Other Bomfords

National Probate Calendar for Bomford 1854 to 1943


Extracted by Rick Smith from microfiche records, 2005

PR means Principal Registry.

#### means check for missing information.

Numbers in square brackets (eg [I0055] ) refer to probable corresponding entries in the Worcestershire Bomfords annotated family tree (ordinary type) or Irish Bomfords family tree (italics).

Not sure about the other symbols.

BOMFORD, John, died October 1854.  Will Proven Worcester in 1857. [I0055]

BOMFORD, Sarah, of Pershore, Worcester, spinster, died 11th May 1859 at Pershore, Worcester.  Will Proven at Worcester at 8th July 1859 by Francis WAGSTAFF of Pershore, Worcester, gentleman.

BOMFORD, Mary, formerly of Norwell but late of Sutton-upon-Trent in Nottingham, widow, died 1st February 1867.  Will Proven at Principal Registry on 6 March 1867 to John BOMFORD of North Leverton in Nottingham, land agent, son, sole executor.  Personal Effects less than £100.

•BOMFORD, Owen, late of Westmancote, Bredon, Worcester, died 27th September 1871, at Westmancote.  Will proved. PR to Alfred BOMFORD of Dudley Street, Wolverhampton, Stafford, fruit seller the brother, the universal Legatee.  Personal Effects less than £5. [I0129]

BOMFORD, Catherine Letitia Phillipa late of Wood View, Iffrey Road, in Oxford, spinster, died 9th February 1874 at Wood View.  PR on 16th February 1875 to James BOMFORD of Wood View, surgeon, father.  Personel Effects less then £200. [I0907]

BOMFORD, Thomas, late of Hereford, corn merchant, died 7th April 1882 at Hereford.  Probate on 10th January 1883 to Elizabeth BOMFORD of Commercial Street, Hereford, relict and sole executrix.  Personal Effects £440.  [I0078]

BOMFORD, John, late North Leverton, Nottingham, valuer land agent and farmer, died on 22nd September 1890 at London.  Will proved at Nottingham on 18th December 1890 by Thomas BOMFORD, farmer and son and Mary BOMFORD spinster and daughter both of North Leverton and Fred Bannister of Worksop in Nottingham, auctioneer, three of executors.  Effects £5,067 17s.

BOMFORD, Benjamin of 2 Stanley Gardens, Willesden Green, Middlesex, died 6th January 1904 at sea.  Administration London on 8th November 1904 to Kate BOMFORD, spinster.  Effects £50 5s 7d.

BOMFORD, Hariette of 63 Queens Street, East Retford, Nottingham, spinster, died 6th July 1906.  Probate Nottingham on 10th August 1906 to Fanny Maria BOMFORD, spinster.  Effects £671 15s 1d.

BOMFORD, Anne Goold of St Mark’s Vicarage, Smallford, near St Albans, wife of Reverend Lawrence George BOMFORD, died 6th March 1908. Probate London on 11th April 1908 to Reverend Lawrence George BOMFORD. Effects £639 10s 9d. [I404]

BOMFORD, Alice of Milton Batch, Northbury, Shropshire, widow, died 26th April 1908.  Administration London on 12 September 1908 to George BEST, farmer.  Effects £316 19s 1d. [I0749]

BOMFORD, Emily of 61 Aston Street, Oxford, spinster, died 6th December 1909.  Probate Oxford on 17th December to Anny Mary CROSS (wife of Henry CROSS).  Effects £264 11s 5d. [possibly I0731]

BOMFORD, Betsy, of 31 Wilford Crescent, East Nottingham, spinster, died 26th February 1910.  Probate Nottingham on 4th April 1910 to Fanny Maria BOMFORD, spinster.  Effects £167 14s.

•BOMFORD, Mary, of parish of Longdon, Worcester, spinster, died 4th December 1875 at Longdon.  Probate Worcester to James BOMFORD of Longdon, farmer, brother and Caleb Ellstone GRIFFITHS of Elm Road, Walton, Lancaster, commercial traveller, the executors.  Personal Effects ####missing. [I0076]

•BOMFORD, Jane, of Kingston Road, St Giles, Oxford, widow, died 20th December 1881 at Kingston Road, St Giles, Oxford.  Probate Oxford 6th June 1882 by Henry THURLAND of Walton Street, Oxford, chemist, the sole executor.  Personal Effects £115 8s 4d. [I0826]

•BOMFORD, Benjamin of The Cot, Clopton Road Stratford on Avon, brick manufacturer, died 4th March 1914.  Probate Birmingham 20th April 1914 to Mabel Mary Rimell BOMFORD, widow.  Effects £3172 0s 1d. [I0601]

+BOMFORD, Eliza, of 37 Rathmines Road, Rathmines, County Dublin, spinster, died 2nd May 1915 at Adelaide Hospital.  Admin with will Dublin to Margaret Winter BOMFORD, spinster.  Effects £201 10s in England, sealed 6th July 1915. [I391]

•BOMFORD, Alan Claud, Upper Burmah, died 2 November 1914 at Maymyo in Upper Burmah.  Admin London 16th March 1915 to Reverend Trevor BOMFORD, Clerk.  Effects £496 5s 4d. [I413]

•BOMFORD, Gerald Sir, of  St Thomas’ Homestead, Home Street, Thomas’ Hospital, Surrey, died 12th April 1915.  Probate London 19th May 1915 to Mary Florence BOMFORD, widow.  Effects £15880 14s 8d. [I401]

•BOMFORD, Reverend Rodon Charles, of Saltford, Percy-d-Boscombe, Bournemouth, Clerk, died 25th December 1915.  Probate London 22nd March 1916 to John Neptune BLOOD barrister-at-law.  Effects £9338 13s 4d. [I398]

•BOMFORD, Helen, of 1 Victoria Avenue, Evesham, Worcestershire, widow, died 5th January 1917.  Probate Worcestershire 17th February 1917 to Oliver Heming BOMFORD, market gardener and William STOKES, farmer.  Effects £1410 8s 5d. [I0338]

•BOMFORD, Julia Marion, of 39 Grange Road, Ramsgate, (wife of Albert Henry), died 11th February 1917.  Probate Canterbury 13th April 1917 to Leonard Albert BOMFORD, Secretary to Ramsgate & County Steam Laundry Limited.  Effects £2263 12s 6d. [I0502]

•BOMFORD, Eliza Ann, of 68 Oakfield Road, Frome, Somersetshire, (wife of Edgar), died 18th August 1918.  Admin Wells 27th March 1919 to Edgar BOMFORD, gentleman.  Effects £230. [I0520]

•BOMFORD, Ebenezer Heming, of 48 Bowsons Avenuee, Wembley, Middlesex, died 14th August 1920.  Probate London 4th October 1920 to Marianne BOMFORD, widow.  Effects £246 17s 3d. [I0143]

•BOMFORD, Edgar, of Lench Cottage, Oakfield Road, Frome, Somersetshire, died 14th August 1919 at 10 Somerset Road.  Admin (with will limited) London 17th July 1920 to William Henry Francis BARKLAM, articled clerk to solicitor the attorney of George Hubert BOMFORD.  Effects £111 10s. [I0121]

•BOMFORD, Raymond, of Bevington Hall, Salford Priors, Warwick, gentleman, died 19th January 1920 at Evesham.  Probate Birmingham 14th June 1921 to Douglas Raymond BOMFORD, farmer and Leslie Raymond BOMFORD, a captain in His Majesty’s army.  Effects £50490 17s 9d. [I0263]

•BOMFORD, Hannah, of 41 Arkwright Street, Bolton, Lancashire, widow, died 23rd May 1922.  Probate London 28th June 1922 to Frederick James BOMFORD and Alfred Hemming BOMFORD, ministers.  Effects £533 18s 4d. [I0684]

•BOMFORD, Lucy Mary, of Worcester, spinster, died 17th Sepember 1923.  Probate London 7th November 1923 to John Heming BOMFORD and William BOMFORD, farmers.  Effects £927 12s 2d. [I0115]

•BOMFORD, Mary Smith, of Rushford, Salford Priors, Warwick, spinster, died 29th June 1923 at Nursing Home, Bengeworth, Evesham, Worcester.  Probate Birmingham 10th August 1923 to Benjamin Morris BOMFORD and James Ferguson BOMFORD, farmers.  Effects £13105 9s 8d. [I0259]

BOMFORD, William, of Blackhall Street, Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland, died 23rd June 1923 at County Home, Mullingar.  Admin London 12th September 1923 to Kate FOLAN (wife of John FOLAN).  Effects £104 19s 11d. [not placed; technically possible to be I182]

•BOMFORD, Arthur Ebenezer, of 4 Shaftesbury Cottages, Seacombe, Wallasey, Cheshire, died 28th January 1924.  Probate Chester 21st May 1924 to Henrietta BOMFORD, widow.  Effects £390 10s 4d. [I1008]

•BOMFORD, Frank Oliver, The Hollies, Mathon Worcestershire, died 8th June 1924.  Probate London 7th November 1924 to Edith BOMFORD, widow, Francis Philip CLIFT Esq and John Bernard Watson LAMBERT solicitor.  Effects £18749 13s 1d. [I0941]

•BOMFORD, Mary Ann of Caughton Fields, Alcester, Warwickshire, widow, died 20th March 1924.  Probate Birmingham 24th June 1924 to Arthur Lloyd DAVIDSON, engineer and Alice Mary SAUNDERS (wife of Bert).  Effects £2182 5s 5d. [Possible matches include I0168, I0369, I0472 and I0480]

BOMFORD, Ambrose Hemming, of 2 Percy Cottages, Knightsbridge, Middlesex, died 10th November 1925.  Admin with Will, London 20th November 1925 to Anna Spottiswoode Weddel BOMFORD, widow.  Effects £110.

•BOMFORD, Ebenezer, of 74 Wignan Road, Ormskirk Lancashire, died 7th October 1925.  Admin with Will, Liverpool 9th November 1925 to Emma Louisa BOMFORD, spinster.  Effects £237 9s 8d. [I0679]

BOMFORD, Emma, of Drakes Broughton, Worcsestershire, widow, died 13th March 1925.  Probate Worcester 1st April 1925 to [I0862] Susan BOMFORD, spinster.  Effects £467 18s. [I0072]

•BOMFORD, Katharine, of King’s Muir, Worcester Road, Sutton, Surrey, widow, died 12th September 1925.  Probate London 1925 to Maurice Crause BOMFORD, retired commander RN and Katharine Edith Monica SAINSBURY, (wife of Arthur).  Effects £8983 16s 4d.  Resworn £9843 16s 4d. [I0910]

•BOMFORD, Leonard Albert, of 39 Grange Road, Ramsgate, died 11th January 1925.  Probate London 4th April 1925 to John Edward LILWALL, managing director and Georgina Lilwall LILWALL, (wife of John Edward).  Effects £4249 6s 9d. [I0503]

•BOMFORD, William Hemming, of Chadbury Norton and Lenchwick, Worcestershire, died 15th October 1925.  Probate London 27th November to Emily BOMFORD, widow and Walter Joseph TOWLE, coal merchant.  Effects £25248 1s 11d. [I0598]

•BOMFORD, Lawrence George Reverend, of Melrose York Road, St Albans, Herfordshire, died 2nd July 1926 at Hazeldene, Harpenden Road, St Albans.  Probate London 3rd August 1926 to Trevor BOMFORD, Clerk and Reverend George Chaloner WILLIAMSON, clerk.   Effects £4131 12s 7d resworn Effects £3807 18s 1d. [I399]

•BOMFORD, Avery Robert, of 2 Rose Cottages, South Green, Great Birstead, Billenicay, Essex, died 10th May 1927.  Probate London 20th June 1927 to George Sydney GOULD, electrical engineer.  Effects £620 11s 8d. [Possibly I0856, though date, address, and next of kin do not match]

•BOMFORD, Benjamin Norris, of Salford Priors, Warwickshire, died 20th March 1928.  Probate Birmingham 23rd July 1928 to Harold Kendrick BOMFORD and Walter Donald FISHER, farmers.  Effects £20668 6s 9d. [I0279]

•BOMFORD, Caroline Letitia, of Brenchly Boundary Road, West Worthing, spinster, died 22nd March 1928.  Probate Chitchester 15th May 1928 to Annie Eliza HOLLOWAY, spinster.  Effects £2274 19s 8d. [I0149]

BOMFORD, Jane, of Elm View, Blackley, Worcestershire, widow, died 5th October 1928 at Cottage Hospital, Moreton, Campden, Gloucester.  Probate Worcester 9th November 1928 to Sydney PEART, farmer.  Effects £193 2s 6d. [I0352]

BOMFORD, May, of Holly Road, Retford, Nottingham, spinster, died 29th August 1928.  Probate London 25th September 1928 to Fanny Maria BOMFORD, spinster.  Effects £583 11s 10d.

•BOMFORD, William, of Atch Lench, Worcester, died 17th June 1928 at 184 Hagley Road, Birmingham.  Probate Worcester 12th July 1928 to Margaret BOMFORD, spinster and John Comely BOMFORD, farmer. Effects £188 19s 11d. [I0119]

•BOMFORD Benjamin, of Harvington Lodge, near Evesham, Worcestershire, died 18th March 1929.  Probate Birmingham 9th August 1929 to Harold Kendrick BOMFORD, farmer and Wilfred MARTINEAU, solicitor.  Effects £21686 16s 2d. [I0264]

•BOMFORD, Emily, of Atch Lench, Worcestershire, spinster, 10th January 1929.  Probate London 26th Feb 1929 to John HEMMING, farmer.  Effects £740 2s 4d. [I0114]

•BOMFORD, Margaret Winter, of Cannon Street, Kells, County Meath, Ireland, spinster, died 20th November 1928.  Probate London 27th April 1929 to Robert Lawrence BOMFORD esq.  Effects £427 6s 10d in England. [I394]

•BOMFORD, Victoria Adela, of  St Patrick’s Hospital, James Street, Dublin, Ireland, spinster, died 2nd November 1928.  Probate London 2nd May 1929 to George Lyndon BOMFORD esq.  Effects £698 16s 10d. [I392]

•BOMFORD, Gertrude Brewer, of Harvington Lodge, near Eversham, Worcestershire, widow, died 21st March 1929.  Administration London Birmingham 8th August 1929 to Harold Kendrick BOMFORD, farmer and Gertrude Gwendoline HUGHES (wife of Percy HUGHES).  Effects £1450 2s 3d. [I0277]

•BOMFORD, John Hemming, of Atch Lench, Worcestershire, died 21st March 1931.  Probate London 7th May 1931 to Margaret BOMFORD and Frances Emily BOMFORD, spinsters.  Effects £4307 8s 7d. [I0117]

•BOMFORD, Robert Lawrence, of Cannon Street, Kells, County Meath, died 14th June 1931.  Probate London 31st August 1931 to George Lyndon BOMFORD, surveyor and Charles Francis BOMFORD, civil engineer.  Effects £358 1s 2d in England. [I395]

•BOMFORD, Sarah Agnes, of 2 Victoria Square Avenue, Evensham, Worcestershire, spinster, died 18th March 1931 at the Hospital, Evansham.  Probate London 21st May 1931 to Douglas Scott MUTLOW, gentleman and James Herbert BOMFORD, auctioneer.  Effects £2625 6s 1d. [I0343]

BOMFORD, Thomas, of 64 Chester Green Road, Derby, died 28th February 1931.  Probate Nottingham 16 June 1931 to Fred Stanley BOMFORD, linen buyer and Frank BOMFORD, farmer.  Effects £704 6s 4d.

•BOMFORD, Marjorie Ruth, of Abbotabad, India, spinster, died 26th October 1929 at Sea.  Admin (limited) London 5th May 1932 to Hugh Pearce GOULD, solicitor attorney and Jane Catherine Charlotte BOMFORD, widow.  Effects £995 17s 5d. [I414]

•BOMFORD, Reverend Trevor, of Abbotabad, India, died 21st December 1929.  Probate London 30th January 1932 to Trevor Lawrence BOMFORD, Lieutenant Colonel, Indian Medical Service.  Effects £3929 4s 1d. [I400]

?BOMFORD, George Frederick, of Atch Lench, Worcestershire, died 12th June 1933.  Probate London 15th February 1933 to Margaret BOMFORD, widow and George Frederick BOMFORD and John Comely BOMFORD, farmers.  Effects £3118 9s 10d. [I0113]

?BOMFORD, Gertrude Mary, of Draycott, Newbridge Hill, Bath, widow, died 11th March 1933.  Probate Bristol 8th May 1933 to Gerald Anthony CORKE, managing director of a limited company.  Effects £3510 4s 2d. [I403]

•BOMFORD, Harriett, of 18 College Street, Stratford-on-Avon, widow, died 27th July 1933.  Probate Birmingham 15th September 1933 to James Herbert BOMFORD, auctioneer.  Effects £8406 2s 7d. [I0347]

•BOMFORD, Mary, of Wixford Villa, Wixford, Warwickshire, widow, died 28th October 1932.  Probate Bangor 23rd January 1933 to Theodora Mary MACE, widow and Hugh Evans BOMFORD, farmer.  Effects £1027 5s 11d. [I0151]

•BOMFORD, Annie, of 95 Alcester Road, South Kings Heath, Birmingham, widow, died 7th December 1933.  Probate Birmingham 27th January to Arnold Ernest BUTLER, retired manufacturer and Francis Butler BOMFORD, poultry farmer and Elinor Mary BOMFORD, spinster.  Effects £1473 0s 7d. [I0506]

•BOMFORD, Eveline Mary, of Lowe Farm, Abbots Morton, Worcestershire, widow, died 27th February 1934.  Probate Birmingham 22nd June 1934 to Douglas Raymond BOMFORD and Ernest Raymond BOMFORD, farmers.  Effects £2317 10s 4d.[I0282]

BOMFORD, William, of 22 Brandon Road, Binley, Coventry, died 11th February 1934.  Probate Birmingham 15th March 1934 to Thomas BOMFORD, millwright and William George BOMFORD, enameller.  Effects £254 8s 9d.

BOMFORD, Edith, of Glasote, Wedderbun Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, widow, died 8th June 1935 at the Stokefield Nursing Home, Malvern.  Probate London 21th November 1935 to Sydney EVANS, farmer and James Godfrey Nickolls RUSSELL, solicitor.  Effects £14045 19s 02d. [I0944]

•BOMFORD, Flora Mary McVeagh, of Bury House, Baldock, Hertfordshire, widow, died 16 January 1935.  Probate London 27th June 1935 to Arbella Anne BOMFORD spinster.  Effects £18471 14s 8d resworn Effects £18325 2s 7d. [I514]

•BOMFORD, Mabel Mary Rimell, of 51 Queensborough Terrace, Paddington, Middlesex, widow, died 28th March 1935 at 99 Cromell Road South Kensington, Middlesex.  Probate London 4th June 1935 to James Guy BOMFORD, electrical engineer and Eleanor Margaret WULFF, widow.  Effects £9864 6s 11d. [I0635]

•BOMFORD, Annette Louisa, of Grange Hovington, Worcester (wife of George Frederick BOMFORD), died 2nd September 1936.  Admin Birmingham 26th October 1936 to George Frederick BOMFORD.  Effects £411 4s 3d. [I0445]

BOMFORD, Fanny Maria, of The Cottage, 2 Holly Road, Retford, Nottinghamshire, spinster, died 4th May 1936.  Probate London 7th July 1936 to Clara LEE (wife of John LEE).  Effects £1232 15s 3d.

•BOMFORD, Frank, of Drakes Broughton, Pershove, Worcester, died 9th December 1935 at Cottage Hospital, Pershove.  Probate Birmingham 22nd February 1936 to Catherine Mabel Maud BOMFORD, widow and Frank Phillips BOMFORD, farmer.  Effects £573 17s 2d. [I0857]

BOMFORD, James, of Ivanhoe Holly Lane, Marston Green, Warwick, died 15th September 1935 at General Hospital, Birmingham.  Probate Birmingham 13th January 1936 to George Hemming BOMFORD, retired wholesale grocer.  Effects £881 15s 3d.

•BOMFORD, Laura Jane, of Crowsden Croft, Upton Snodsbury, Worcester, spinster, died 21st September 1936 at Cottage Hospital, Pershove, Worcester.  Probate Birmingham 7th November 1936 to Dorothy Joan BOMFORD, spinster and Percy George FEEK, retired director of education.  Effects £3950 17s 3d. [I0377]

•BOMFORD, Marianne, of 48 Bowrons Avenue, Wembley, Middlesex, widow, died 8th June 1936 at 12 Vivian Avenue, Wembley.  Probate London 3rd July 1936 to Arthur Henry BOMFORD, country house manager and Arthur Stanley DAVIS, company director.  Effects £3785 10s 9d. [I0160]

•BOMFORD, Mary Ann, Cowsden Croft, Upton Snodsbury, Worcester, widow, died 21st December 1935.  Probate Birmingham 30th March 1936 to Phillip Edward BOMFORD and Lewis OAKES, farmers and Percy George FEEK, retired director of eductation.  Effects £7508 5s 5d. [I0369]

•BOMFORD, Maurice Crause, of 21 Granville Road Si???, Kent, died 25th February 1936.  Probate Lincoln 21st April 1936 to Pleasance Enid BOMFORD, widow.  Effects £3479 19s 10d. [I0911]

•BOMFORD, Philip Henry Quantock, of House 9 South Road, Weston-Super-Mare, died 7th August 1935.  Admin Bristol 9th January 1936 to Mary BOMFORD, widow.  Effects £1922 4s 10d. [I0153]

•BOMFORD, Albert Henry, of 39 Grange Road, Ramsgate, died 9th July 1937.  Probate London 26th August 1937 to John Edward LILWALL, company director and Georgina Lilwall LILWALL (wife of John Edward LILWALL).  Effects £18528 19s 7d. [I0116]

•BOMFORD, Eliza Lilian, of Norchard House, Peopleton, Pershore, Worcester, (wife John Francis BOMFORD), died 25th December 1938.  Probate Birmingham 16th February 1938 to Lewis OAKES, farmer and William HORN, provision merchant.  Effects £1113 8s 7d. [I0423]

•BOMFORD, Robert Comely, of Cowsden, Upton, Snodsbury, Worcester, died 9th February 1938.  Admin Birmingham 25th April 1938 to Eva Jane BOMFORD, widow and Joseph Frederick Methuen BOMFORD, insurance agent.  Effects £1242 8s. [I0374]

•BOMFORD, Sir Hugh, Knight, of Lucknow U.P.  India.  Probate London 25 April 1939 to Dame Margaret Evelyn BOMFORD widow.  Effects £1726 13s. [I425]

•BOMFORD, Dame Mary Florence, of 13 Park Avenue, Dover, widow, died 7th July 1939.  Probate London 23rd October 1939 to Westminster Bank Ltd and Lorna BOMFORD, spinster.  Effects £18482 12s 1d. [I406]

•BOMFORD, Agnes Ann, of Cowsden Croft, Upton Snodsbury, Worcester, spinster, died 18th April 1940.  Probate Birmingham 20 July 1940 to Mary FORFEITT, widow, Philip Edward BOMFORD, farmer and John Basil EDWARDS, solicitor.  Effects £5469 11s 8d.  [I0373]

•BOMFORD, Arthur Hemming, of Windward Sand Bay, Kewstoke, Weston-Super-Mare, died 22nd November 1940 at the General Hopital, Weston-Super-Mare.  Admin Bristol 10th November 1941 to Monica Alice Maud BOMFORD, widow.  Effects £555 17s 2d. [I0225]

•BOMFORD, Bertha, of Castle Farm, Studley, Warwick, widow, died 31st March 1941 at The Birches, Birchfield Road, Redditch, Worcester.  Probate Birmingham 25th June 1941 to Bertha WALTERS, (wife of Frederick Melancton WALTERS), and Thomas Frederick WALTERS, farmer.  Effects £3988 2s 6d. [I0479]

•BOMFORD, Matilda, of Marlfields Farm, Beoley, Worcester, (wife of Godfrey Henry BOMFORD), died 26th December 1941 [If probate was granted in Feb 1941 then this must be Dec 1940].  Admin Llandudno 27th February 1941 to Godfrey Henry BOMFORD, farmer.  Effects £575 3s 1d. [I0480]

•BOMFORD, Arbella Anne, of Bury House, Baldock, Herfordshire, spinster, died 17th September 1942.  Probate Liandudne 23rd November 1942 to William Henry QUARRELL and Thomas Leslie OUTHWAITE, solicitors.  Effects £26505 9s 3d. [I515]

•BOMFORD, Emily, of Chadbury, Norton-and-Lenchwick, Worcester, widow, died 31st March 1942.  Probate Birmingham 27th October 1942 to Arnold Henry HILLER, fruit grower and Horace Albert WHITE, merchant.  Effects £1733 1s 10d. [I0645]

•BOMFORD, Francis Bulter, of Stewards Place, Woodcote near Bromsgrove, Worcester, died 6th May 1943.  Probate Birmingham 27th July 1943 to Bertha Sarah Jane BOMFORD, widow.  Effects £3884 14s 8d. [I0507]

•BOMFORD, Mary Elizabeth, of Oakthorpe, 89 Fog Lane, Manchester, widow, died 5th March 1943.  Probate Manchester 30th March 1943 to Nora BOMFORD, spinster.  Effects £887 3s 8d. [I0835]