The Irish Bomfords

The correct lineage of the Bomfords of Meath


[Transcript of a 4 page photocopy, annotated by Anthony Gerald Bomford 'Ex Peggy Frimmel 11 Mar [19]84', of a hand written document headed 'A Copy'.  The date and provenance of the original (unsighted) document and this handwritten Copy are not known.]


A Copy

The correct lineage of the Bomfords of Meath otherwise Bumfords, otherwise Boomfords, otherwise Bumphfords, otherwise etc etc,


Laurence Bomford, who was living at Clonmahon in the county of Meath in 1692 - was decended from a good English family - he was born in 1617 and married in 1650 to Eleanor Chenevix [sic] also decended from a good English family (she died in 1722 aged 89)  Mr Bomford died in 1720 aged 103 -- Having had issue

1 Thomas of Rahinstown, County of Meath - who was Secretary of the Court of Claims in the Reign of King Charles the second

2 Laurence who died SP

3 Edward of Hightown in the County of West Meath - married to Margaret Fetherston and had issue John - who died S.P

4 Stephen of Gallow in the County of Meath, married to Anne Smith of Violetstown County West Meath and had issue

1 Thomas -----

Stephen of whom presently -

3 John in Holy Orders -

4 David ancester [sic] of the Isaac North-Bomfords of Gallow,

5 Isaac - and daughters,

1 Anne married to Samuel L'Estrange of Boardstown County West Meath

2 Dorcus married to Edward Williams Esqr -

3 Mary married to William Coates Esqr,

4 Hester or Esther married to John Kelly Esqr,

5 Elizabeth married to Richard Hyland of Patrickstown - Co Meath,

6 Catherine married to --Hamilton Esqr

7 Lucy married to Thomas Birmingham Esqr

8 Anne married to -- Daly Esqr


Thomas Bomford of Rahinstown died on the 4th of February 1740 leaving his property to Thomas eldest son of his brother Stephen Bomford of Gallow who

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dying in 1741 SP before his father Stephen he inherited his property and dying in 1756 was succeeded by his eldest surviving son Stephen.  Stephen Bomford of Rahinstown Co Meath Esqr J P married 18th April 1745 to Elizabeth daughter of Stephen Sibthorpe of Brownstown or Dunany Co Louth, by Margaret his wife sister of the Rt Hon Anthony Foster Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland, and grand Daughter of William Fortescue of Newragh in County of Louth who was lineally descended from Sir Richard le Forte


By her he had issue -

1 Thomas died SP

2 Robert his heir

3 Stephen died SP

4 Anthony died SP

5 George of Drumlargan Co Meath.

6 Trevor married to Mary daughter of Alexander McDonnell of the City of Dublin by whom he left issue Mary Anne married to Francis Chute of Chute Hall Co Kerry - Frances Rosetta married to Samuel Pratt Winter third son of Samuel Winter Esqr of Agher Co Meath

7 Ephraim [*RM. has been annotated at this point.]

8 Chichester

9 Mary Anne

10 Margaret -

11 Frances married to Lieutenant Col Cromwell Massey T.E.C.S. ---


Stephen Bomford died in 1806 on the 24th day of May


Robert Bomford of Rahinstown Esqr who succeeded his father married in 1792 Maria daughter of the Hon James Massey Dawson, second son of Hugh first Lord Massey - By her he had issue

Robert George his heir born in 1801 

Annette married to Sir Thomas Henry Hesketh Bt of Rufford Hall Lancashire -

Jane married to Richard Munsergh Esqr Greenanne Co Tipperary -

Frances married to Richard Bolton Esq of Bective

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Abbey - Co Meath -

Jemima married to Richard Bolton Esqr Co Waterford -

Sarah married to the Hon Frederick Sollemuche -

Susan married to the Rev Charles Martin


Robert Bomford died in 1816 and was succeeded by his son and heir Robert George Bomford of Rahinstown House Co Meath Esqr who married in 1826 Elizabeth only child of James Trail Kennedy Esqr of Annadale Co Down - Mr Bomford was a Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant of the County Meath and served in the Office of High Sheriff of the County Meath in 1832 - He died SP in 1846 and the property of Rahinstown went to his sisters as joint Heirs by a deed executed by his father Robert in 1811. -------------------


George Bomford of Drumlargan in the Co Meath Esqr married in 1809 Arbella 2nd daughter of Samuel Winter of Agher Co Meath Esqr by his wife Margaret youngest daughter of Joseph Robbins Esqr of Ballyduff Co Kilkenny, by Margaret his wife daughter of Sir Henry Piers, Bart, of Tristernagh Co West Meath and grand-daughter of Sir William Piers and the Hon [?????] Fitzmourice, eldest sister of the first Earl of Kerry - By her he had issue -

1 George his heir

2 Samuel of the 3rd Dragoon guards who married 11 July 1839 his cousin Frances Jane Winter daughter of Samuel Winter Esqr of Agher and has issue --

3 John died young

4th Margaret died young --


Mr Bomford died in 1814 and was succeed [sic] by his eldest son George Bomford Esqr of Oakley Park in the Co Meath born 11th April 1811 - married 23rd July 1832 his cousin Arbella daughter of John

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Pratt Winter of Agher Esqr by his wife Anne daughter of Capt Arbella Arthur Gore E.S.C.S - a younger son of William Gore Esqr of Barrow-mount Co Kilkenny - and has issue

1 George Winter born 12th November 1834 died 22nd June 1884

2 John Francis born 22nd Dec 1837

3 Samuel Stephen born 18th April 1841 died 22nd Aug [?] -72

4 Arthur Chichester born 27th July 1851 died 14th Oct 1854

5 Robert Laurence born 3rd September 1857

1 Annae - born 13th September 1833

2 Arbella Anna, died an infant

3Arbella Anna, born 19th August 1839

4 Elizabeth born 18 May 1843

5 Victoria Adela born 19th November 1849

6 Margaret Winter born 16th October [no year given]


Children of Saml Bomford and his wife Francis [sic] Jane Winter

1 Rodon died in infancy

2 Rodon-Charles born 10th June 1845

3 Laurence-George born 6 August 1847

4 Trevor - born 18th November 1849

5 Gerald - born 19th July 1851

6 Victor Reginald - born 21st March 1859

1 Caroline Francis [sic] born at Carlsbad May 1840 died 3rd June 1859