The Irish Bomfords

Descendents of Thomas Naden of Fairfield, Derbyshire
c1723 - 1797


Information below comes from Joanne Flack [email to Rick Smith 18 April 2007, copied to Richard Bomford 19 April 2007]

1a.  Thomas Naden was born c1723 in Fairfield, Derbyshire, England, and died on 26 Apr 1797 at Fairfield.  He was buried in the family grave in Fairfield Churchyard.  He married Anne Higginbotham 16 Oct 1749 in Alstonefield, Derbyshire and had issue.  She was born c 1727 in Alstonefield, Derbyshire, and died on 30 Sep 1792 at Fairfield.

2a Henry Naden, b c 1750, Fairfield, Derbyshire, England, d 27 Feb 1811 at Fairfield, m 21 Dec 1775 in Fairfield Ann Johnson, b 1751 in Fairfield, d 3 Jan 1837 in Fairfield, and had issue.

3a Elizabeth Naden, known as Betty Naden, b 30 Jun 1776 at Fairfield, d 23 May 1794 at Fairfield.

3b John Naden, b Jun 1778 at Fairfield.

3c Alice Naden, b Jun 1782 at Fairfield.

3d Sarah Naden, b Jun 1784 at Fairfield.

3e Dinah Naden, b Dec 1788 at Fairfield.

2b Sarah Naden, b c 1753, Fairfield, Derbyshire, m 26 Sep 1778 at Fairfield, Thomas Barker, b at Tideswell, Derbyshire.

2c Thomas Naden, b c 1755, Fairfield, Derbyshire.

2d William Naden, b c 1758, Fairfield, Derbyshire, d 22 Aug 1827, Fairfield.

2e Samuel Naden, b c 1761, Fairfield, Derbyshire.

2f Moses Naden, b c 1765, Fairfield, Derbyshire, d 13 Jun 1786, Fairfield.

2g Joseph Nadin (sic), b c 1768, Fairfield, Derbyshire, d. 14 Mar 1848, Lloyd Street, Greenheys, Manchester, m 11 Apr 1792 in Manchester Cathedral, Manchester, Mary Rowlinson, b c 1758, d after 1881, and had issue.  In 1801, impressed by his success as a thief-catcher, the Manchester authorities made Nadin their Deputy-Constable. Nadin soon developed a reputation for corruption, for example, he received money from most of the owners of brothels in Manchester. As well as arresting criminals, Nadin was given responsibility of dealing with the growing social unrest in Manchester. In 1812 Nadin arrested thirty-eight weavers for political offences.  On 16 August 1819 William Hulton instructed Joseph Nadin to arrest Henry Hunt and other organisers of a meeting at St. Peter's Field. Nadin replied that this could not be done without the help of the military. Hulton then ordered Lieutenant Colonel L'Estrange, the commander of the military forces in Manchester and Major Trafford, the commander of the Manchester & Salford Yeomanry to arrest the men. While the military attempted to make these arrests, eleven people were killed and over four hundred were injured ('the Peterloo Massacre').  See A Certain Share of Low Cunning - The Provincial Use and Activities of Bow Street 'Runners' 1792-1839, David Cox (Lancaster University) (  Joseph moved to Orrishmere Farm, on the boundary of Cheadle and Cheadle Hulme on Cheadle Road, near Stockport, now a golf course and houses.

3a Eliza Nadin, b Manchester.

3b Mary Ann Nadin, b Manchester.

3c Sarah Nadin, b Manchester.

3d Thomas Nadin b c 1793, Manchester, baptised 24 Nov 1793 as Needin at Manchester Cathedral, m(1) 11 Feb 1815 at Manchester Cathedral, Sarah Bramall, b 1791, Stockport, Cheshire, England, d before Jun 1850, Chorlton, Lancashire; m(2) 27 Aug 1821 at Manchester Cathedral, Louisa Lavender.

3e Joseph Nadin, b c 1795, Manchester, d. 29 Jul 1861, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire, m(1) 6 Dec 1824 at Manchester Cathedral, Eliza Ryle, b c 1799, death unknown, and had issue.

4a Joseph Edmund Koostra Nadin, b c 1826, Hulme, Lancashire, England, d 27 May 1900, at Nelson Place Tipperary, Ireland, buried in Tipperary Churchyard, m(1) 20 Feb 1851 in Manchester Cathedral, Emma Margaret Mitchell and had issue. He was a surgeon (baptism of his son Garnet: Joanne Flack email 13 Aug 2010: or doctor (his son's marriage record)

5a Frances Mary Elizabeth Nadin b 1852.

5b Garnet Edward Walter Nadin b 22 Oct 1853 in Chorlton CHS ENG, and died Bef. 07 Dec 1897 in Dublin IRL. He married Mary Alice Chapman on 10 Aug 1881 in Grangegorman, Dublin IRL, daughter of William Chapman, civil engineer (  She was born Abt. 1857, and died Jan - Mar 1921 in Dublin North and had issue.  He was a commercial clerk when he married (Joanne Flack email 13 Aug 2010)

6a Garnet Nadin, b c1882, d 1882 aged 0 (Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes 1845-1958)

6b Edmund William Nadin, b c1883, d 1883 aged 0 (Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes 1845-1958)

5c Emma Catherine Nadin, b 1855, Chorlton, Lancashire, d c 1865, Tipperary Town, aged 10.

4a Joseph Edmund Koostra Nadin m(2) 26 Sep 1865 in Tipperary, Ireland, Maria Annette Mansergh, b 24 Apr 1828 in Cheltenham Gloucestershire, d 13 Feb 1900 in Nelson Place Tipperary, daughter of Richard Martin Southcote Mansergh and Jane Bomford, and had further issue.  Joseph is recorded as a surgeon in Hulme, Manchester in 1852.  He was a former junior RMO at Barnes Convalescent Hospital, Cheadle and a house surgeon at the University of Manchester [The John Rylands University Library, ELGAR - Electronic Gateway to Archives at Rylands].

5d Annette Jane Nadin, b 27 Jun 1866, Tipperary Town.  She married Colonel Cathcart Garner and had issue.

3e Joseph Nadin m(2) before Sep 1838 at Liverpool, Mary Hannah Cook, b c 1818, Hereford, and had further issue.  Joseph was a solicitor and theatre owner; he was a member of the Manchester Anti Corn Law Association Council, 1839-40, and in the 1861 census he was a retired solicitor living at Mymouth Grove in Chorlton Upon Medlick with his wife Mary and his son Walter S Nadin aged 13 (b 1848).  In the 1871 census, his widow, Mary, aged 53, is recorded as living at 15 Grafton St Chorlton on Medlock, with Walter aged 23, [his wife] Elizabeth Ann aged 25 and stepson [son of Elizabeth] Robert A Rear (sic: Robert A Reay - see below).  In 1881 Mary was living on her own at the same address, with two servants.

4b Charles Nadin, b c 1840, Hulme, Lancashire, d. 14 Jun 1866, Birmingham and buried at St Mary's Church, Cheadle, m 25 May 1861 in Bilston Manchester, Louisa Norton Coates, b c1836, d before Mar 1874 in Chorlton, Lancashire, and had issue.

5a Pauline Maud Nadin, b before Jun 1862 at Chorlton, Lancashire, d before Jun 1909 at Scarborough, Yorkshire, m  14 Aug 1884 at St. Saviour Church Chorlton, William Thomas Hornby, b 1860, Sheffield, Yorkshire, chemist in 1891 census.  Pauline was an innkeeper's wife in the 1901 census.

5b Charles Truman Joseph Nadin, b 1864 at Chorlton, Lancashire, d 1942 at Wirral, Cheshire, m 8 Sep 1888, Southport, Lancashire, Annie Bland, b 1862, Bury, Lancashire.

4c Walter Scott Nadin or Walter Stott Nadin, b 8 Oct 1847 at Hulme, Lancashire; d 6 Apr 1902 at Hulme, m Mar 1870 in Manchester Elizabeth Ann Reay, b 1846 in Bristol, Somerset, d 1908 in Hulme, and had issue.  In the 1871 census Walter was recorded as a manufacturer of toy goods; in 1881, 1891 and 1901 he was a solicitor.  Elizabeth had a son, Robert Armstrong Reay, b 1868 in Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales, who later added the surname Nadin and at age 23 was a solicitor's managing clerk.

5a Mabel May Nadin, b c 1874, Manchester, m Dec 1910 at Chorlton, Alfred Fowler.

3f John Nadin, b c 1796 at Stretford, Manchester, d 14 Jan 1866 at Orrishmeres House, Stretford, m 4 Aug 1817 at St Mary's, Radcliffe, Manchester, Elizabeth Holgate, known as Eliza Holgate, b c Mar 1799 at Manchester, d 7 Jun 1873 at Chapel Road, Sale, Cheshire, and had issue. Eliza was a descendant of Robert Holgate, first protestant archbishop of York, who took unto himself a wife, acquired much wealth, land and property, left an endowment the "Holgate Trust" which to this day controls the Hemsworth Holgate Alms House in Robin Lane, Hemsworth, when the Catholic Mary assumed the throne in 1553 quickly shed his wife and his Protestant faith to save his skin, but was committed to the Tower, 4 October 1553, died on 15 Nov 1555 and was buried in the Church of St. Sepulchre, Holborn, London.  In 1841John Nadin was a wine merchant living with his wife, Eliza, at Orrish Meres Farm, Cheadle, Mosley, with their family: Mary 20, Joseph A 15, Eliza 15, Louisa 13, John 10, Thomas Fletcher 7, William 5 and Robert 3.  Another daughter, Adelaide, was on the way.  Also, living there was Amelia Holgate, Eliza's sister and Elizabeth Hanna, servant.  In 1861 the family was living at Orrishmere House, Stretford Road, Old Trafford.  John was retired and living on income from land and property.  Robert, 22 was a Manchester tradesman and Adelaide was aged 19.  Also living there were Amelia Holgate, spinster aged 59, Clara Holgate, a married niece and Holgate nephews, Frank aged 7 (b USA), Sarah Elle aged 5 (b New York, USA), and Mary A from Urmston.  There were 3 servants.  After John's death the house was let.  It stood on the corner of what is now East Union Street and Stretford Road.  Old Trafford Junior School now stands there.

4a Mary Nadin, b c 1821.

4b Joseph A Nadin, b c 1826.

4c Eliza Nadin, b c 1826.

4d Louisa Nadin, b c 1828.

4e John Nadin, b c1831.  In December 1852 John and his wife Mary Ann Nadin (nee Youde) and baby son John arrived in Port Phillip Bay (Melbourne, Australia) on Chaseley.  Mary Ann did not meet with the approval of John's father - she was an actress, and this is one of the reasons the small family left England for Australia.  John Nadin subsequently moved to Candelo on the New South Wales far south coast in about 1855 with his wife, one son John born in England in 1851, and 2 born in NSW.  They had a property at Candelo, Orrish Meres, of some 970 acres, 1000 acres across the road from Orrish Meres called Brookvale,  another large property called The Station at Rocky Hall, and John and his father-in-law had a 30,000 acre run called Big Jack Run.  Mary Ann died in childbirth in 1870, leaving John with 5 children.  Three years after her death John married his housekeeper/governess, Isabella Darragh, granddaughter of a convict, John Darragh 1804 "Archduke Charles", an Irish Rebel.  The Darraghs by then had acquired large tracts of land in the Candelo area.  Severe droughts afflicted the NSW south coast in the 1890s, and all but one of the Nadin/Darragh families left the south coast for the rich lands of the NSW northern rivers.  Loading their cattle onto coastal steamers, having overlanded them for many miles from their properties, they were then unloaded at Lismore.  The families had then to face the long overland journey of over 200 miles  to Kyogle.  Many of the families became very successful dairy farmers there.  Most of the Darraghs are now spread through northern NSW, the Nadins mostly in Sydney and surrounds.  Many Nadins married Darraghs.

4f Thomas Fletcher Nadin, b c 1834.

4g William Nadin, b c 1836.

4h Robert Nadin, b c 1838.

4i Adelaide Nadin, b c 1842, m ? Lee.  On 18 June 1866 Adelaide Nadin Lee wrote to John Nadin at Candelo, New South Wales.

2h Dinah Naden, b c 1773, Thack Marsh, Derbyshire.