 at Begnins, near Geneva, m(1) Ada Mae Thornburg, divorced; m(2) in 1933 Harriet Maxine Weaver, divorced 1945; m(3) in 1946 Elisabeth Palmer Barnum, had one child, divorced 1953; and m(4) in 1959, Gloria de la Feld, whom he left a widow

8c Salome Ringling North

7c Frances Margaret North b 1863, m Stephen Douglas Thayer

7d Mary North b 1864, m Robert Ora Dunna

7e Rachel North b 1868

7f Sam Percy North m Martha Annette Macauley

7g Florence Edna North b 1875 m James Russell Bond

6d Ann North or Anne Elizabeth North or Anna North, m 1838 Henry Pilkington, d 8 Nov 1840, and had issue

7a a daughter Pilkington, b 1839

7b a daughter Pilkington, b Feb 1841

6e ?Jane North (doubtful as a member of this family)

6f John Longworth North, baptised 3 Jul 1814, d Feb 1842

6g Alicia Margaretta North, baptised 28 Nov 1815 in Galway, d 11 Nov 1903 in Canada, m 1853 Charles Preston, b 28 Apr 1803, d 2 Feb 1888, and had issue

7a Jenico Edward Preston, b 30 Nov 1855, d 27 Jan 1940, unmarried

7b Charles Arthur Preston,  b 19 Jun 1857, d 7 Jun 1924 in Canada, m 11 Mar 1889 Miriam Alleyne, d 1936, and had issue

8a Arthur Preston b 1902

8b Hubert Philip Preston b 1905

6h Richard North, baptised 24 Nov 1817 in Galway, d Amsterdam, Montgomory County, NY, buried with his wife (maiden name Fox) and daughter (no name)

6i Charles B North, baptised 7 Jan 1819 in Galway, m Harriet Mitchell or Harrait Mitchell b c1822 Massachusetts, USA, and had issue

7a William North b c1846

7b Elitia North b c1849

7c ? Margaret Ann North, may have died young

7d Laura North, b c1855

7e Sarah North b c1860

7f Luisia North b c1866 or c1861

6j Rachel North, b c1823 or Rachel Harriet North baptised 27 May 1820, d 17 Jan 1839 at Spruce Hill, Galway City

6k John  North, baptised in Galway on 15 Nov 1824, may have died young

6l George F A North, b 5 Sep 1825, d 4 Nov 1910, Queens Co New York, m 3 Jul 1848 in Fultonsville, NY, Sarah A Gardener (spelling not certain), b 15 Jan 1832 Gloversville, Fulton Co NY, d 2 Dec 1909 in Kings Co NY

7a William F North, b c1849 in New York

7b Charles E North, b 1853 in New York

7c George A F North, b c1860 in New York, m Emma F ---, b 1860, and had issue

8a Marjorie North (? - not clear), b c1895

8b George North, b before 1910

7d Arthur N North, b c1863 in New York

7e Henry L North, b 1874 in New York

5b ? Joseph North, will proved in Cappa, Galway in 1839, m Eleanor or Ellen (maiden name not known) and had issue

6a Elizabeth Ann North baptised 1831

6b William North, baptised in 1834 in Galway

6c ? Rachel North, ?m 22 Mar 1850 John Wraftor of Dublin

6d ? Joe North

5c ? Roger North, b c1792, d 10 May 1876, m c1839 Deborah North

4d 'daughters'.  These 'daughters' may well be daughters of 'Aunt Wolfe' by an earlier marriage: Lydia Cahill and Rose Cahill

3b John North of Tyrrellspass and Kilbride (Whitewell), b 1707, probably alive 1786, m(1) 1730 Margaret Abernethy b 1710, and had issue; m(2) his cousin, Mary North

4a Roger North of Whitewell, m 1760 (or 1769) Deborah Leland, and had issue

5a John North of Whitewell, b c1760 [or b c1750], d 21 May 1836 or 1838, m Sep 1786 Anne Bomford, b c1764, d 19 Dec c1856, and had issue

6a John Roger North b c1787, d before 1858, m 1829 Eleanor Barbour or Eleanor Barber or Elleanor Barbour, d 16 Dec 1858 at Whitewell, and had issue

7a John North, b 21 Aug 1829 or c1840, baptised 8 Sep 1829 Dublin, d 25 Nov 1902, m in Dublin 27 Aug 1869 Susanna Clarke, b 1843, d 4 May 1899, and had issue

8a Augusta Susanna Elizabeth North, b 1870 in Dublin, baptised 1870 in Dublin, d 2nd quarter 1906 in Kingston, Middlesex Surrey England), m in Dublin 2 Feb1900 William Macbeth Sterne, b in Clare, no issue

8b Emily Constance North, baptised 10 Oct 1872 in Sandford, or b 1872, baptised 1873 in Sandford, d aged 2 years and buried on 29 Aug 1874 in the Parish of St George

8c Claire North, died without issue; Clare Frederica Marguerite North, b 21 Jul 1875, baptised 24 Nov 1875 in Dublin), d 29 May 1891 aged 15 at Donnybrook

8d Hermione North, b 27 Jan 1880, baptised 15 Aug 1880 at Leeson Park

7b Marianne North or Mariane North b 23 Apr 1831, baptised 4 May 1831 in Dublin), no issue

7c Isaac North, b 23 Apr 1832, baptised 24 Jun 1832 in Dublin), no issue

7d Sarah North, b 31 Jan 1834, baptised 23 Feb 1834 in Dublin), d 25 Jan 1907, m 1 Jul 1862 Alfred George Johnson, d 31 Oct 1913 or 31 Oct 1931

8a Edith North Johnson, b 17 Mar 1865, d 14 Nov 1938

8b Helen North Johnson, b 23 Dec 1867, d 24 Feb 1938 unmarried

8c Dudley Johnson, b 20 Sep 1870, d 20 Feb 1911, without issue

8d infant son Johnson, b 14 May 1872, d 18 May 1872

8e Roger North Johnson, b 12 Dec 1874, d 16 Jan 1875

7e Alfred Roger North, b 22 Sep 1835, m 13 July 1869 at Keppel, Ontario, Canada, Elizabeth Winter, b c1846 at Dundas

8a Emily L North, b 19 Apr 1870 and not heard of after 1901

8b Henry H North, Henry Herbert North, b 25 Nov 1872, alive in 1904

8c Alfred W North, Alfred Winter North, b 17 May 1874, d 29 Dec 1933, m Hannah Dance and had issue

9a Alfred Clement North, b 22 Sep 1905

8d Ellen North, b 15 Jul 1876 and not heard of after 1901

7f David North, b 5 Oct 1837, baptised 3 Nov 1837 in Dublin, d 26 Nov 1852, no issue

7g William Henry North or Henry William North, b 29 Dec 1839, b 29 Sep 1839, baptised 17 Jan 1840 in Dublin, d 19 May 1862 without issue

7h Charlotte Eleanor North or Charlotte Elinor North, b 28 Nov 1841, may have d 1911, m 23 May 1865 Thomas Goodeville or Thomas Goodwillie, and had issue

8a Henry Goodwillie, b c1867, m Ada (maiden name not known) b c1870 and had issue

9a Harold, b c1900

8b Kathleen Goodwillie, m unknown and had issue

9a Robert

8c Florence Goodwillie, m unknown and had issue

9a Reginald

9b Charles

9c Rowley

9d Arthur

8d Olive Goodwillie, died without issue

8e Percy Goodwillie, died without issue

7i Emily Marianne North, or Marrianne Emily North or Mariana Emily North, b 24 May 1845, m 18 Nov 1868 Richard Gibbs MD of Kinnitty (near Birr) Offaly, a widower

6b David North b c1787 or c1794, d 22 Mar 1863 at Farview, also known as Fairview, m 1816  Catherine Pim, b c1787, d 10 Aug 1869 at Farview, and had issue

7a  Isaac Bomford North, b c1818 (or possibly 1828), d 17 May 1886 at Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia, m 3 Apr 1861 in Rutherglen [or m 1857 (SP6)] Sarah Sexton and had issue

8a  Isaac Bomford North, b 22 Jun 1861 at Hibernian Lead, Rutherglen, Victoria, alive in 1896, m 1882 Mary Masterfield

8b David North, b 1862

8c William Whyte North, b Rutherglen 1863, d Rutherglen 1908

8d Joseph Patrick North, b 1866

8e John North, b 1868, m Jane Irwin, and had issue

9a Isaac Bomford North

9b Sir Thomas Lindsay North, b 11 Dec 1919, m 1943 Kathleen Jefferis and had issue, two daughters, each of whom had children

8f Susan Alice North, b 1871

8g Rebecca Agnes North, b 1873 at Rutherglen, m 3 Apr 1899 Sydney Charles Williams, 23, b Ballarat

8h Elizabeth North, b 1875

7b  John Roger North or John Roger Pim North, b c1818, d 10 Dec 1871 in Dublin, m 7 Aug 1845 in Dublin, and/or 13 May 1846 in Dublin, Elizabeth Emerson, b c1825, outlived her husband, and had issue

8a  Colonel David North, of Fairview House or Farview House, Rochfortbridge, b c1846, d 1915 at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, m 2 Dec 1886 at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Margaret Richey or Mrs Margaret Richey Jack, or Margaret S L Jack, b 18 Apr 1855 in Halifax, d 19 Mar 1944, previously married to Lenox Albert Jack, d 9 Feb 1883, with whom she had had issue, and had issue

9a Ernest Lenox Richey Jack, who had issue

10a Constance Jack

10b Cyril Jack

10c Moya Jack

10d? Margaret Jack who became Margaret Matheson before her grandmother's will was drawn up in 1940.  Alternatively, Margaret was a daughter of 9b Margaret Moya North, below

9b Margaret Moya North, b 24 Jun 1890 at Farview or at Clonfadforan, Co Westmeath, baptised 20 Jul 1890 at Tyrrellspass Church, d 4th quarter 1926 at Cheltenham

8b  Emily North or Emily Emerson North, d 1889, m in Bellary, India, on 28 Jun 1882 Courtney Heathcote Stisted, b 9 May 1860 at Ankala, India, d 26 Sep 1922 in Hampshire

9a Charles Heathcote Stisted, b 1 Aug 1883 Bengal, India, probably died India

9b Caroline F H Stisted b 1885 in England m 1908 in St Georges, Hanover Square, London, Captain Edmund Walster Alderson, b 1878

9c Martha H Stisted or Mary Stisted, b 1887 in London, alive 1917

8c Kathleen North or Katherine North or Katherine Emerson North, b 1853, m in England 18 Jan 1876 William Alexander Gardiner, b Sep 1836

8d  Elizabeth Constance North b 16 Jun 1857, baptised 27 Sep 1857 in Dublin, m in Devon, England in 1885 Frank Anderson or Francis Anderson, b 1850

7c  David Bomford North MD, surgeon, b c1820, d 8 Apr 1873 at Moyally, Offaly

7d  Joseph Pim North, b c1824, d 2 Oct 1890 at Moyally, Co Offaly, buried 4 Oct 1890 at Newtownlow, m 20 Mar 1867, Jeanette Gertrude Somers, b 5 Sep 1844, d 7 Apr 1882 at Tullamore, Moyally, Co Offaly, and had issue.

8a David John North, b 1 Feb 1868 at Larchill, Coolock, Co Dublin, d 7 Jul 1877 at Moyally, Co Offaly

8b Maria Catherine North or Maria Katherine North or Mary Catherine North, known as May, b 27 Jun 1869 at Larchill, Coolock, Co Dublin, d 12 Oct 1926 at Moyally, buried 14 Oct 1926

8c Joseph Roger North, b 16 Jun 1870, d 2 Jun1945 at Moyally, buried 4 Jun 1945, m 5 Oct 1900 Rose Byrne b 1876, d 1944, and had issue

9a Richard North

9b Joseph North

9c David North

9d Elizabeth North

9e Mary North

9f John North

8d Jeanette Gertrude North, b 20 Nov 1871, d 1898, buried 13 Sep 1898 in the Parish of Newtownfartullagh

8e Eleanor Louise North, known as Nellie, b 10 Sep 1873, d 5 Aug 1951 at Montreal, Canada, m c1899 in Dublin Charles Ernest de Belle, b 17 May 1873, d 3 Sep 1939 at Montreal, and had issue

8f Emily Caroline North, b 1874, d 1 Nov 1943 in Dublin, buried 3 Nov 1943 in the Parish of Newtownfartullagh

8g Richard Somers North, b 1875, d 19 Feb 1908 at Moyally, buried 21 Feb 1907 (sic) in the Parish of Newtownfartullagh

8h Elizabeth North, b 1877, also known as Lily North, buried on 1 Dec 1896 in the Parish of Newtownfartullagh

8i Florence Isabel North, b 1878, d 18 Oct 1958 at Swords, Co Dublin

8j Alice Bomford North, b 1879, d 1903 at Moyally, buried 27 Nov 1903 in the Parish of Newtownfartullagh

8k Edith Mabel North, b 1881, d 1927

8l Samuel Handy North, b 1882, d 14 Aug 1882 at Moyally

7e  Elizabeth Catherine North, b c1821, d 15 May 1913 at Summerhill, Co Meath, buried at Agher, m c1854 (ML) David Trotter MD, b c1826, d 2 Oct 1914 at Tipper House, Naas, Co Kildare, and had issue

8a premature son born & died on 30 Jun 1855, at Forkhill

8b David North Trotter, b 24 May 1856 at Forkhill, d 16 Mar 1912 or 17 Mar 1912, buried at Agher, unmarried

8c Kate Maria Trotter or Kate Marie Trotter, b 11 Jan 1858, d 9 Apr 1871, buried at Agher

8d William John Trotter, RAMC, b 24 Dec 1859, d 7 Nov 1921, buried at Agher, m Flora Jeanette Boyd and had 4 children, two of whom died young. The other two were:

9a Daisy Maria Trotter, b 23 Feb 1896, Sitapur, India

9b David William Trotter, b 30 Jan 1900, Bareilly, India

8e Rev John Theobald Trotter, b c1861, d 16 Apr 1935, buried at Cloydah, unmarried

8f Constance Elizabeth Trotter, b 1864, m at Dublin 5 May 1891 Graves Chamney Swan and had issue, including

9a Olive Ina Constance Swan, m Dr Wilfred Alexander Steen in 1914

7f  Roger Robert North, probably b c1828, d 26 May 1888 in Winchester, Hampshire, UK,

8a ? David North

8b Mary North, of Winchester

7g (possibly) William North or William Northe, b c1821, d 27 Nov 1902 , m 29 Nov 1860 Elizabeth Keogh of Rahanine, Castlelost, b Apr 1839, d 22 Oct 1918, and had issue

8a Anne North, b Oct 1861, d 17 Apr 1943, m in Brisbane, Australia, 27 Apr 1892 William O'Neill and had issue

8b William North, b Dec 1862, m in Brisbane 2 Dec 1896 Kate Kelvin and had no children

8c Mary North, b 19 May 1864, became Sister Veronica at Yass, NSW, Australia

8d Isaac North, b 1 Mar 1866, d 10 Jun 1945, m in Brisbane 27 Sep 1899 Catherine Leahy and had no children

8f Margaret North, b 28 Mar 1868, d 1 May 1959, m in Brisbane 10 Feb 1904 Patrick McGrath and had issue

8g Elizabeth North, b 20 Jun 1870, d 9 Dec 1957, m at Rochfortbridge, Co Westmeath, Patrick Caffrey and had no children

8h Joseph North, b 26 Feb 1872, d 7 Sep 1935, m in New York City 4 Oct 1908 Julia Collins, and had issue

8i Patrick North, b 10 Oct 1874, d 11 Dec 1954, m at Rochfortbridge, Co Westmeath, 27 Jan 1915 Mary Ellen Carty, and had issue

8j Catherine North, b 13 Aug 1876, d May 1961, m at Rochfortbridge 8 Sep 1904 James Mulligan, and had issue

8k Jane North, b 25 Jun 1878, d Nov 1962, became Sister Mary Benigna, Sisters of Notre Dame, Tyngsboro, Massachusettes, USA

8l James North, b Jul 1881, d 19 May 1883 at Rochfortbridge, Ireland

6c Isaac North of Ferrans b c1795, d 10 Oct 1866 aged 71, m 8 Oct 1830 Belinda Emily Pilkington, d 1852, and had issue.  In 1837 he changed his name to Isaac North-Bomford

7a (possibly) Cath North, baptised 8 Dec 1823 in the (Catholic) Parish of Rochfortbridge in Meath, daughter of Cath Nally and Isaac North

7b  Mary Jane North-Bomford, b c1830, d c1882, m 1850 John Emerson, d c1870, and had issue

8a Horatio Emerson, b 9 May 1851, alive in 1873, may have d before 1885

8b Isaac Bomford Emerson, m Minnie Wyley, d without issue

8c John Joseph North Emerson, MD, may have had issue

9a  Frances Anne Emerson (alternatively, she may be another daughter of Mary Jane North-Bomford and John Emerson)

8e Henry Robert Mulock Emerson, b c1854, m Georgina Andrews, and had issue

9a  Horace Andrews Emerson, perhaps Henry Horace Andrews Emerson

9b  Vivien Emerson

9c  Eileen Emerson

9d  Vera Emerson

8f Charles St Leger Shervington Emerson, b c1855, d Cham, Victoria, Australia, 1934, unmarried

8g David North-Bomford Emerson, m Emily Constance Martyn, daughter of the late Samuel Martyn of Thurloe Square, London, and had issue

9a  Mary Nellie Emerson, b c Sep 1896

8h Frank Emerson, died young

8i Belinda Bomford Emerson, b Dublin 25 Dec1862, m at Portarlington, Queen’s County, 15 Jun 1887 James Cooper-Cooper who was formerly James Cooper Tuthill, as his second wife, b 16 Mar 1825, no issue. He had 15 children by his first wife

8j Elizabeth Emerson, died young

8k Emily Annabelle Emerson, m Athol Johnstone Dudgeon, and had issue

9a  John Henry Dudgeon

9b Ralph Emerson Dudgeon, known as Athol

9c Mary Dudgeon

8l  Frances de Wetherall Emerson, or Frances Anne Emerson or Frances Wetheral Mulock (?)

7c Isaac North-Bomford, b 6 Jun 1834, d 6 Apr 1862

7d Annabella North-Bomford, b c1836, d 16 Jan 1899, m 12 Apr 1860 Sir Benjamin Whitney, b c1833, d 21 Dec 1916, and had issue

8a Belinda Whitney, b c1862

8b Mabel Rosamond Whitney, b c1865

7e John North-Bomford of Ferrans, b 17 Jul 1838, d 16 Oct 1905, m(1) 24 Jul 1869 Charlotte Maria Devenish-Meares, b c1834, d Oct 1881 without issue; m(2) in Dublin on 5 Sep 1882 Mary Wilhelmina Constance Kaye, and had issue

8a John George North-Bomford, b 13 Oct 1883, baptised 21 Nov 1883, d 11 Oct 1965, m(1) 5 Oct 1909 Hilda Frances Munn, d 31 Jan 1960, and had issue; m(2) 4 Feb 1961 Elizabeth (Betty) Susan Armstrong, d 1980

9a David John North-Bomford, b 1912, d 28 Apr 1949 without issue, m 6 Jan 1946 Molly Moore, widow of Capt Clondesley Shovell Malcolm Brereton

7f David George North-Bomford, b 5 Feb 1840, d 13 Oct 1869, m 1867 Mary Gubbins, and had issue

8a Annabella North-Bomford, b 1868, d c1957, m 12 Apr 1899 Thomas Griffin, and had issue

9a Dorothy Griffin, d early 1990s, m Hal Tweedy, and had a daughter

10a Molly Porter (?)

7g Stephen Robert North-Bomford, b c 1843, d 1856

7h Louisa Emily North-Bomford, b c 1845, ‘died young’

7i Horatio North-Bomford, b 16 Feb 1847, d c1935, m 26 Apr 1877 at St Stephens Church, Parish of St Peter, Dublin Alice Louisa Emily Somers or Alice Louisa Emily Summers, b c1858 in Westmeath, ?buried 12 Apr 1924 at Tyrrellspass, and had issue

8a Ethel Alice Joy North-Bomford, b 1878, baptised 1878, of Dublin

8b Isaac John North-Bomford, b 14 Apr 1882, d 2 Sep 1968 unmarried

8c Norah North-Bomford, b c1885 in Dublin

7j Belinda Emily North-Bomford, b c1849, m 1878 Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Napoleon L’Estrange, d 26 Jun 1890, as his second wife and had a son.  He already had six children

8a Edward Bomford L'Estrange, b Mar 1883, d 26 Jun 1951, m Hilaire Frances Elizabeth de Courcy-Wheeler, b 5 Dec 1886, d 7 Oct 1958 without issue

6d Marianne North, b c1789, d 19 May 1867 at 11 Mount St, South Dublin aged 78, widow, m 19 Feb 1819 Rev Dr C Tighe Gregory (or Tigue Gregory) AM of North Priory, Co Donegal, b c1792, d 14 Nov 1858, buried in Kilmore church yard, and had issue

7a Richard Allott Tighe Gregory, b c1820, alive in the 1901 English census where listed with him is a Marian Gregory

6e Deborah North of Tyrrellspass, m c 1839 Roger North of Cappa, Galway

6f Sarah Frances North, m Jun 1823 Godfrey Wills Berry, b 21 Jan 1799, d 14 Aug 1868 in Gillingham, Kent, England, and had issue

7a William Knight Berry, b 1826, d 1848, of Ballyburky, MD

7b Sarah Berry, b 1828

7c Godfrey Wills Berry, b 1831

7d  Deborah Margaret Berry, d 1862, 'died young'

7e Anne Berry, d 1871, 'died young'

7f  Charlotte Elizabeth Berry, b 1835

7g  Marianne Frances Berry, b 1840, d 1890, m Frederick Augustus Gardiner, b c1834, d 1900, and had issue

8a Sarah Frances Gardiner b 1864, married and had issue

8b Freda Marian Gardiner b 1867, married and had issue

8c Frederick William Gardiner, b 1869, married and had issue

6g Sophie North, unmarried daughter in 1829

6h Jane Hannah North, b c1802, d 16 Aug 1872 in Tyrrellspass, spinster, gentlewoman

5b ? Roger North of Birr, d before 1816, perhaps before 1797

6a ?Margaret North, m James Bagnell in 1797

4b ?John North, son of John North of Whitewell. There is a low degree of confidence that this John existed

3c Joseph North of Garrynahane, d between 1789 and 1792

3d unknown daughter North, may have m Henry Abernethy or another Abernethy and had a 'daughter Sarah Abernethy'

2e Susanna North, m 28 Nov 1733 William Smith of Courtfoyle?, Co Wicklow

2f Mary North, ?d before 1748, m c1710 Caleb Emerson, d 1748, and had issue

3a Elizabeth Emerson, m 1730 Alexander Graydon

4a Alexander Graydon

4b Elizabeth Graydon, m c1748 David McIlvaine

3b Anne Emerson, m in Pennsylvania in May 1742 William McIlvaine, b 31 Mar 1722 at Ayrshire, Scotland, d 1770 at 'Fair View', Bristol, Bucks Co, PA, as his first wife, and had issue.  William m(2) Margaret Cross on 3 Dec 1766

4c Mary McIlvaine

3c Joshua Emerson, d 1769, m before 1748 Martha Low or Martha Lowe and had issue

4a Joshua Emerson who married in 1765

1b John North of Clooneen, Kings Co (CoN) or of Clonin, Offaly (SP1), m 24 Apr 1679 at St Bride, Dublin, Mary Watson or Hannah Watson of Castle Jordan, Co Westmeath, and had issue

2a Elias North of Ballyburley or of Clonfad, Westmeath, m 1705 Elizabeth Thorogood from Geashill, and had issue

3a James North, Rev, b c1711, d 1 Feb 1771, buried in the Modreeny graveyard, Co Tipperary, m in 1738 in Cork and Ross, Hannah Mills (a widow, maiden name not known), d after 1777, and had issue

4a unknown issue

5a Mrs Elizabeth Wilkinson, grandaughter of Hannah North, both alive in 1777

3b Thoroughgood North or Thurgood North or Thorogood North, d 1773 in Tipperary, m at Ballymakee, Tipperary, 12 Aug 1746 Charity Freeman, and had issue

4a Elias North

4b Christopher North, d 1818 at Mercer, Pa, USA, m 15 Apr 1765 Elizabeth Chapman and had issue

4c James North

4d Elizabeth North, m Jones

2b John North, b 1683, d 1740, m Lydia Kincaide, d c1762, and had issue.  Or Lydia Kincaid was b 1706 and m John North in 1728, then she and her two infant children, James and John, died on the voyage from Ireland in 1830

3a John North, b 1708, d 1763 m(1) Elizabeth Lewis and had issue; he married again in 1746 (see below)

4a Hon Joseph North, b 8 Aug 1739, d 1826, m 1764 Hannah Flag, and had issue

5a John North, b 1 Nov 1767, m(1) on 25 Dec 1791 Mehitable Troth of Bath or Mehetable Trott of Hallowell, and had issue

6a George Flagg North, b 1792, d 1817 in Baltimore Md, unmarried

6b Joseph North, b 1794, d 1819 at Savanna aged 19, unmarried

6c Caroline North, b c1797, m 9 Sep 1823 Benjamin Davis of Augusta

6d Hannah Flagg North, b 15 Nov 1899, d 1 Oct 1826, m(1) 23 Feb 1820 Joshua Bowman, d 2 Sep 1823, and had issue

7a George Augustus Bowman, b 3 Dec 1820, ordained 9 Aug 1848, m 31 May 1855 Ernistine Lord of Portland and had 5 children

7b Caroline North Bowman, b 19 Mar 1822, d 28 Nov 1826

6d Hannah Flagg North m(2) Andrew Gardiner Winslow

5a John North m(2) Elizabeth B Linnell of Mercer and had 1 further child

6e George Flagg North, b 1826, m 1852 Martha B Hill of Exeter, Me, and had issue

7a Hattie Bell North, b 12 Nov 1853

7b Gershom Flag North, b 6 Oct 1856

7c Hannah G North, b 1 Nov 1858

7d Charles L North, b 6 Mar 1861

7e Clara E North, b 1 Jun 1863

7f Martha H North, b 10 Apr 1866

7g Jennie North, b 12 Dec 1869

5b Gershom North, b 12 Dec 1769, d 4 Mar 1849, m(1) Ann Rasom, d 24 Jan 1832 without issue; m(2) 20 Jun 1834 Mrs Mary Currier, and had issue

6a Hannah Bridge North, b 7 Mar 1837, m 3 Sep 1853 Richard Turner and had issue

7a Isabella F Turner, b 14 Jan 1855

7b Evelyn Turner, b 26 Mar 1863

7c Albert G Turner, b 12 Oct 1869

5c Joseph North, b 9 Dec 1771, d Sep 1832, m 3 Feb 1806 his cousin Lydia McKecknie, d Dec 1841, and had issue

6a Mary Jane North, b 7 Nov 1809, d Nov 1842, m Aug 1832 Charles Lancaster, and had issue.  He married again

7a Marie Louise Lancaster, b 1833, m Frank D Morrill of San Francisco, California

7b Charles Edward Lancaster, b 1835, dentist of San Francisco, California

6b Joseph Henry North, b 25 Aug 1812 m 6 Apr 1840 Eliza H Underwood, and had issue

7a Edward North, b 29 Jul 1841

7b Joseph Henry North, b 9 Oct 1843

7c Mary Jane North, b 17 Nov 1845, m R S Morse

7d Hannah Flag North, b 17 Jul 1848

7e Eliza Underwood North, b 6 Jun 1850

7f James North, b 2 Sep 1855

7g William McKecknie North, b 18 Feb 1858

6c James North, b 25 Jul 1813

6d William North, b 8 Jan 1815, d unmarried

6e Margaret Bridge North, b 18 Jun 1818, m 2 May 1842 Dr George Gourlay of Scotland, and had issue

7a Walter Gourlay, b 19 Feb 1843

7b Mary Gourlay, b 11 Jan 1845

7c George Everett Gourlay, b 3 Aug 1847, d 30 Sep 1848

7d Frederic Gourlay, b 7 Mar 1849

7e Emily Haywood Gourlay, b 18 Oct 1851, d 29 Jul 1852

7f Charles Burrill Gourlay, b 13 Feb 1857

5d Hannah North, b 29 Jun 1774, m 4 Jul 1797 the Hon James Bidge of Augusta

5e James North, b 13 Sep 1777, d 10 Feb 1812, m 2 Aug 1807 Martha Jewett, d 25 Feb 1812, and had issue

6a James William North, b 12 Feb 1810, m 23 Sep 1834 Phebe Upton, and had issue

7a James William North, b 24 Mar 1838, m 17 July 1865 Virginie H Freer and had issue

8a Martha Jewett North, b15 Sep 1866

8b Carolina North, b 9 Nov 1868

7b George Flint North, b 18 Mar 1840, m 24 Apr 1865 Ellen Robinson, and had issue

8a William North, b 20 Jul 1866

7c Jewett North, b 28 Apr 1842, d 3 Sep 1863

7d Horace North, b 3 Jul 1847

4b Mary North, b 1742, d 21 Jul 1816, m(1) 1 Jan 1760 Dr John McKecknie, Scottish physician, teacher in Pemaquid, and later a land surveyor, d 14 Apr 1782, and had issue.  Following McKecknie's death, Mary m(2) on 4 Dec 1790 David Pattee

5a Elizabeth McKecknie, b 29 Oct 1760, m 26 Sep 1783 in Maine Samuel McFarland of Waterville and had 6 children

5b Thomas McKecknie, b 1 Sep 1762, m Olive Parker and had 5 sons and 4 daughters

5c Rebecca McKecknie, b 27 May 1764, m Simeon Tozer and had 11 children

5d Hannah McKecknie, b 28 Apr 1766, m 31 Dec 1788 Elias Craig of Augusta

5e Sarah McKecknie, b 1 Feb 1768, m Abraham Steward and had issue

5f John McKecknie, b 13 Jan 1770 m Anne Hume and had 2 daughters

5g Mary McKecknie, b 3 Nov 1771, d 5 Sep 1814, m James Stackpole of Waterville d 18 Sep 1852, and had 4 children

5h Agnes McKecknie, b 1 May 1773, d Oct 1773

5i Jean McKecknie, b 23 Aug 1774, m Captain William Haywood and had 7 children

5j Joseph McKecknie, b 8 Sep 1775, m Electa Bement and had issue

5k Lydia McKecknie, b 12 Jan 1777, d Dec 1841, who m her cousin 5c Joseph North, b 9 Dec 1771, above

5l Alexander McKecknie, b 22 Aug 1778, m Betsy Roberts and had 5 sons

5m William McKecknie, b 20 Apr 1781, d unmarried

3a John North b 1708 m(2) Elizabeth Pitson, d 1789, and had further issue

4c Willliam North, General, Senator, b 1755 at Fort Frederick, Pemaquid, Maine, d 3 Jan 1836 New York City, m 1787 Mary Duane, d 11 May 1813, and had issue

5a Frederick William Steuben North, b 14 Jul 1788 d 1789

5b Marie North, b 12 Aug 1789, d 8 Jun 1812

5c James Duane North, b 28 Jan 1791, d 1792

5d Elizabeth North, b 1792, d 8 Jun 1845, unmarried

5eWilliam Augustus Steuben North, b 1 Feb 1793, m Margaret Bridge, and had issue

6a Mary Catherine North, m Rev D C Weston

6b Hannah Elizabeth North

6c Adelia North, died young

5f Adelia North b 14 May 1797, m Major Henry Saunders of Leesburg, Virginia, and had issue

6a Eliza Saunders, b 31 Mar 1831, d 1842

6b Henry Saunders, d young

6c Adelia Saunders, d young

3b James North died on the passage from Ireland

3c Elizabeth North m John Wirling of Pemaquid, Maine

3d Mary North m Kennedy

3e Rebecca North m William Toler of Stoneham Mass

3f Lydia North m Boise Cooper of Pemaquid, Maine

3g Sarah North m Hewson

3h Ann North m Hardy and stayed in Ireland

2c William North of Lawrencetown and Coole, d 1722, m Anna who outlived him, and had issue

3a John North of Lawrencetown

3b Elie North of Ballintubber, alive 1729 and 1737

4a William North of Cool, Kings Co, d c1775, m 9 Feb 1737 Rachel Antisele or Rachel Antisell of Grange, Co Tipperary, d c1801, and had issue

5a Elias North or Eli North or Elic North or Elie North or Ely North, d before 1806, m c1771 Margaret Homan, and had issue

6a William North, eldest son (presumably born soon after his parents' marriage in Dec 1771), alive in 1833

6b David North of the Bank of Ireland, second son

6c Elie North, printer of Dublin, third son

7a ?William North, carpenter, m 3 Nov 1859 Letitia Anne Wilson in Dublin, and had issue

8a William Elie North, b 28 Feb 1861, baptised 20 Mar 1861 in Dublin

8b Letitia Margaret North, b 13 Nov 1862, baptised 28 Jan 1863 in Dublin

7b ?Charlotte North.  A Charlotte North, b 8 Mar 1839, was baptised on 17 Apr 1839 in Dublin

7c Margaret North, b 28 Aug 1841, baptised 6 Oct 1841 in Dublin

6d Rachel North, alive 1833, m 1810 George Crawley

6e Sarah North, m c 26 Apr 1808 Thomas Fossett of Portarlington. Thomas Fossitt seems to have died in the 1840s; Sarah was still alive in 1857 but dead by 1872

7a Margaret Fossitt or Margarett Fawcett, m 1939 Mathew Jackson of Edenderry, Kings Co, gentleman

7b Sarah Fossitt, d 21 Sep 1909 aged 85, m Robert Richard Byrne

7c Rachel Fossitt m Frederick Dillon

7d Mary Anne Fossitt

7e Sarah Charlotte Fossitt or Charlotte Adelaide Fossitt m 29 Jun 1848 Robert Christie

7f Rebecca Caroline Fossitt or Rebekah Fossitt, m 6 Jun 1849 Hugh Scott Pillans

7g Thomas Fossit, d before 1872, m 17 Jul 1845 Anna Maria Homan, and had issue

8a William Thomas Fossitt

8b Elizabeth Fossitt, possibly Elizabeth North Fossitt, b between1845 & 1855, probably c1851, Co Dublin, had by 1872 m Walter Fleming, b c1840. They had a son Herbert V Fleming b c1888, a son Walter Perris Fleming b c1872, and a daughter Maud b c1892, plus two other children still alive, and one dead, in 1911

8c Homan Fossitt or Homan North Fossitt, baptised Homan North Fossit on 14 Oct 1847 in Dublin, d 1913, unmarried

8d Sarah M Fossitt, baptised Sarah Matilda North Fossitt on 2 November 1849 in Dublin.  In the 1911 census: Sarah M Fawcett was unmarried, aged 50 (so b c1861)

8e Mary N Fossitt, b c 1864 and unmarried according to the 1911 census (but see entry above - dates seem to vary by 10-15 years, so she might be b c1853)

8f George Fossitt or George Frederick Fossit, b between1845 & 1855, Co Dublin, under 21 in August 1872 (so b after 1851)

8g Alfred E Fossitt or Edward Fossitt (aged under 21 in 1872, so b after 1851)

5b Rachel North (unmarried in her father's 1775 will)

5c Mary North (unmarried in her father's 1775 will)

5d James North d ?1835, m c 1785 Mary Antisele or Mary Antisell

6a ?William North, ?m 1811 Elinor Ridley of Tullamore, spinster

7a ?James Charles North, alive in 1866, m Mary Ann (maiden name not known); nowhere is it explicitly stated that James is William's son

8a Mary Anne Elizabeth North, b 29 Mar 1851

8b Sarah Rentoul North, b 25 Sep 1852

8c Georgina Ellen North, b 26 Jan 1856

8d James Charles North, b 5 Jan 1858.  It would seem that James died young, as he had a brother with the same given names born in 1865

8e William Francis North, b 1 Nov 1860, baptised 29 May 1861

8f Victoria Alexandra North, b 24 May 1863, baptised 1 Apr 1864

8g James Charles North, b 1 May 1865, baptised 30 Jul 1865

7b Anne North, m 17 Jul 1854 in Dublin, John Ledwich of  Dublin

7c George North, b before 1840, m in  Dublin on 26 Dec 1860 Caroline Keely, spinster of full age

7d Ellen North, m 17 May 1862 William Robert Lyon in Dublin

7e Rachael North, b before 1840, m 3 Dec 1860 in Dublin, Francis Sillery Wilson, farmer of Proudstown House, Tara, Co Meath, ?d before 1870

7f William North

7g Arabella North, m 17 May 1862 Henry Lyon

6b Mary Anne North, m 1831 Richard Newcombe of Ballycristal, Kings Co

6c Antisele North or Antisell North, b in Dublin c1776, m c 12 Jul 1834 Hanna Walpole of Wexford, and had issue

7a James North, b c1834, baptised 5 Jun 1835 in Dublin

7b Hannah North, b c1838

7c William Lilly North, b 9 Dec 1838, baptised 17 Feb 1839 in Dublin

6d James H North

7a Jane North, b 8 Nov 1826, baptised 12 Nov 1826

7b Richard North, b 7 Mar 1828, baptised 16 Mar 1828

7c Maria North, b 20 Feb 1829; or b 9 Dec 1829, baptised 20 Dec 1829

7d Sarah North, b 5 Mar 1832, baptised 11 Mar 1832

7e Lucy North, b 1833, of Pill Lane, St Michans parish, baptised 22 Dec 1833

7f John North, b 26 Jan 1836, baptised 31 Jan 1836

7h William North, b 29 Jul 1838, baptised 5 Aug 1838

7i Rosanna North, b 26 Apr1841, baptised 9 May 1841

6e Thomas North, m 1834 Charlotte Marion Pounden, b c1815

7a James Haddington North, b 15 Feb 1835, baptised 3 Jul 1835, d 18 Nov 1913, m 1874 Catherine Wilson

8a Margaret C North b 1876, spinster in 1917

8b Mary Eva North b 1886

8c Hilda North b 1888

8d Frank Wilson North, b 1893, d 9 Sep 1916 in France

7b Ross McMahon North, b 6 Sep 1836, baptised 14 Sep 1836

7c Thomas North, b 1839, d c1910

7d Mary North, b 1840, m Newcombe

5e William North, may have been alive in 1815

6a James North

6b Francis North, probably  b after 1764

6c Isabella North, probably b after 1764

5f Thorogood North, of Coolemount, Kings Co, or Coole, part of the lands of Croghan, m 1788 Dorothea and had issue

6a Thomas North, m 1821 Barbara Bayly at Kildare

6b Antisell North m 1819 Grace North

6c Rachel North, m 1811 James Damer

5g Jane North m Philip Sherlock (before her father's 1775 will)

4b James North

3c daughter North, m Bagnell, and had issue

4a Joseph Bagnell

3d (possibly) Thomas North, d c1758, m Mary Low, sister of Baracah Low, and had issue

4a Barakea North or Barakiah North or Berachiah North of Ballysallaughor and several other spellings, alive in 1749 and probably until 1767

4b John North

4c Anne North

2d (possibly) Edward North of Crogan (Kings/Offaly) died 20 Mar 1764 aged 89, so b c1675.


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