The Bomfords of Worcestershire

Unplaced Worcestershire Bomfords


The National Probate Calendar includes a number of Bomfords who from their name or address appear to be linked to the Worcestershire Bomfords, but whom we currently cannot place in the family tree. If you have more information on these people or their links to the family, please contact us. Numbers in square brackets [ ] refer to entries in the Worcestershire Bomfords family tree.

BOMFORD, Sarah, of Pershore, Worcester, spinster, died 11th May 1859 at Pershore, Worcester. Will Proven at Worcester at 8th July 1859 by Francis WAGSTAFF of Pershore, Worcester, gentleman.

BOMFORD, Benjamin of 2 Stanley Gardens, Willesden Green, Middlesex, died 6th January 1904 at sea. Administration London on 8th November 1904 to Kate BOMFORD, spinster. Effects 50 5s 7d.

BOMFORD, Emily of 61 Aston Street, Oxford, spinster, died 6th December 1909. Probate Oxford on 17th December to Anny Mary CROSS (wife of Henry CROSS). Effects 264 11s 5d. [possibly I0731]

BOMFORD, Jane, of Elm View, Blackley, Worcestershire, widow, died 5th October 1928 at Cottage Hospital, Moreton, Campden, Gloucester. Probate Worcester 9th November 1928 to Sydney PEART, farmer. Effects 193 2s 6d. [Not I0352 J Peart who married I0342 Oliver Bomford, but only because if Oliver died in 1948 aged 99 he was still alive in 1928 and Jane would not have been a widow]

BOMFORD, William, of 22 Brandon Road, Binley, Coventry, died 11th February 1934. Probate Birmingham 15th March 1934 to Thomas BOMFORD, millwright and William George BOMFORD, enameller. Effects 254 8s 9d.

BOMFORD, James, of Ivanhoe Holly Lane, Marston Green, Warwick, died 15th September 1935 at General Hospital, Birmingham. Probate Birmingham 13th January 1936 to George Hemming BOMFORD, retired wholesale grocer. Effects 881 15s 3d.

The Middlesex entries above may be connected to another entry which is in the family tree:

BOMFORD, Ebenezer Heming, of 48 Bowsons Avenue, Wembley, Middlesex, died 14th August 1920. Probate London 4th October 1920 to Marianne BOMFORD, widow. Effects 246 17s 3d. [I0143])

We have early records of other Bomfords living at Arrow and at White Ladies Aston, but cannot yet link them to the main tree.